Sharper Image Dual Recording Windshield Camera

Thank you for purchasing the Sharper Image Dual Recording Windshield Camera.
Please read this guide carefully and store it for future reference.


  • Unique human voice in Chinese, Russian and English, and a number of exclusive patents
  • SOS emergency button – press SOS button in case of emergency the machine will automatically save 2 files of the emergency as non-deletable files
  • 2.7 “16:9 HD display, dual-lens can rotate by 180 °
  • Fast switch to the night-shoot mode
  • Seamless video, up to 30 FPS
  • 8 night vision infrared lights
  • The machine can automatically detect and start the video when the vehicle starts and support the video-recording while charging



  1. Power
  2. TF slot
  3. MOED
  4. MENU
  5. SOS
  6. Charging Indicator
  7. Working Indicator
  8. MIC
  9. Display
  10. Left
  11. Right
  12. REC/OK
  13. USB
  14. TV OUT
  15. Telephoto Lens
  16. Night Vision Light


  • Connect the device to your vehicle’s cigarette charger to begin charging. The device will fully charge in 90 minutes.
  • ALernative charging: Connected the device to your computer with included USB cable.
    Note: The red indicator is on during charging and turn off when it is completely charged.


  • The machine starts automatically and enters into the video mode after the vehicle starts.
  • Hold OK button to turn on/off the night vision infrared light.
  • Hold the Left button to switch between the day/night shoot mode.
  • Hold the right button to switch the lens combination, and the single-lens video is also available to select.
  • Two resolutions are available, i.e. VGA (1280 * 480) and QVGA (640 * 240)
  • The sound record can be turned off in the menu, and then the video can record the image without the sound.
  • In case of emergency, press SOS button to save compulsively the valuable video, and the video will be protected from being overwritten.


After the machine starts, press MODE button to enter the camera mode, press REC / OK button to take pictures, and there are five resolutions for you, including: 5M, 3M, 2M, 1.3M and VGA.


Power on the machine and press MODE button twice to enter the Preview mode, and then the playback, delete and other operations are available.


Press the Menu button to enter the setting interface, the Left / Right buttons are used to select listed settings, and press OK to enter the interface of function parameters, and then select the specific parameters, and finally press OK to exit.

  • Resolution: VGA (1280 * 480); QVGA (640 * 240)
  • Lens combination: CAM1 +2 / CAM2 +1 / CAM1/CAM2
  • Exposure value: +2.0 / +1.0 / +0.0 + -1.0/-2.0
  • Time stamp: Off / Date / Date and Time
  • Sound record: Off / On

In the setting interface, press the MENU to enter the following settings, press the Left / Right to select the specific parameters, and press REC to save and exit.

  • Format: Cancel / OK
  • Beep: Off / On
  • Language: English / French / German / Italian / Spanish / Portuguese / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Japanese / Russian
  • Auto shut-down: three minutes / shut down
  • System reset: Cancel / OK
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Video output format: NTSC / PAL
  • Input date: /
  • Infrared night vision: Off / On
  • Sound prompts: Off / On
  • Motion detection: Off / On


  • Download files from computers through the USB cable during the shut-down state
  • Read data through the card reader


  • Image sensor: CMOS WXGA HD photographic chip, and up to 5 million pixels
  • Video resolution: VGA (1280 * 480) / QVGA (640 * 240)
  • Camera resolution: 5M/3M/2M/1.3M/VGA
  • Display: 2.7 “16:9 TFT LCD screen
  • Focus range: 12cm – infinity
  • Photo format: JPEG
  • Video format: AVI
  • Operating temperature :0-40 Degrees Celsius
  • Power supply: built-in lithium battery / vehicle-bone charger
  • Support TF card, max. 32GB
  • Output: USB2.0/TV
  • Size: 135 * 63 * 28.5mm
  • Weight: 125g


  • Before recording, the memory card shall be formatted by the machine, and it is recommended to use the genuine card, and CLASS6 or higher is preferred.
  • SOS emergency files will not be overwritten by the cyclic video, and will take up a lot of space, so please take care of the memory space.
  • The machine can only be connected to computers in the shut-down state
  • Press Reset to solve the Crash and other problems.


  • Instruction Manual
  • Dedicated support
  • USB cable
  • Vehicle-bone charger


Sharper Image branded items purchased from include a 1-year limited replacement warranty. For Customer Service, please call +1 (877) 210-3449.


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  1. Hi, I just tried out my new Sharper Image Dual Recording Windshield Camera today. There are maybe a few things that are not very intuitive here as I may discover as I use this camera.
    Today, though, all that I am confused (or can’t find how to manage this necessary first operation) about is HOW TO SET THE DATE AND TIME.(??????)

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