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naslov: Philips North America Corporation 222 Jacobs Street
Cambridge MA, 02141 ZDA


PHILIPS Accent Cylinder LED Hanging Tube Ceiling Lamp Navodila

Discover how to disassemble the Accent Cylinder LED Hanging Tube Ceiling Lamp with these step-by-step instructions. Learn which tools you'll need and the screws to remove for dismantling. Find recycling methods for parts and get additional support.

PHILIPS Decorative Pendant Original 40W Pendant Light Instruction Manual

Learn how to disassemble and maintain the Decorative Pendant Original 40W Pendant Light with this user manual. Find step-by-step instructions for lamp, pendant surface, track-mounted, and luminaire disassembly. Ensure proper recycling and disposal of the product.

PHILIPS 4422 Decorative 1-Light Integrated LED Dark Instruction Manual

Discover how to disassemble and recycle the 4422 Decorative 1-Light Integrated LED Dark pendant with the user manual from Signify Holding. Follow step-by-step instructions for unlocking and disassembling the track-mounted components. Properly dispose of each part using the appropriate recycling method. Help protect the environment and ensure the longevity of your product.

PHILIPS ES-L IS PS IR Light Bulb Instruction Manual

Discover the versatile ES-L IS PS IR Light Bulb and its installation, wiring, and safety instructions. This user manual provides essential information for the pendant track, suitable for indoor use with a voltage of 220V and frequency of 50Hz. Select the appropriate model, and ensure proper installation and wiring for optimal performance. Explore the detailed instructions to enhance your experience with this elegant and robust lighting solution.

PHILIPS BA-S Series Dome Functional Pendants Light Instruction Manual

Discover the BA-S Series Dome Functional Pendant Lights with LED technology. Ideal for indoor use, these trackmounted and surfacemounted luminaires offer efficient illumination. Follow the user manual for installation and maintenance instructions. Available in BA-L and BA-S series with dimensions specified in millimeters. Explore the product information now.