Ruijie Reyee Wi-Fi 5 Wall Mounted Access Point Installation Guide

Ruijie Reyee Wi-Fi 5 Wall Mounted Access Point

Packing List


 Name   Quantity


1 RG-RAP1200(P)Host 1 Set

This Quick Installation Guide

1 Copy
3 Warranty card 1 Copy
4 Mounting Screw


2 Piece

Appearance and Interface

Top view

Product Overview

Note: 1 Reset button
2 LAN/PoE-Out Port

Rear View
Rear View

Note: WAN/PoE Port

  1. When powering the AP through PoE, connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the WAN/PoE port and the other end to a PoE-capable device.
  2. With IEEE 802.3at PoE+ input, the PoE-OUT port supports up to 15.4W output power to the external terminals complying with IEEE 802.3af.

LED Indicator and button

LED Indicator and Button Frequency Description
LED Indicator Solid green Normal operation
Off Normal operation, but the AP is not connected to Ruijie Cloud.
Blinking(0.5Hz) Possible cases:
  1.  Restoring the factory default settings
  2. Upgrading the firmware
  3. Restoring the image file
  4. .Initializing the device
  5. Overload of the PoE-Out port
Press for less than 2 seconds Restart the device.
Reset Button Press for more than 5 seconds Restore the factory settings.

Product Installation

  • Loosen screws on the 86-type faceplate that is mounted on the wall.
    Installation Instruction
  • Connect the Ethernet cable to the WAN/PoE port.
    Installation Instruction
  • Align screw holes on both sides of the device over those on the faceplate. And then tighten screws with a screwdriver.
    Installation Instruction
  • Install the plate cover in the way as shown in the figure.

You need to buy the mounting bracket, if you mount the AP on a single-gang wall junction box compliant with US standards.

Network Configuration

Method 1 (Recommended)

Scan the QR-code on the manual or device to download Ruijie Cloud App. Follow the guide on App to set up and configure the network.
QR Code

Method 2
Connect to the device SSID (@Ruijie-mxxxx when there are multiple devices and @Ruijie-sxxxx default when there is only one device), or connect the cable with LAN port and visit (default password:admin). It is recommend to configure the IP address of PC as

This equipment is restricted to indoor operation in 5.15-5.25GHz for Hong Kong.


Documents / Resources

Ruijie Reyee Wi-Fi 5 Wall Mounted Access Point [pdf] Installation Guide
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