WOLFBOX 12“ Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera,1296P Full HD Smart Rearview Mirror



  • DIMENSIONS: 11.85 x 2.83 x 0.71 inches
  • WEIGHT: 9 pounds
  • BRAND: Wolfbox

The Wolfbox mirror dash cam features a 170 degrees front and 120 degrees rear lens. It provides an ultra-wide view while minimizing the blind spots for safe driving and reversing. It features a 2.5D curved screen and has a smooth body. The front camera features a 1296P recording and low reflective LCD that is made of 6 layers of glass lens to enhance night vision. It allows you to stream media rearview, parking monitoring, GPS function, G-sensor, collision boot recording, loop recording, video time lapse and adjustable display view.


Thank you for purchasing WOLFBOX G840S Mirror Dash Cam. This product provides high quality image capture and irrefutable evidence for what goes on from the perspective of your dashboard. G840S also has other smart features to provide customers with elegant and convenient services. It has GPS, front and rear dual recording, manual camera function, rear lens flip, rear lens mirroring, split screen display, built-in G-Sensor, emergency recording, audio recording, loop recording, parking monitoring, LDWS, Screensaver mode, speeding reminder, reversing system, and is very easy to use.


  1. If you have any questions or want accessories, please CONTACT US (Service_US@wolfbox.com), we will solve it for you.
  2. Please check the functionality of the dashcam with its all accessories before installation. If you want to find a professional for installation, please check the function first, so as to prevent the inconvenience and installation cost loss caused by the machine problem after the installation.
  3. Please use original accessories provided in the package, just in case of compatible issues after using others’, especially use 2 or 3 in 1 cigar socket will lead to 100% insufficient current supply.
  4. Please don’t splice rear camera wire for extension, the monitor may lose the rear image. The length of original cable for rear camera is 20 feet, suitable for most types of cars. We also have 33 feet rear camera extension cables (ASIN: B082RZNJFY) sold separately.
  5. If you use a micro-SD card capacity > 32GB, please change the micro-SD card [Class10 (10MB/ sec) required] format to FAT 32 on PC ( a 32GB card is included in the package).


  • Failure to comply with safety warnings and regulations can result in serious injury or death.
  • Please read and understand all instructions before using this product. If any damage is caused by failure to follow the instructions, the warranty will be voided.
  • Keep small accessories out of the reach of children.
  • Be sure to use accessories and designated parts. Using non-designated parts may damage the equipment or cause fire, electric shock, or malfunction.
  • If this product is damaged or malfunctions, stop using it immediately and consult your dealer. Continued use may cause fire, electric shock or vehicle failure.
  • If it interferes with driving, please do not install it. This may cause an accident.
  • This product is intended to be used as a reference material in the event of an accident. We do not guaran-tee its effectiveness as complete evidence.
  • Please note that this product may infringe on privacy and other rights depending on how it is used. We are not responsible for these cases.
  • Since this product uses a wide-angle lens, part of the image may be distorted. It also differs from the actual perspective. This is a characteristic of wide-angle lenses and is not a malfunction.
  • Pay careful attention when cleaning the lens surface. Use a soft, moist cloth to clean the lens to avoid scratches which may compromise video quality.
  • This product is for DC12V /24Vvehicles only.
  • The specifications and appearance of this product are subject to change without notice for improvement.
  • Do not expose this product to rain, moisture or water under any circumstances or it will result in external or internal damage.
  • Do not try to open the cover or try to repair it yourself. If the accessories for this device have any problem, please contact the seller for assistance.
  • Do not operate or install the camera while driving, or attempt to change any setting etc. Pull off the road first and only do so when it is safe.
  • Do not drop, puncture or disassemble this product.
  • Do not use the charger if the cord is broken or damaged.
  • Do not operate or install the camera while driving, or attempt to change any setting etc. Pull off the road first and only do so when it is safe.
  • Do not disassemble or modify this product. Otherwise, it may cause a fire, electric shock or malfunction.
  • Some countries or USA states prohibit drivers from mounting anything on windshield or prohibit mounting on certain area of the windshield.
  • It is the owner/operator’s responsibility to mount or use of this
  • device in compliance with local laws.
  • The company is NOT responsible for the loss of any data or your content during operation or in any circumstance.



Please read the instructions before operating.

  • Please use the original power cable provided in the package, do not use other power cables.
  • You will need to insert a memory card before you can start recording. Please insert only a brand name Class-10, U3 or higher speed Micro-SD card up to 128 GB max for reliable operation.

(Memory card is included in the package)

  • Before first time use, you MUST format the memory card in the camera to prevent any errors and for smooth operation.
  • If the machine cannot be turned on after the power is turned on, please keep the power on and reset the machine. Please CONTACT US if it still doesn’t work. Please confirm whether your cigar power port is ACC (if the cigarette lighter is still charged after the car is turned off, please use the hardwire kit, otherwise it may exhaust your car’s power supply).
  • How to transfer videos to a PC?
    Insert memory card via car reader to your PC/MAC to view or download them.
    We recommend VLC Media Player to view your videos. You can get it free at www.videolan.org






Q: Why is the front lens picture so dark?
A: Please check if your front camera is facing the sky. If the lens is facing the sky, it will automatically reduce the light reception, causing the screen to darken.


About the Micro SD Card

When using a new MicroSD card, be sure to format it on the dash cam.

  1. Do not remove or insert a Micro SD card while the power is on.
  2. Use a Micro SD card with Class 10 or higher(32GB-128GB). We recommend 64GB SAMSUNG Class 10, U3 Speed Micro-SD Card.
  3. For stable use, it is recommended to format the micro-SD card regularly. Recommend: Once a month.
  4. This product will check the Micro SD card at startup and will announce if it is not inserted or damaged, that can prevent missed shots.

Installing a Memory Card


Pay attention to the orientation of the Micro SD card and insert it into the slot (the side with the metal strip faces the back of the dash cam) Make sure that the micro-SD card is securely inserted inside the slot.  Insert until you hear a click. When removing the micro-SD card, push in the micro-SD card first and then pull it out after the micro-SD card pops out a little.


Please check the functionality of dashcam with its all accessories before installation.

The camera comes with the default settings which allows you to start using your camera right out of the box without changing any settings. Make sure to format the memory card before first-time use.



How to install the rear camera

We recommend install the rear camera above the license plate.


  1. Fix camera with 3M adhesive

Find the best location to tear off the 3M adhesive on the rear camera, fix the rear camera near by the car license plate lamp. (If you need to adjust the angle, please attach the rear camera bracket to the rear camera and tighten it with screws first).


  1. Remove the Panel

Remove the inner panel of the trunk to expose the rear wiring compartment of the car. Open the trunk and look for a sturdy inner panel covering the other side of the license plate installation area. Then, insert a decorative removal tool or another thin device behind the panel and pry it apart.


  1. Install the cable

Use a trim removal tool to pop out tailgate trim, then run the cable from outside of the car into the trunk of your car.


  1. Connect the rear cameras power cable to the extension cable. After snaking your rear camera’s extension cable, connect the power cable to your rear camera’s extension cord. If your car has its own reversing assist system, please ignore the red wire on the rear camera cable. WOLFBOX-12-“Mirro=-rDash=-Cam-Backup-Camera-1296P-Fll-HD-Smart-Rearview-Mirror-fig-11
  1. Route your rear camera’s power cable to the front of the car.

If you’d like, use a trim removal tool to pop out the headlining panel directly above your windshield. Then, run your cable through the exposure chamber.


  1. Power on the dashcam with box included car charger, don’t charge it with your own chargers.


  • Don’t install inside the car, the effect inside the car is far worse than outside the car.
  • If your car is a RV or a pickup truck, you can install the rear camera forward (the bracket is below), and turn on the “Upside down of rear camera” and turn off the “Rear Cam” Mirror Image” to adjust the image.
  • If you need a license plate bracket, we also provide this accessory (Asin: B09J7VXQ2T), you can search by yourself or CONTACT US.


How to install the mirror dashcam


  1. Route your rear camera’s power cable to the front of the car. If you’d like, use a trim removal tool to pop out the headlining panel directly above your windshield. Then, run you cable through the exposure chamber.
  2. Power on the dashcam with box included car charger, don’t charge it with your own chargers.
    1. Test the camera to make sure everything works.
  3. installation method (Note: GPS module is facing up, placed on the instrument panel).


  • Connect the cigar plug cord connector in the correct orientation. Connecting in the wrong direction may cause malfunction or damage. If you cannot connect successfully, check the connection part carefully before connecting.
  • Only use WOLFBOX’s Car Charger, otherwise the camera may frequently reboot or flicker LCD due to insufficient power.

How to install the GPS
GPS front and back


Installation Location


Position 1: If it is convenient, it is recommended to install the GPS module above the roof of the car to receive the best signal. (This position can be used for recorder function verification before installation)
Position 2: Considering that the front windshield of a motor vehicle has a large enough view of the sky, it is usually recommended that the GPS module be placed in the central console. At the corners of the central console and the edge of the windshield, after adopting hidden wiring, they are fixed with double-sided tape.
Position 3: For customers with strong hands-on ability, it is a good way to install the GPS module in the A-pillar of the car, which can achieve perfect hidden installation.
Considering the use effect and installation convenience, we usually recommend customers to install it at position 2. Of course, you can also try to install it in other locations for testing, and choose the location you think is most suitable.

Installing Step

  1. Install the GPS Antenna onto the camera, the GPS Antenna will start to search for a GPS signal.
  2. Once the GPS is installed, the GPS icon on the home screen will show. After the GPS signal has been received, it will show direction and speed. (Prerequisite: “GPS Disp” in the settings is turned on)

Q: Why is my GPS not working? /How to use GPS?
A: If you cannot receive the signal after inserting the GPS, please follow the steps below.

  1. The vehicle must be within a large area.
  2. Insert the GPS plug again.
  3. Place the GPS plug upward.
  4. Restart
  5. It will be recognized after about 40 seconds.

If still cannot receive the signal, it may be a GPS problem. Please CONTACT US and we will help you solve this problem.


  • If you turn on the engine (ACC on) while the cigar power adapter is connected, the power will be turned on automatically and the opening screen will be displayed.
  • Press and hold the power button to turn off the power during startup, and then briefly press the power button again to turn on the power of the unit and display the opening screen.
  • Briefly press the power button to turn off the screen.

Menu Settings

After powering ON the camera, press the @ button to enter the setup process. (If the camera is recording video, press the @ button to stop recording before pressing the @ button.)


Movie Clip Time: 1minutes/2minutes/3minutes

Q: Why is every video recording so short?
A: We set the recording interval of each video to l min/2min/3min. This is for the convenience of finding the locked video later.

The main function of the recorder is to record, especially to record emergency video. If each video is too long and the G-Sensor triggers emergency recording when a collision occurs, the video will be locked and cannot be covered by the loop recording, and customers will be difficult to find the video in the subsequent search. You need slide the longer progress bar to find this locked video.n And the capacity of the Micro SD card is limited, if the locked video is too long, the normal video capacity that can be stored will decrease.

Movie Mode: 1296P/1082P/720P
The front camera support 1296P / 1080P / 720P, and rear camera support 1080P, when the front and rear camera is recording simultaneously, the front cam and rear cam will be fixed on 1080P.

Sound Record: ON/OFF
In order to be able to record more comprehensive evidence, we recommend that you tum on this switch.

LOWS: ON/OFF Closed by default
As a characteristic function of G840S, LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) is a system that predicts the vehicle’s departure from the lane and warns the driver by sensing the road markings. Accidents caused by lane departure can be said to be high fatalities. Especially when driving on highways, people tend to drive in a straight line and drive leisurely. At this time, LDWS has played a great role.


The LDWS works under these four conditions:

  1. Tab the setting menu” LDWS” ON
  2. Turn the volume of the camera on
  3. 2/3 of the front camera aim to the road.
  4. The road need have the white lines.

When the car crosses the line about 1/3 it will beep in seconds. Otherwise, there may be frequent beeps during driving.

Q: Why does it beep when placed horizontally?
A: If LDWS is turned on, it will stop beeping under the correct usage conditions. Otherwise, it will beep. So, when placed horizontally, the LDWS error warning was triggered.

Lapse Recording (Available after installing Hardwire Kit)


  • Lapse switch: ON/OFF
  • Time Lapse: 12Hours/24Hours
  • Lapse Rate: 1 FPS/2 FPS/5 FPS


When the hardwire kit is correctly connected and the time lapse mode is turned on, the ace is out of power when the car is turned off (bat is always charged), and the dash cam program detects that the ace is out of power and will stop normal recording and enter the “Lapse Recording mode”. When the engine is started and the ace is powered, the machine will boot into the normal recording mode In the normal recording state, it can record 30FPS, and G840S time-lapse recording can choose lFPS, 2FPS, and SFPS.


  1. Save electricity, will not cause the car battery to run out.
  2. Save the SD card space, which is 1/30 of the normal recording.


  1. This function needs to connect the hardwire kit(Asin: B081 TY3H7T or B09DC61FWG or UK ASIN:B095SKYDHK), you can buy it yourself or CONTACT US.
  2. If you need the introduction and installation video of the hardwire kit, please CONTACT US.

POWER OFF: 1 minute/2 minutes/3 minutes


Machine setting for 1 minute: Manually stop the machine recording, the machine will automatically shut down after 1 minute without touching the screen.

WOLFBOX-12-“Mirro=-rDash=-Cam-Backup-Camera-1296P-Fll-HD-Smart-Rearview-Mirror-fig-28Clock Settings: Click in to set the current date and time


  • After plug in, this option disappears.
  • Time format: 12-Hour Time/24-Hour
  • Time Language: Click to select language you want
  • Click Tone: ON/ OFF

Light Source Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz for choosing If the local AC power is 220V-240V, it is recommended to modify the frequency to SOHZ. If the local AC power is 110V, it is recommended to modify the frequency to 60HZ.


Screen Save Options

  • Off/Display Off/Lower brightness/Time and Date


  • OFF: Turn off the screen saver mode, and the machine’s screen will always be on.
  • Display off: Turn on the screen saver mode, but the machine will black out after one minute.
  • Lower brightness: Tum on the screen saver mode, the machine will automatically lower the brightness a little after one minute.
  • Time and Date: When the screen saver mode is turned on, the machine will black out after one minute, and the time and date will be displayed on the black screen.

Q: Why does my machine shut down automatically
A: It may be that “Power Off” or “Screen save Options” is turned on. please check carefully. If you do not want to use these functions, please turn them off manually.

G-Sensor sensitivity


After turning on the G-Sensor, the dashcam will lock the video when it detects bumps while driving.


  • Recommended to adjust to medium/low.

Parking Monitoring



After turning on the parking monitoring, there are three situations as follows.

Mode 1: If you use the car charger cable to supply power, when the car is turned off, the screen will turn off. At this time, this function cannot be used.
Mode 2: If you use hardwire kit and “Lapse Recording” is not turned on, after the car turned off, the parking monitoring effect will be activated. The vibration can be detected and the video will be locked.
Mode 3: If you use hardwire kit and “Lapse Recording” is turned on, this function will be invalid.


  • If you need this function, please connect the hardwire kit. (CONTACT US to get hardwire kit)
  • Only work after the dash cam is powered off.
  • Recommended to adjust to medium/low.

Our machines are constantly being updated. The above introduction is the latest capacitor version. Before it was the battery version of G840S, the only difference is Mode 1. Mode 1-the battery version of G840S: If you use the car charger cable to supply power, when the car is turned off, the screen will turn off. At this time, when the battery in dash cam is not exhausted, the vibration can be detected and the video will be locked. (Premise: the battery in dash cam is not exhausted)

Time zone (Available after installing)


The camera will set the date and time based on the GMT value selection when it receives the GPS signal lock Automatically. You can set the daylight-saving time by adjusting the time zone. If you need a special time zone or need any help, please CONTACT us.


Q: Why can’t it be saved after changing the time setting, it will change back to the original time after a period of time.
A: After connecting to, the dashcam will automatically update the time according to your location and time zone. So, if you want to adjust the daylight-saving time, please change the time zone instead of setting “Clock Settings”

Volume setting

Set the volume of the driving recorderWOLFBOX-12-“Mirro=-rDash=-Cam-Backup-Camera-1296P-Fll-HD-Smart-Rearview-Mirror-fig-35


Please install the first. To track the Location, Speed, status, and Signal Strength, please go to info on the Menu Setting.


Turn on Direction Display on the Menu Setting, it will show your speed, direction, time and date on the home screen on Screensaver mode. If you turn the direction display off, it won’t show direction.


GPS Disp

ON/OFF Only when this option is turned on, the icon will appear on the screen.

Speed Unit
MPH/KMH Select the unit you need.

Over speed remind

  • If the speed unit you choose is KMH, you have the following options.
  • Off/30 KMH/ 40KMH/50 KMH/60 KMH/70 KMH/80 KMH/ 90 KMH/100 KMH/110 KMH/120 KMH/130 KMH/140 KMH/ 150 KMH/160 KMH
  • If the speed unit you choose is MPH, you have the following options. Off/20 MPH/25 MPH/30 MPH/35 MPH/ 40 MPH/ 45 MPH/ 50 MPH/55 MPH/60 MPH/65 MPH/70 MPH/75 MPH/80 MPH/ 85 MPH/90 MPH/95 MPH/100 MPH

Q: Why does the dashcam keep sound “Deng deng … ” during driving?
A: Please check whether “Over-speed remind” is turned on. Please change the speed option in the settings or turn off this function.

Q: Why does the dashcam keep beeping during driving?
A: Please check whether “LDWS” is turned on. Please use it correctly. Upside down or rear image: ON/OFF Flip image upside down Rear Cam Mirror Image: ON/OFF Mirror image left and right If you are installing a rear camera in a forward direction (fixing the bracket downwards), please turn on “Upside down of rear image” and turn off “Rear Cam Mirror Image” to adjust the view.


Show reversing line

Reversing line (Auxiliary function)

If your car does not have a reversing system and you need a backup reversing system as an aid, you need to connect the red cable of the rear cam to the positive pole of your reversing lamp. If your car already has a reversing system, you just ignore the red cable on the rear cam.

When you shift to “r” gear, the rearview will automatically show on the screen with reversing lines for easy and safe parking. You can enter the “Reversing line” option in the settings, then adjust the angle of the reversing image and the reversing line. Also, when in reverse, you can adjust the viewing angle of the image. (This function activates after the red wire of the rear camera be connected to the positive pole of the reversing light.) When reversing, the reversing line will automatically appear on the screen, and the screen will automatically be pressed down 15° horizontally. However, due to the different installation location of each guest, manual adjustment is required. You can slide up and down on the screen to adjust the viewing angle, and you can also adjust the viewing angle and the positions of the four comers of the reversing line in the “Reversing line” option of the settings. The reversing line has three colors of red, yellow and green. When the object behind the car reaches the red distance, it means you can stop reversing.

Q: How do I use the reversing system when reversing the car? A: First, you should tum on the “Show reversing line”, then you can enter the “Reversing line” option in the settings to adjust the angle of the reversing image and the reversing line. Also, when in reverse, you can adjust the viewing angle of the image.


  • This function has been updated, if you need to get an improved version of the function, please CONTACT US to get the latest firmware.
  • Due to the height limitation of the display screen (the height is much smaller than the original car’s reversing system), this function cannot completely replace the original car’s reversing system, and can only be used as an auxiliary function.

Reset Setup: This option is used to restore factory settings Format SD Card: Please format the Micro SD card before first time use.

FW Version: Please continue to pay attention to the latest version.


We will continue to update the firmware based on customer feedback and publish the latest firmware to: https://wolfbox.com/support/


G840S has 3 different camera modes:

  1. Video mode
  2. Photo mode
  3. Playback mode

Video Recording/Take a Photo

  1. When you turn on the power, the dashcam will start recording automatically.
  2. When recording, click the @ to take a photo. After stopping recording, you cannot take a photo.
  3. Click the to switch the screen. When switching to split-screen, the left screen is the rear-view picture, and the right screen is the front view picture.
  4. Click the to lock the video recording.
  5. After click the @ to stop recording, then click: 8 to enter the playback mode



  • When the video recording is locked, if you manually turn off the locked button, the video will not enter the locked folder, but in the normal folder.

Playback Mode



  • In the playback interface, switch the icon in the lower left comer (the fourth icon) to switch to the back-camera video.
  • The files with an “R” mark in the file name are recorded by the rear camera.
  • The files with the “F” mark in the file name are recorded by the front camera.

Play on PC

If you need to track CPS information, please download the dedicated player, the download link as follows: Mac/Win Version Download: http://gpsplayer.net/setup.html


You can also get the link in the SD card.

  1. Please insert the CPS and SD card into the dash cam, after restarting the machine, take out the SD card and use a card reader to view it in the computer.
  2. Open CPS_Player.txt to get the download link.

Player interface


  1. Click File in the upper left comer
  2. Click “Open” to select the file
  3. Start playing


  • If you encounter problems during use, please CONTACT US.

Trouble Shootings

Please feel free to contact our customer support at Service_US@wolfbox.com Most emails- are typically replied within 10 hours. However, all questions are answered within 24 hours.

Why the front lens image is tilted?
Please rotate the front lens to adjust the front image.

Why doesn’t the rear camera work? Why can’t the rear camera be detected?

  1. Please confirm whether the rear cable is installed correctly, pay attention to whether the 4pin connection position is loose and whether the position of the host and the rear camera mouth is loose. Please try to reconnect.
  2. If still does not work after reconnection, there may be a problem with the cable. Because when wiring in the car, it may cause the metal wire in the rubber to bend and cause a short circuit. Please CONTACT US and we will solve it for you.

Why can’t it automatically switch to the rear camera when reversing or why can’t the reversing line appear

  1. Check if the 4pin is loose, and if the rear camera port of the dash cam is loose.
  2. Check whether the red wire of the rear camera cable is connected to the positive pole of the reverse light, please do not connect it to the brake light or other.
  3. If the connection is correct, please use a tester to measure whether the voltage is output from the reversing light when in reverse gear.

Why dashcam does not work/cannot be turned on/freeze/restarts repeatedly?

  1. Unplug the card, and rear camera cable, reset after power
  2. on again and try to see if it can be turned on.
  3. If the above does not work, please contact us.

Why can’t the back camera record/why can’t find the back camera video?

  • In the playback interface, switch the icon in the lower left comer (the fourth icon) to switch to the back-camera video.
  • The files with an “R” mark in the file name are recorded by the rear camera.
  • The files with the “F” mark in the file name are recorded by the front camera.

Why is it running out of my power supply? / Why does the machine keep on after the car is turned off?

Please confirm whether your cigar power port is ACC. if the cigarette lighter is still charged after the car is turned off, please use the hardwire kit, otherwise it may exhaust your car’s power supply.


We are committed to giving customers the best product experience and after-sale service. We would like to provide One full year of limited warranty for your product from the date of purchase to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship. Please CONTACT US with your online order, and we will provide free replacement and lifetime technical support. Besides, you can also get free accessories from us.


Company shall not be liable/responsible directly or indirectly for any claim for compensations, damages, any losses etc. Under this “Limited Warranty” due to inconvenience, loss of time, loss of profits, loss of business opportunity, loss of data, loss of goodwill, work stoppage, any personal and/or commercial loss, compensation for mental agony, anxiety etc. Resulting from the use of the product(s) or any direct or indirect loss of any nature whatsoever (incl. any personal injury or death). Except for the warranties set forth herein, company disclaims all other warranties, expressed or implied or statutory, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The maximum liability of the company under any circumstances shall be limited to an amount equal to the invoice amount paid by the purchaser to company or a company authorized reseller for the Product(s).

Safety and Legal Aspects

  1. All rights are reserved. Duplication, transfer, and distribution of the contents herein in any manner without the prior written permission of is prohibited. reserves the right to add, modify or delete, any of the contents herein or withdraw this document at any time without prior notice and without assigning any reasons thereof.
  2. Please check your local or state laws before using in car recording device. It is user’s responsibility to comply with all local and state laws.
  3. Dash Cam must be placed at proper location so it does not obstruct your view while driving.

Do not use or manipulate any functions or any accessories of Dash-Cam while driving. Distraction is a leading cause of accidents.


  • Can I use this mirror dash cam as a normal rearview mirror?
    Yes, you can turn off the screen display, even while the dashcam is recording.
  • Does the rear camera record while driving forward or only when reversing?
    It records while driving forward and reversing.
  • Could you please tell me the actual dimensions of the rear-view camera itself? Not the screen resolution, but the measurements for the physical camera?
    1-inch x 1 inch at the lens and the length is 2”
  • Are any third-party or add-ons necessary to get GPS functional?
    It comes with a GPS antenna, that shoes the speed and direction of the car.
  • How big video file for a 1-minute recording with full resolution?
    About 90 MB.
  • Does it seem when using the camera as a rear-view mirror car behind you appear farther back then they really are?
    Yes, they seem farther away in the camera as compared to the mirror.
  • The mirror can be dimmable on nighttime?
    Yes, it has a dimmer
  • Is it cordless?
    No, it’s not cordless.
  • Does this record the rear camera?
    Yes, it records the rear camera.
  • Can the GPS be changed from kph to mph? how?
    Yes, by the settings, you can change from kph to mph.
  • What type of USB port does the mirror have?
    Mini USB Port.

Download pdf Here: https://wolfbox.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/G840S%E8%AF%A6%E7%BB%86%E7%89%88%E8%AF%B4%E6%98%8E%E4%B9%A6-1222-1.pdf

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