UNISENSE High Performance Microsensors

UNISENSE-High-Performance-Microsensors-PRODUCT IMAGEInstructions for correct packing of microsensors

  1. Placing the first membrane inlay
    Place one membrane inlay in the box with the mem-brane side up.
  2. Place sensor on membrane
    Place the sensor(s) with protection tube(s) on the membrane but leave the wires hanging outside the box.
    To the extent possible, please place the sensor(s) on the membrane.
  3. Sensor between the two membranes
    Place the second membrane inlay with membrane side down onto the sensor(s).
    Secure the wires in the plastic clips on the cardboard part of the upper side of the inlay.
  4. Close and ship
    Close the lid and push the lid tabs into the slots in the box sides.

Documents / Resources

UNISENSE High Performance Microsensors [pdf] Instructions
High Performance Microsensors, Performance Microsensors, Microsensors

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