VIVOTEK IB9369 Series 2MP Bullet Network Camera Installation Guide


Warning Before Installation

The product must be installed and protected in a location that is not easily accessible, and is away from impacts or heavy vibration. For example, at the location where the surveillance cameras are looking down or installed at high positions such as on a wall, or at least 3 meters above the ground.

  • The product should be used in compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • Do not install the product on an unstable mount or surface.
  • Do not disassemble the camera or perform maintenance task when power is connected.
  • Before installation, the product should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment.
  • Use only accessories that comply with the technical specifications of the product
  • Please contact VIVOTEK’s certified dealers for power adapters.

Package ContentsVIVOTEK-IB9369-Series-2MP-Bullet-Network-Camera-Installation-Guide-fig-1

Hardware Installation VIVOTEK-IB9369-Series-2MP-Bullet-Network-Camera-Installation-Guide-fig-2


  1.  The camera is only to be connected to PoE networks without routing to outside plants.
  2.  For PoE connection, use only UL listed I.T.E. with PoE output.
  3.  If powered by a power adapter, the adapter should be properly grounded.VIVOTEK-IB9369-Series-2MP-Bullet-Network-Camera-Installation-Guide-fig-3VIVOTEK-IB9369-Series-2MP-Bullet-Network-Camera-Installation-Guide-fig-4VIVOTEK-IB9369-Series-2MP-Bullet-Network-Camera-Installation-Guide-fig-5VIVOTEK-IB9369-Series-2MP-Bullet-Network-Camera-Installation-Guide-fig-6VIVOTEK-IB9369-Series-2MP-Bullet-Network-Camera-Installation-Guide-fig-7

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VIVOTEK IB9369 Series 2MP Bullet Network Camera [pdf] Installation Guide
IB9369 Series, 2MP Bullet Network Camera, IB9369 Series 2MP Bullet Network Camera


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