USB-C Docking station

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Products introduction
This product is an extension accessory for the USB interface of a computer. It is made of ABS material and has a special clip design. It can be fixed on the bracket of IMAC, or on the edge of the monitor or desktop, which is convenient for the plug and unplug of external extended device. Users can choose USB-A or USB-C as required to expand into multiple USB-A ports, SD cards, TF cards, network ports, etc
Please follow the below steps to use when you receive the product , if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.
Step 1:Fix the device
Loosen the screw of the device, clamp it to the fixed position to your needs, and tighten the screw to secure the device.
Step 2:Connection
Connect the matching cable USB Type-A port to the USB-IN port of the product, and plug the USB-C port of the cable to the USB-C port of the computer; Connect your USB, network cable, SD card, or other peripherals to our products, turn on your computer, and start to experience your intelligent digital world.
Comment problems
What do we do if it doesn’t work?
Check whether the LED indicator of the product is on, it means the product is not powered if not on.
Why is the transfer rate of the USB interface too slow?
To confirm if your storage device can support the speed rate you want; the USB which has a blue plastic colloid is defined as USB3.0 by us, and the black plastic body as USB2.0, please pay attention to the distinction when using.
What do we do if the network port can’t access the internet?
Please check if the LED light of your network port is on or not. If it’s on, please check the network settings of your router. If your system is WINDOWS 7 or lower system, you need to manually install the driver of the network port.
Can the USB port be used to charge the mobile phone?
When the USB port is connected to the mobile phone via the data cable, the mobile phone can only be charged slowly.

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YDMADE USB-C Docking station [pdf] User Manual
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