Scosche GM02B Compatible with Select Mini Power/Speaker



  • DIMENSIONS: 6 x 4 x 0.5 inches
  • WEIGHT: 0.004 ounces
  • MODEL: GM02B
  • COLOR: White
  • BRAND: Scosche


Scosche is one of the well-known manufacturers of vehicle installation products. They feature a wide range of 12V installation products which include dash kits, antennas, adapters, wire harnesses, electronic dash kits, interfaces, USB and backup camera interfaces, speaker adapters, and complete installation solutions

The Scosche harness wire are used as a connector for aftermarket stereo. They are used to connect to the factory stereo harnesses while installing an aftermarket stereo. These harness wires are not compatible with factory amplified systems. They are used to establish a direct connection with the factory harness without the requirement of cutting the wires. These wires are made of good quality and come with color-coding. The color-coding of EIA industry standards for easier installation.

How to setup the Harness with the Factory Stereo Harness?

  1. Disconnect the negative terminals of the battery of your car.
  2. Plug in the harness that came with your new stereo, in to the stereo.
  3. Use wire strippers to remove the insulation of from the other end of the factory harness.
  4. Place a splice connector on the open wires, using the stripper to fix it.
  5. Now, using the splice connecter for each harness make the connections by matching up the colors.
  6. Plug the vehicle harness in to the vehicle and the radio harness in to the radio.
  7. Connect and place the stereo back in your vehicle.
  8. Screw it properly to ensure complete and proper fixing.
  9. Reconnect the negative terminal of the battery.
  10. Turn on the radio of your car and check the connectivity.


  • Will this fit a 1987 Corvette with Bose?
    No, it doesn’t fit a 1987 Corvette with Bose.
  • Will this fit my 2010 Chevy Cobalt?
    No, it will fit the Chevy Cobalt 2010.
  • Will this fit a 2002 Silverado LT?
    Yes, it will fit the 2002 Silverado LT.
  • Is this the correct harness to connect this unit to the factory installed Bose system in a 2006 GMC Yukon Denali?
    No, Scosche doesn’t have a wiring harness for a 2006 GMC Yukon Denali with Bose system.
  • Will this fit a 2018 Impala?
    No, this will not fit a 2018 Impala.
  • Will this fit my 92 GMC SIERRA?
    Yes, it fits the 92 GMC Sierra.
  • Would this fit my 2003 Suburban 1500?
    Yes, the Scosche GM02B fits the 2003 Suburban 1500.
  • Will this fit in a 2000 Chevy tracker?
    No, the GM02B will not fit the 2000 Chevy Tracker.
  • Will this work on a 1993 CADILLAC VICTORIA?
    It should work with the 1993 Cadillac Victoria as long as it doesn’t feature a Bose system.
    Are the wires color-coded? White, gray, green, purple, etc. with tracers?
    Yes, the GM02B is color-coded to provide an easier match to your aftermarket radio’s harness.
  • Will this fit a 2003 CHEVY MALIBU LS?
    No, it fits only the Chevrolet Malibu from 1997 to 2000.
  • If I have a factory amplified Sierra with OnStar and steering wheel controls?|
    Yes, if the Sierra is in the year range of 1988-2005. It will work if you don’t wish to retain Onstar or steering wheel controls.
  • Will it fit in a GMC Envoy 2002?
    No, the GM02B is not compatible with GMC Envoy 2002.
  • Will this fit 1991 caprice without Bose?
    Yes, it will fit the 1991 Caprice that doesn’t have Bose speakers.
  • Will this fit a 2001 VW Jetta GLS?|
    No, it is not compatible with VW Jetta GLS.
  • Does this fit a 2014 Subaru Legacy Premium?
    No, the product is compatible with vehicles without factory navigation.

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