WOLFBOX T10 Touch-Screen Streaming Mirror Dual Dash Camera


CAMERA OVERVIEWWOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-1










SCREEN OVERVIEWWOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-2












INSTALL A SD CARDWOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-4


After power ON the camera, press the SETTING button to enter the setup process.


  • Resolution: 2.5K+1080P; 1080P+1080P
  • Loop Record: 1MIN/3MIN/5MIN
  • Lapse Record: OFF/5 hour/12 hour/24 hour
  • Parking Monitor: OFF/Low/Middle/High
  • G-Senser: OFF/Low/Middle/High
  • Screen Saver: OFF/1MIN/3MIN
  • Steam media mirror: ON/OFF
  • Time Setting: Click the button to adjust the correct date and time Volume: Mute/Low/Middle/High
  • Language: choose the language what you need(12 kinds of languages) Format SD: Cancel/Confirm
  • Reset Setup: Cancel/Confirm
  • About: Check the firmware version
  • Upside Down of rearview: ON/OFF
  • GPS setting: choose the Time zone and check the GPS information


Turn-ON/OFF the camera
Once connected to the car charger, the camera will auto power on after you start your car, it will auto-off after you turn off the car engine in 2S if it is recording. It will auto off once unplug it on standby mode.
Note: Please charge the dashcam with an included car charger on your car, don’t charge it with any other car chargers.

Set Date& Time

  • Automatically: Connect it with GPS, turn on GPS Auto Time Correction, select your Time Zone, then the dashcam will auto-correct the calibration of the time.
  • Manually: Press the Menu Setting button, navigate to Date & Time, turn off GPS Auto Time Correction to set Date & Time.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-6

Display Mode

  • Screen display mode: Normal screen mode: It can display the video images taken by the front and rear cameras. After the GPS module is inserted, the time, speed and direction will be displayed.
  • Screen saver mode: set the Screen saver mode (1 minute 3 minutes oft) in the setting bar, select 1 minute or 3 minutes, the screen will turn black afterl a minute or 3 minutes, but the camera is still recording normally, just touch the screen. Can unlock the screensaver.
  • Off mode: Unplug the power cord or long-press the power button to turn off the recorder, the screen turns black and the camera is not recording.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-7WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-8
    Screen savor mode

Front view/Rear view Switch
You can swipe left and right with your finger to switch between the front camera and back camera imagesWOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-9

only front

When the red cable of the rear camera is connected to the positive pole oft the reversing light and the car is in R gear, the reversing image and the reversing auxiliary line will appear automatically.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-10

Parking Mode


Triggered by Collision Detection
When the car is turned off and connected by hardwiring the car will automatically enter the parking monitoring mode. When other objects hit or touch the car, the dashcam will urgently record a 20-seconds vide0 and lock it as evidence.

Time-lapse Recording
When the time-lapse video is turned on in the settings and (5 or 12 or 24 hours) is selected,the dashcam will enter the time-lapse video mode when the car is turned off and hard-wired. The dashcam will quickly record all surrounding- ing videos at a fast forward speed of 30 times. To protect the safety of the car and prevent the SD card from full in early spring

Please Note
Ordinary parking monitoring and time-lapse recording can only choose one of the two. Once the time-lapse recording the function is turned on, the dash cam can only record in fast forward mode and cannot record normally in the event of a collision.

Event Recording
Insert the rearview camera, the dashcam will record the front and back at the same time, and enter their respective playback folders. You can choose the loop recording time: 2001/3/5minutęs the video will be automatically recorded according to the setting 2001/3/5minutes and then the next video will be recorded. When the SD card is full, the dashcam will automatically overwrite the old video. Choose collision sensitivity: off, low, medium and high, the dash cam will record and urgently lock the collision vide under different sensitivity conditions. The vehicle driver can also manually lock the current video recording session by pressing the Emergency Button/hotkey.


  1. If the sensitivity is selected too high, the video will be locked frequently and the SD card will be stored quickly, and the SD card may need to be formatted;If the sensitivity is too low, it may cause key information to be overwritten. It is recommended to set to medium.
  2. The camera will auto overwrite old Event videos once the Event folder has accumulated 20% of the card capacity. Please regularly save important videos to your PC or another storage location (e.g. external hard drive). To maintain good read/write performance, the MicroSD card should be formatted every 1-2 weeks.

Connecting External GPS Receiver

  1. Install the GPS Antenna onto the camera, the GPS Antenna will start to search for GPS signal.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-12
  2. Once the GPS signal has been received,the GPS icon on the home screen will show OK.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-13
  3. To track the GPS Location, Speed, status, GPS Signal  Strength, please go to GPS into on the Menu Setting.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-14
  4. Turn on GPS Direction Display on the Menu Setting, it will show your speed, direction, time and date on the home screen on Screensaver mode. It you turn the GPS direction display ofi, it won’t show direction.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-15

Rear camera mirroring
If you find that the rear camera on the screen is reversed left and right: that is, the vehicle on the left is on the right, please let go of the rear camera mirroring. Please note that after turning on the rear camera mirror, the position of the vehicle and the object will remain correct, but the license plate number will be reversed, but this does affect the use. When playing in a computer player, it will remain normal. The rear camera mirror must be turned on!

Playback Video/Photos on the CameraWOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-16

  • Normal work/Time-Lapse Recording video folder
  • Locked video folder
  • Photo folder
  • Front camera recording/rear camera recording video file switch button
  • Delete button: Click the button to select the file, and click again to delete the file


  1. Slide up and down at any position on the screen to adjust the angle of view of the front and rear lens (the angle will be automatically memorized after adjustment)
  2. Adjust the front and rear lens interface (the angle will be automatically remembered after adjustment)
  3. In the reversing visual state, you can slide the screen up and down to adjust the rearview angle (the angle will be automatically remembered after adjustment)


  • Step 1. Attach the back of the dashcam body to the rearview mirror of the car.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-18
  • Step 2. Press the bandage to make it closer and attach another side of the buckle.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-19
  • Step 3. Pull out the front lens from the body and adjust the angle that you need.

Rearview Camera InstallationWOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-20

  • Step 1: Fix camera with 3M adhesive Find the best location, tear off the 3M adhesive on the rear camera, fix the rear camera nearby the car license plate lamp.  If you need to adjust the angle, please attach the rear camera bracket to the rear camera and tighten it with screws first).WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-21
  • Step 2: Remove the Panel Removes your trunk’s interior panel to expose the car’s rear wiring chambers. Pop open your trunk and look for a solid interior panel covering the opposite side of your license plate mounting area. Then insert a trim removal tool or another thin device behind the panel and pry it off.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-22
  • Step 3: Snake the cable Use a trim removal tool to pop out the tailgate Irim, then run the cable from the outside of the car into the trunk of your car.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-23
  • Step 4: Connect the rear camera’s power cable to the extension cable After snaking your rear camera’s extensio cable, connect the power cable to your rear camera’s extension cord.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-24
  • Step 5: Connecting the red wire with the reverse light wires Reverse light wires are normally located on the rear side of your car although their placement may vary so be sure to refer to your car’s manual. Once spotted, use a pair of pliers or wire strippers to peel the rubber to expose the live wire.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-25
  • Step 6: Route your rear camera’s power cable to the front of the car If you’d like, use a trim removal tool to pop out the headlining panel directly above your windshield. Then, run your cable through the exposed chamber.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-26
  • Step 7: Power on the dashcam with the box included car charger, don’t charge it with your own chargers.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-27
  • Step 8: Test the camera to make sure everything works.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-28
  • Step 9: GPS installation method (Note: GPS module is facing up, placed on the instrument panel).


The specifications of this product may change without prior notice due to product improvements.
















Warranty & Support

Any quality issues, 1-year warranty.

If you have any questions about the product functions or installation, please feel free to contact us through amazon or service.wolfbox@gmail.com. Save’s inquiries will be answered within 6-12 hours of the working day. Your opinion matters We work hard day and night to improve the quality of our products, services and the user experience. Please feel free to contact our company if you have any valuable suggestions and equipment for product improvement. Expecting your voice.WOLFBOX-T10-Touch-Screen-Streami-fig-30

Documents / Resources

WOLFBOX T10 Touch-Screen Streaming Mirror Dual Dash Camera [pdf] User Manual
T10, Touch-Screen Streaming Mirror Dual Dash Camera, T10 Touch-Screen Streaming Mirror Dual Dash Camera
WOLFBOX T10 Touch-Screen Streaming Mirror Dual Dash Cam [pdf] User Manual
T10, Touch-Screen Streaming Mirror Dual Dash Cam, Streaming Mirror Dual Dash Cam, Mirror Dual Dash Cam, T10, Dash Cam
WOLFBOX T10 Touch-Screen Streaming Mirror Dual Dash Cam [pdf] User Manual
T10 Touch-Screen Streaming Mirror Dual Dash Cam, T10, Touch-Screen Streaming Mirror Dual Dash Cam, Streaming Mirror Dual Dash Cam, Mirror Dual Dash Cam, Dash Cam, Cam

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