Kevo FOB Configuration Instruction Manual

Kevo FOB Configuration Instructions For fob-and-phone systems: Refer to the fob enrollment instructions inside the Kevo app. For fob-only systems, see page 2. For fob-only systems 1. Use a ballpoint pen to press the enroll button on the new Kevo fob. The fob’s LED will begin to blink green. 2. Push the Program button on […]

Kwikset Kevo Smart Locks Installation Manual

Touch-to Open Smart Lock Installation and User Guide 1    Prepare the door and check dimensions If drilling a new door, use the supplied template and the complete door drilling instructions available at A    Measure to confirm that the hole in the door is either 2-1/8″ (54 mm) or 1-1/2″ (38 mm). Note: […]

Kevo Smart Locks User Manual

User Guide PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT IN ITS ENTIRETY, INCLUDING “IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS” AND “PREVENTING INADVERTENT UNLOCKING OF YOUR DOOR” ON PAGE 2. 1  Kevo at a Glance 2  Kevo-Compatible Devices 3  Quick Start 4  Normal Operation 5  Advanced Features 6  All About eKeys 7  System Reset 8  Device Calibration 9  Important Safeguards 10 Need Help? […]