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TX12 Quick- symbol1Introduction

Thank you for purchasing the RadioMaster TX16S 2.4g remote control system. The system is versatile and can be used by beginners and professionals. In order to ensure the correct and safe use of this product, please read this instruction manual carefully before use. Changes have been made due to a version upgrade. The information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice.
TX16S remote control is suitable for all types of fixed-wing, glider, helicopter, boats, robotics, multi-rotor aircraft and more. The model type can be selected according to the aircraft used, and various hybrid functions can be used. Sincerely, The RadioMaster Team.

TX12 Quick- symbol2Safety instructions.

Many remote control models are equipped with powerful motors and sharp propellers. Use caution when operating models. When assembling or maintaining, make sure the model is powered off and the propeller is removed.
Do not operate the TX16S remote control system under the following conditions:

  • In severe weather or strong wind conditions, such as rain, hail, snow, storm or electromagnetic environment.
  • Under any circumstances where visibility is limited.
  • In areas where people, property, high-voltage power lines, public roads, vehicles or animals may be present.
  • If you feel tired or unwell, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • If the remote control or model appears to be damaged or not working properly.
  • In areas where 2.4GHz interference is high or where 2.4GHz radios are prohibited.
  • When the battery voltage is too low to use.
  • In areas where local regulations prohibit the use of aviation models.

TX12 Quick- symbol3Manuals and firmware downloads.

TX16S comes pre-installed with standard OpenTX firmware. To download the latest software manual, visit the RadioMaster website: https://www.radiomasterrc.com

Heat-Flo Light Commercial Electric Water Heaters - safety alert symbolImportant!

The TX16S is shipped with the most stable firmware at the time of manufacture. Please only update firmware if you are experienced and confident in updating system firmware. Incorrect updates may render the radio inoperable.

TX12 Quick- symbol5Remote control overview

TX16S Quick Start

TX12 Quick- symbol6Power and charging precautions

The TX16S has built in USB-C charging for 3.7v Lithium cells. The Charging circuit is designed for 2x 3.7v Li-ion 18650 or 2x 3.7v Lipoly cells (2s 7.4v Lipo pack) only with a nominal cell voltage of 3.7v and maximum charge capacity of 4.2v.

Heat-Flo Light Commercial Electric Water Heaters - safety alert symbolCAUTION!

DO NOT charge 6.6v LiFE battery packs or Li-ion 18650 cells with nominal voltage of 3.6v. Incorrectly charging the wrong battery type may lead to damage of the radio or fire.
Regularly check the health and condition of your batteries and never leave your radio charging unattended. Always charge in a safe area away from combustible materials and surfaces. Do not charge if your radio becomes wet or damaged in any way.
RadioMaster does not accept any liability for the use or misuses of this product.

TX12 Quick- symbol7Model selection and protocol selection

TX16S comes with a 4-in-1 multi-protocol high-frequency module, which is compatible with many different protocols. To view the latest list of all compatible protocols, please visit: https://github.com/pascallanger/DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module/blob/ master / Protocols_Details.md. Please note that new protocols are constantly updated and added to the latest firmware, and some new protocols may require firmware upgrades.

TX16S Quick Start2

• Press and hold the MDL button to enter the model setup, select MULTI in the MODEL SETUP page, and select the protocol to be used in the sub-options.
• The Bind button is used to start the linking process.
• The Range button reduces power to 1/30 to facilitate testing of remote control distances.

Heat-Flo Light Commercial Electric Water Heaters - safety alert symbolNote
OpenTX software is very powerful and has a large number of programming and mixing functions. Please download the comprehensive software installation guide for more detailed instructions from the following link: https://www.open-tx.org

TX12 Quick- symbol8Specifications

Size: 286.9*128.9*183.8mm
Weight: 750g (without battery)
Transmission frequency: 2.400GHz-2.480GHz
Transmitter module: Internal 4-in-1 multi-protocol module (CC2500 CYRF6936 A7105 NRF2401)
Transmitting power: Max 22dbm (transmitting power is adjustable)
Antenna gain: 2db (removable antenna, easy to replace)
Working current: 350mA@8.4V
Working voltage: 5.5-18v DC
Remote control distance:> 2km @ 22dbm
Open source firmware: OpenTX
Channels: Up to 16 channels (depending on the receiver)
Display: 4.3-inch TFT full-color display with a resolution of 480 * 272
Gimbal: Non-contact 3D vector Hall with Aluminum facia.
JR / FrSKY compatible module bracket
Upgrade method: Support USB-C online / SD card offline upgrade
Protocols: Full series DSM2 / X full series Flysky and Flysky 2A FrSKY
(For a complete list of below link)
TX12 Quick- symbol4Support.
Warranty and Repairs.
Please retain your proof of purchase and contact the retailer you purchased your TX16S from should you experience any problems with your radios hardware.
Firmware updates and OpenTX information.
For latest news and firmware updates from the OpenTX please visit https://www.open-tx.org
User manual
For detailed user manual of TX16S OpenTX system firmware, please visit https://www.open-tx.org.


TX16S Quick Start Guide – Download [optimized]
TX16S Quick Start Guide – Download

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