UGREEN CM408 USB Bluetooth Transmitter for Switch/PlayStation

Product Details

  1. USB 2.0
  2. Working status indicator

How It Works


Model CM408
P/N 10928
Frequency range 2400MHz-2483.5MHz
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
SNR > 90dB
THO <0,1%
Codec SBC
Transmission distance 10m


Bluetooth Connection

Step 1: Turn on your Switch dock or PlayStation host, insert the product into the USB port of the device, and then enter an automatic pairing status, the indicator blinks blue and white.

Step 2:
Turn on your Bluetooth headset or speaker, the product will automatically pair with and connect to the device. The whole process may last for around 10 seconds.

Step 3:
The white indicator blinks once per 10 seconds representing the connection is ready.

Bluetooth Connection Notices
  • While connecting, the Bluetooth device should place around the product with an efficient distance of 10m.
  • If the connection operation fails repeatedly, please restart the product or your device.
  • Connection timed out: During the pairing status, if the product fails to connect to Bluetooth device within 3 minutes, it will enter reconnection status, try to connect the headphones to the product.
  • Abnormal disconnection: Once connected, abnormal connection may cause a disconnection and the product will be ready for pairing again.
Auto Reconnection

The product can memorize the paired ID once connected, which can facilitate an auto reconnection to the last two paired IDs the next time.

One for Two

When the product paired with Receiver A, turn Receiver A off and restart the product, then pair with Receiver B; once paired, re-open the Bluetooth access of Receiver A and the product will reconnect to Receiver A again, so the product will be connected to both Receiver A and Receiver B together.

Indicator Status

Operating Status Indicator Sign
Turn on Glows solid white for 3 seconds
Turnoff White indicator turns off
Pairing Blinks blue and white
Connected Blinks white per 10 seconds
Reconnection Blinks white per 5 seconds
Disconnection Blinks white per5 seconds


  • During “One for Two” mode, the most available transmission distance between Device A/Band the product should be less than 5m.
  • The calling function is unavailable.

Package Contents

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Documents / Resources

UGREEN CM408 USB Bluetooth Transmitter for Switch/PlayStation [pdf] User Manual
CM408, USB Bluetooth Transmitter for Switch, PlayStation, CM408 USB Bluetooth Transmitter for Switch, PlayStation, 10928

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