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console mode

First time to Pair & Connect(Y+Home)
(Power on your console, then follow these steps to pair and connect your controller.)
Step 1. Select the Controllers option on the home screen.
Step 2. Select change Grip/Order.
Step 3. Press the Y+Home button at the same time, the LED Indicator will blink, wait a few seconds for the connection to complete.
Reconnect (Home)
Reconnect: Press Home Button
If your controller was once paired and connected to your console, press the Home button to reconnect.
NOTE: Please ensure that the console is turned on to complete reconnection of the wireless Pro controller. You may need to reconnect your controller as per the initial setup instructions to reconnect after a firmware update.
Analogue Stick Calibration:

  1. Press Home button to enter the main menu of the console and select System Settings.
  2. In the Controllers and Sensors menu, select Calibrate Control Sticks.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete calibration.
  4. Then press 3D (L3/R3) step into below interface.
  5. And then press X button step in to calibrate the interface, and do actions based on the reminder.

Adjust Turbo Speed

You can set the following buttons to Turbo Mode: A/B/X/Y/L/ZL/R/ZR button
To Enable/Disable the manual and auto turbo speed function:

  1. Turn on Turbo function
    Pressing (at the same time) button plus the button you wish to set to enable Turbo for that button.
  2. To make the Turbo-enabled button automatic
    Press (at the same time) button plus the button you previously enabled.
  3. Turn off Turbo function
    Pressing (at the same time) button+ the button you previously enabled as auto turbo to clear

To Disable all buttons turbo speed function: Press the minus (-) button and the down button of the direction pad at the same time.
How to increase the turbo speed:
When a button is Turbo enabled, hold for 5 seconds and press up on the right analogue stick. This will increase on level of turbo speed.

How to decrease the turbo speed:
When a button is Turbo enabled, hold for 5 seconds and press down on the right analogue stick. This will increase on level of turbo speed.

Adjust vibration Intensity
There are 4 levels of vibration intensity: 100%-70%-30%-0% (No vibration). By default the controller is at 50% intensity.
How to increase the vibration intensity: Press the Plus (+) button and the up button of direction pad at the same time for 3s, this will increase one level of vibration intensity.
How to decrease the vibration intensity: Press the Minus (-) button Press button and the up button of direction pad at the same time for 3s, this will decrease one level of vibration intensity.

Programming and Macro functionXRocker -B741- Switch- Controller-fig 2XRocker -B741- Switch- Controller-fig 3

The M1, M2, M3, M4, rear buttons default to ABXY buttons when the Switch console is turned on.

  • To set a macro button, press Turbo and Mx button to step into Macro setting mode, the mode LED light and LED2, LED3 light indicate that the controller is in Macro Mode.
  • Release Turbo and the Macro button then press the buttons which you need set, when finished, press the Macro button to save and exit. The Indication LED’s will turn off, indicating that the macro is saved.

Charge Indicator

  1. When the controller is in charging mode while the console is turned off, the LED’s on the controller will flash to indicate power is connected. Once fully charged, the LED will turn off.
  2. When the controller is charged with the console turned on. The LED Will flash and then remain constantly on when fully charged.
  3. When the battery is low, the controller LED will flash in bursts of three flashes until connected to charge.
  4. When the battery reaches almost empty, the controller will change to sleep mode and will require a USB connection to continue use.

Product Features

  1. Product Size: 154mm x 111mm x 59mm
  2. Product Weight: 248g
  3. Material: ABS plastic
  4. Buttons: Home Button/Capture Button/-Button/+Button/A Button/B Button/X Button/Y Button//ZL Button/L Button /ZR Button/R Button/D-pad control / L3 Button /R3 Button
  5. Connection Method: Wireless
  6. Vibration: Dual motor
  7. Motion Control: 6 Axis sensors
  8. Turbo, Auto Turbo and clear Turbo function

Health and Safety

  • Avoid direct contact with liquids. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. If a spillage occurs, switch off the controller and wait for the product to dry before reusing.
  • Do not use any type of abrasive pad or abrasive cleaning solutions as these may damage the surface material.
  • Never place any type of candle or naked flame on or near the controller at any time. While X Rocker products are compliant with UK and European safety regulations, prolonged exposure to naked flames will result in damage to the product and other safety hazards.


Documents / Resources

XRocker B741 Switch Controller [pdf] User Manual
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