STREETZ CM763 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker User Manual

Learn how to use the CM763, CM764, and CM769 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers with this user manual. These portable speakers have True Wireless Stereo functionality and support Bluetooth connectivity up to 10 meters. Follow instructions for charging, Bluetooth connectivity, and playing music with ease.

Lidl HG9913 Bluetooth Speaker User Manual

This user manual for the HG9913 Bluetooth speaker (also known as 2AJ9O-HG9913) provides important safety instructions, warnings and symbols to ensure safe usage. It includes specific information on built-in rechargeable batteries and customer service options for LIDL customers. Follow all safety instructions to avoid injury or damage.

SILVERCREST SBL 5WL A1 Bluetooth Speaker Instruction Manual

Learn how to use the SBL 5WL A1 Bluetooth Speaker with these product usage instructions and safety notes. This user manual includes information on charging, connecting, and operating the speaker, as well as safety precautions to follow. Ideal for anyone looking to make the most of their SILVERCREST speaker with model number IAN 439691_2207.