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Side Buttons

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Charge Your Watch

Your watch should be charged for at least two hours before first use.

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Using Your Watch

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For full operating instructions visit: 06A096001 [PDF]

Download the App & Connect the Watch

Before pairing, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on in the phone settings.

  1. Install the Timex Smart App and register an account / log in
  2. Select your device, then pair watch by scanning the QR Code on your watch screen
  3. On the watch, accept the pairing request
  4. Once paired. the Timex Smart App will update your watch

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When syncing the watch to your App, you must “Unlock” the Metropolitan style since it is not yet available for sale.
Please follow the below instructions;

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Documents / Resources

TIMEX Smart Watch [pdf] User Guide
Smart Watch

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