TOSHIBA TCB-SIR41UYP-UL Occupancy Sensor


  • Thank you for purchasing Occupancy sensor kit for TOSHIBA air conditioners.
  • Read this manual carefully for correct installation of the Occupancy sensor before starting work.
  • After the installation is completed, execute a test run to check for normal operation and explain how to use and maintain the Occupancy sensor to the customer according to the Operations Manual. Ask the customer to keep this manual with the Operations Manual.
  • Observe the safety precautions described in the Installation manual supplied with the ceiling panel and air conditioner (indoor unit).


  • Occupancy sensor: 1
  • Operations Manual:
  • Installation Manual (this manual): 1

How to install the Occupancy sensor
Install the Occupancy sensor in correct orientation, since the Occupancy sensor can be installed at only one corner as shown in.

  1. Remove the adjust corner cap at the corner where the Occupancy sensor is to be installed.
    • Pull the edge of the adjust corner cap in the direction of arrow.
    • Remove strap from the pin and detach the adjust coner cap from the ceiling panel.
  2. Wiring the occupancy sensor lead wire through to the clamp in the back side of the ceiling panel.
  3. Attach the Occupancy sensor cap to the Occupancy sensor.
    • Hook the strap of the Occupancy sensor cap securely to the pin.
    • Insert the two claws A of the Occupancy sensor cap into the rectangular holes of the ceiling panel in the direction of arrow.
    • Push the Occupancy sensor cap so that the two claws B on the back of the cap are fitted.
      CAUTION: Press the two claws B of the adjust corner cap firmly as far as they will go, and then check that the adjust corner cap is closely attached. Failure to do so may result in water leakage.
  4. Connecting wires of Occupancy sensor.
    • Remove the screws of the terminal cover and take off.
    • Remove the screw of the electrical control box cover, and detach the electrical control box cover by slide. (The eletrical control box cover is clamped onto the hinge.)
    • Pass the occupancy sensor wire from the ceiling panel through the clamper as shown, and connect the wire to connector CN214 on the P.C. board of the indoor unit.
      • Connect the wire firmly to the connector to ensure operation of the Occupancy sensor.
    • Attach the electrical control box cover by reversing the procedure of detaching.
      • Make sure that no wire is caught between the electrical control box and the cover.
      • Make sure that no wire is caught between the indoor unit and the ceiling panel.Wire Connection (For illustrative purpose the orientation of the indoor unit is not the actual orientation)

CODE No. (DN) setting

Wired remote controller (RBC-AMS5 E-UL)

Perform the advanced settings for the air conditioner. Carry out the setting operation while the indoor unit is stopped. (Turn off the air conditioning unit before starting the setting operation.)

  1. Push the [ MENU ] button to display the menu screen.
  2. Push and hold the [  MENU] button and the [ ] button at the same time to display the “Field setting menu”. Push and hold the buttons for more than 4 seconds.
  3. Push the [ ] / [ ] button to select “7. DN setting” on the “Field setting menu” screen, then push the “ Set”
    [ F2 ] button. The fan and louver of the indoor unit operate. When the group control is used, the fan and louver of the selected indoor unit operate. Move the cursor to select “DN code” with the “ < ” [ F1 ] button, then set “B5” with the
    ] / [ ] button. Move the cursor to select “data” with the “ >” [  F2 ] button, then set “0001” with the
    ] / [ ] button.
  4. Push the [ MENU] button to set the other DN codes. After “Continue?” is displayed on the screen.
  5. Push the “ No” [  F2 ] button to finish the setting operation. “ ” appears on the screen for a while, then the screen returns to the “Field setting menu” screen. Pushing the “ No” [  F2 ] button displays the unit selection screen when the group control is used. Push the [ CANCEL ] button on the unit selection screen to finish the setting operation. “  ” appears on the screen for a while, then the screen returns to the “Field setting menu” screen.
  6. Push the [  CANCEL ] button to return.

About the occupancy sensor

  • Sometimes the sensor may not detect people even when they are present if their movements are small.
  • If something having a difference in temperature with the surroundings moves, the sensor may detect people as present even if they are not present.
  • A wired remote controller (RBC-AMS5 E-UL) is required to use an occupancy sensor.
  • Be sure to install an occupancy sensor in all indoor units if using group operation.

List of separately available products that cannot be used with the occupancy sensor

The following separately available products cannot be used together with the Occupancy sensor.

Product name Model
Wireless receiver kit RBC-AX33UYP-UL
Air purifier kit TCB-EAPC1UYHP-UL

Documents / Resources

TOSHIBA TCB-SIR41UYP-UL Occupancy Sensor [pdf] Instruction Manual
TCB-SIR41UYP-UL, Occupancy Sensor, TCB-SIR41UYP-UL Occupancy Sensor, Sensor

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