SeaHawk 10K Distance-Read Leak Detection Controller


Thank you for purchasing a SeaHawk 10K distance-read leak detection controller. This guide highlights basic device installation and configuration. Additional support information, including the User Guide, is available on our website – Before you install a 10K, check the website to ensure you are using the most recent version of our documentation.
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Supplies for Installation

Included with the SeaHawk 10K

  • 15 foot (4.57m) leader cable
  • End-of-line terminator (EOL)

Available from RLE, sold separately

  • Isolated RLE power supply, DC (PSWA-DC-24) or AC (WA-AC-24-ST)
  • SeaHawk sensing cable, up to 10,000 feet (3048m)

Mount the Device
The SeaHawk 10K can be mounted inside a panel or on a DIN rail. The device has two adjustable orange clips on the bottom. Push the clips out to expose two screw holes that allow The 10K to be mounted in a panel; push the clips in to mount the 10K on a DIN rail.

Establish Physical Connections & Test the Device
The SeaHawk 10K’s circuit boards are labeled. This helps you determine which wires feed into each terminal block. Before you apply power to the SeaHawk 10K, wire all necessary connections and set the DIP Switches.
The 10K requires an isolated power supply. A power supply is not included, but isolated DC (PSWA-DC-24) and AC (WA-AC-24-ST) power supplies are available from RLE.

  1. Connect the power lead to TB3 or TB4. For AC power connections, wire EGND1 to Earth ground.
  2. Insert the four stripped wires of the leader cable into the appropriate slots in TB2 -from left to right: white, black, green, and red.
  3. Connect sensing cable to the other end of the leader cable, and be sure an end-of-line terminator is connected to the end of the sensing cable.
  4. Secure your connection for the relay output to TB1.
  5. Adjust the DIP switches to the appropriate settings.
  6. Apply power to the SeaHawk 10K.
  7. Test the system – simulate leaks at the beginning, middle, and end of the sensing cable to ensure the SeaHawk 10K accurately calculates the distance to leaks.

DIP Switches

The SeaHawk 10K has two sets of DIP switches. Push the numbered switch up to turn it on; push the switch down to turn it off. SW1 is used to configure a variety of settings on the Seahawk 10K. SW2 is used to configure communications.SeaHawk-10K-Distance-Read-Leak-Detection-Controller-1

DIP Switch 1, switches 1 through 8
Set the baud rate for the EIA-485 Port
  1 = Off 2 = Off Modbus 9600 baud
  1 = On 2 = Off Modbus 1200 baud
  1 = Off 2 = On Modbus 38400 baud
  1 = On 2 = On N2 9600 Baud
  3 = Off   Unused, leave in the off position.
Set the Re-alarm Interval – After a leak or cable problem has been detected, the alarm will be re-sent at a designated interval until the alarm condition has been resolved.
  4 = Off   Re-alarm interval – disabled. No re-alarm will occur.
  4 = On   Re-alarm interval – 4 hours
Latching Alarm Status
  5 = Off   Unlatched alarms – alarm resets itself once a detected leak or cable problem has been resolved
  5 = On   Latched alarms – alarm must be reset by manually pushing the blue Test/Rest/ Alarm Silence button, even if the leak or cable problem is no longer present
Distance Measurements
  6 = Off   Cable length displayed in feet
  6 = On   Cable length displayed in meters
Sensing Cable Resistance – If you have questions regarding your cable’s resistance, please reference the cable’s data sheet.
  7 = Off   2.8 Ohms per foot – Use with RLE’s orange sensing cable
  7 = On   4.0 Ohms per foot – Use with most other sensing cables
Enable or Disable the Audible Alarm – The audible alarm is disabled by default.
  8 = Off   Audible alarm off
  8 = On   Audible alarm on

DIP Switch 2 is used to set communications options. If you are communicating via Modbus, use SW2 to set the address of the Modbus device. This should be a number between 1 and 254. Adjust the individual switches until their sum equals the Modbus address. Switch values are as follows:SeaHawk-10K-Distance-Read-Leak-Detection-Controller-2

Front Panel Indicators

The front panel of the SeaHawk 10K contains a 4-character LED and series of colored LEDs that are used together to convey device status and information regarding detected leaks and cable faults. A blue button is used to cycle the 4-character LED, silence the audible alarm, and reset the alarm.

Indicator Symbol Description
4-character LED SH10







System is running in its normal operating state.

A leak, fault, or contamination has been detected. A numerical distance displays on the LED. A green LED lights next to Ft or m, and either the LED next to the water drop glows red to indicate a leak, or the LED next to the wrench glows yellow to indicate cable contamination. If the distance is measured in meters, a tenths place decimal value will appear in measurements from 0.0 – 999.9. All meter values over 1000 will display as whole meter measurements.

Cable break/fault detected. Yellow LED flashes next to wrench symbol.




Red LED – leak is detected – distance is displayed on 4-character LED

Yellow LED – Cable fault – 4-characted LED displays cbr

Yellow LED – Cable contamination – 4-character LED displays distance Green LED – Power on

Green LED – Measurements are made in feet Green LED – Measurements are made in meters

Green LED – Microamps of current on cable – amperage displayed on 4-character LED

Test/Reset/ Alarm Silence Button Blue Push Button In normal operating conditions, the button functions include:

•       Press once: Displays cable current in ohms/foot and the green LED lights next to the microamp symbol

•       Press twice: Displays the length of installed cable components and the green LED lights next to the appropriate Ft or m symbol

•       Press three times: Return to the default display (SH10 )

•       Press and hold: Self-test is initiated and the character display reads cal 8060, which indicates the value of the test resistor.

If an alarm sounds, briefly press the button to turn off the audible alarm. The Status

LED remains red, and the 4-character LED continues to show the alarm condition. In an alarm condition, whether the audible alarm is sounding or not, press and hold this button for 3 seconds to clear the alarm.

Modbus Registers

The SeaHawk 10K uses its EIA-485 port to communicate via Modbus. The SeaHawk 10K is configured to act as a Modbus Server device on a common network and is a Server device only – it will never initiate a communications sequence.

Read Input Registers


Input Registers (3x)

30001 b0=Leak alarm, b1=cable break, b2=contamination, b3=summary
30002 Leak distance
30003 0=meters, 1=feet
30004 Leakage current on cable (mA)
30005 Installed Cable Length (ft/dm)
30006 Cable resistance, leg 1 (ohms)
30007 Cable resistance, leg 2 (ohms)
30008 Resistance per foot (milliohms)
30009 Firmware version number
38001 Leak Distance – Meters (float)
38003 Cable Length – Meters (float)

Read Output Registers


Holding Registers (4x)

Description   03

Holding Registers (4x)

40001 Leakage threshold (writeable) Default 120 mA; range: 25mA-175mA 40007 Sample size (writeable)

Default: 12; range 4-25; 0 sets to default

40002 Contamination threshold (writeable) Default 50 mA; range: 25mA-175mA
40008 Resistance per foot in mΩ

Set to 2000-3500 or 3500-4240

40003 Re-alarm interval (read only, set with DIP SW1)

Default: 0 (disabled); 0=disabled, 4 hours

40009 AC rejection mode (needed only if the 10K is AC-powered)

Default: 1 (50Hz); 0 = 60Hz, 1 = 50Hz

40004 Latching alarms (read only, set with DIP SW1)

Default: 0 (disabled); 0=disabled, 1=enabled

40010 –


Not used – reads 0
40016 Leak alarm delay (writeable) Default: 10 seconds; range: 5-999 seconds
40005 Silence audible alarm

Default: 0 (disabled); 0=disabled, 1=enabled

40017 Contamination alarm delay (writeable) Default 120 seconds; range 5-999 seconds
40006 Reset alarm

Default: 0 (no reset); 0=do not reset, 1=reset alarm


Documents / Resources

SeaHawk 10K Distance-Read Leak Detection Controller [pdf] User Guide
10K Distance-Read Leak Detection Controller, 10K, Distance-Read Leak Detection Controller


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