BSW230 Fitness Tracker Watch User Manual

Instruction Manual BSW230    FITNESS TRACKER INTRODUCTION & WEAR INTRODUCTION OF PARTS default clock page                  shutdown page   WEARING METHOD According to the size of the wrist, adjust the tightness of the wristband to desired comfort and buckle the wristband buckle. To ensure accurate readings, the sensor […]

mCube Yoho Sports Watch Setup Guide

Setup Guide Charging Remove straps from display to reveal metal charging strips. Plug into USB slot on computer or USB charger. A battery charging light displays when you touch the display button. If the device is not shown as charging check that it is plugged in fully and the correct way up for the metal […]

Power To Go SW300 Smartwatch Manual

SW300 Smartwatch/Fitness Tracker User Manual How to Properly Wear the Watch Place the wristband on top of your wrist, and adjust the holes to fit comfortably around your wrist. Charging the Band Note: Please charge fully before first use. To charge: Remove the watch face from both ends of the strap. Insert the USB plug […]