Instructions for use of Christmas lights 1V251

CE and Dustbin Dear customer, thank you for purchasing our product. Please read the following instructions carefully and follow them to serve you safely and to your full satisfaction. This will prevent misuse or damage. Avoid unprofessional handling of this product and always observe the electrical appliance usage guidelines. Keep the instruction manual carefully.
Power: 2x AA batteries (alkaline recommended)
Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C


  1. The product is intended for indoor use.
  2. In case of maintenance, use a damp cloth and always clean in the off state. Allow lighting to dry thoroughly before use.
  3. The product is not a toy! Keep away from children.
  4. Protect the environment. Dispose of unusable products in designated collection facilities. Do not dispose of in the normal household waste.
  5. The product should only be used by an adult.
  6. The product is designed for installation on glass.

Installation: Then press the figures firmly onto the glass.
Producer: Solight Holding, s.r.o., Na Brně 1972, Hradec Králové 500 06, Czech Republic

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SOLIGHT 1V251 Christmas String Lights [pdf] Instructions
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