Pyle PCA1.5 2×15 Watt Stereo Power Amplifier – Compact Mini 2-Channel Portable Home Audio Speaker Receiver

Pyle-PCA1.5 2x15-Watt=Stereo-Power-Amplifier-Compact-Mini-2-Channel-Portable-Home-Audio-Speaker-Receiver-IMGG


  • Product Dimensions 
    4.21 x 5.61 x 2.17 inches
  • Item Weight
    2.48 pounds
  • Voltage 
    220 Volts
  • Number of Channels 
  • Output power, 2 channels driven
    4-OHM, 1 kHz, 19% THD.
  • 4-OHM, 1 KHz, 10%THD.
  • Peak Power
  • Frequency Response 
  • Signal to Noise Ratioo 
  • Power Requirement 
    120V AC 60Hz
  • Brand


Your home theatre acoustic sound system will sound amazing with the Pyle Dual Channel Mini Audio Amplifier. enables you to enjoy high-quality music and movies by providing 2×15 watts of peak power that may be used for multiple speakers at 4 ohms in impedance.

Your New Pyle Pro Amplifier gives you the power and versatility you need in a professional sound system. The amplifier’s wide frequency response makes it suitable for amplifying music or vocal program material. PCA1 can compatible with walkman and computerized devices (MP3) via 3.5mm to RCA converter.

Please read this manual thoroughly before you attempt to set up and use the amplifier. It contains a range of installation suggestions as well as instructions to ensure safe usage. Installed properly, you can expect years of trouble-free service from this product.


  1. Features and Controls
  2. Caring for your Pyle Pro Amplifier
  3. Troubleshooting
  4. Limited warranty and Specifications

Pyle-PCA1.5 2x15-Watt=Stereo-Power-Amplifier-Compact-Mini-2-Channel-Portable-Home-Audio-Speaker-Receiver-fIG-1

Features and controls

Pyle-PCA1.5 2x15-Watt=Stereo-Power-Amplifier-Compact-Mini-2-Channel-Portable-Home-Audio-Speaker-Receiver-fIG-2

  1. Power ON LED Indicator
    Lights to indicate power is turned on.
  2. Master Volume Control
    Let’s you adjust the overall sound level.
  3. RCA Cable L/R LINE Input
    Lets you to connect the desired LINE input source.
    Lets you easily connect speaker wires directly to the Amplifier.
  5. Voltage Selector
    Lets you select the voltage of the AC power input source. The amplifier has a selectable input voltage from 110V/60Hz which is the standard in USA and CANADA. You can also switch the input voltage to 230V/50Hz for EUROPEAN operation. Please make sure the switch is in the proper position before operating, otherwise severe damage will result not covered by the warranty. Please also replace the fuse with the proper rating in this situation (see the next instruction for the fuse rating).
  6. Fuse
    The amplifier uses a fuse for protection against surges and short circuits. If the amplifier suddenly turns off and will not turn on, check the fuse, If necessary, replace it with a 1-amp, 250-volt, fast-acting, 5 x 20mm fuse (not supplied).


Your Pyle Pro Amplifier is an example of superior design and craftsmanship. The following suggestions will help you care for your amplifier so you can enjoy years of use

  • Keep the amplifier dry. If it gets wet, wipe immediately.
  • Use the amplifier only in well-ventilated installations.
  • Handle the amplifier away from dust and dirt.
  • Wipe occasionally with a damp cloth to keep it looking new.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals, solvents, or detergents!

Replacing fuse

This amplifier requires a fuse with the proper rating for protection from power surges and short circuits. If the amplifier suddenly turns off or will not turn on. the fuse is properly blown.

Pyle-PCA1.5 2x15-Watt=Stereo-Power-Amplifier-Compact-Mini-2-Channel-Portable-Home-Audio-Speaker-Receiver-fIG-3

  • Let the amplifier cool down and see if it starts again before you assume a fuse needs to be replaced.
  • Unplug the amplifier from the AC outlet.
  • Turn the fuse holder cap and pull out the cap.
  • Remove the old fuse and replace it with an identical one.

Never use a fuse with a higher rating.


  • No power                     The fuse might be blown.                                           Check the amplifier’s fuse and replace it if necessary.
  • No sound                     Sound source or speakers not connected properly.     Check all connections.
  •                                      MASTER volume control set  to minimum.               Adjust the volume control to the desired setting.
    The speaker’s wire might be the wrong impedance.     Make sure all connected speakers have the same impedance rating.
    The amplifier might has shut down.                            Turn the amplifier off and let it cool. Make sure the amplifier is ventilated, and then turn it back on. properly ]

Limited warranty

All PYLE PRO products are carefully constructed and tested before shipment. Units purchased in the USA are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for one (1) year from the date of purchase. This warranty is limited to the original retail purchaser of the amplifier. Should the unit fall due to factory defects in material or workmanship. your unit will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of PYLE.

To obtain warranty service, you must first call our Consumer Return Hotline at (718) 236-6948 to obtain a Return Authorization Number.

This R.A # must appear on the outside of your package and on all paperwork relating to your return.

When returning the unit to us for warranty service, it must be carefully packed and shipped, prepaid, to:

Pyle-PCA1.5 2x15-Watt=Stereo-Power-Amplifier-Compact-Mini-2-Channel-Portable-Home-Audio-Speaker-Receiver-fIG-4

You must also include the following items with your return:

  • A copy of your sales receipt or other proof of purchase
  • A brief letter, indicating the problem you are experiencing with the product
  • Include in your return address, daytime phone number, and R.A. number
  • Also include a check or money order for $20.00 for return shipping, handling, and insurance, or provide your Visa/ MC number with the expiration date.

Our obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective unit when it is returned to us prepaid. This warranty will be considered void the unit was tampered with, improperly serviced or subject to misuse, neglect or accidental damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so cheap in price? What’s wrong with it? Is it discontinued or something?

The product is cheap because it is crap. When you plug the amp in to power and speakers, the speakers hum at 60Hz. This is the result of poor shielding between the power supply and the amp electronics, which is purely a function of cheap, crappy manufacturing. Pyle used to make good products – I have several of their amps from ~10 years ago that sound great. But something happened, and their current product line is garbage. It’s cheap, but it’s not a good deal unless you don’t care about audio quality. 

Can this handle a 400-watt speaker system? Or do you know someone else I can get for that?

What he said, basically It is actually the efficiency of the speaker system that determines the minimum amount of power needed. Most speakers are rated from 86 to 92db. The higher the number, the less power is needed to drive them. That is not to say some highly efficient speakers do not sound better with more “quality” (low distortion, etc.) high-powered amps. This amp is certainly not one of those, but should work fine with small auxiliary speakers for a TV or a desktop audio system.

Can I use this for external tv speakers by using RCA jacks to amp and then hooking the speakers with speaker wire?

Yes, you can. Some TVs have a headphone jack. You can use a cable with a 3.5mm headphone jack and two RCA (male) jacks to connect to the amp. I have done this.

Do you know if this amp is bridgeable? I need an amp for a restaurant music system (mono).

It is not bridgeable. If you only need a mono signal in a commercial setting, I would recommend using a 70 or 100-volt distributed system. It will provide a system that can use smaller cables above the ceiling and will not run into any code issues.

Will you ship this item by air? Is there any magnetized material in this item?


How do you assign a radio station to a certain channel?

Hi, you cannot assign or save radio stations to this unit. 

Can i use this to connect speakers to an Audio Technica LP-60?

Inputs are RCA jacks, and outputs are bare wire push connectors.

I’m looking to power two 50w front speakers and two 50w rear speakers from my computer-if I get two of these, do you think that’d work?

Pyle products are junk and their support is terrible. I no longer use the Pyle amplifier. My recommendation is to keep your eyes out for used Stereo Receivers at the Thrift Shops; they are widely available. I picked up a Sony receiver for $30.00 at Goodwill and it works great. I also have a 30-year-old LUX receiver that still has amazing sound. Both units (interchangeably) power two large, 25-year-old KLH speakers that are still crystal clear; the system practically blows out the windows. The system dutifully reproduces high-frequency and chest-pounding bass. I have a $40 Soundblaster card in my PC. The green output jack PC cable splits to the red and white RCA input plugs on the back of the Receiver.

I have 2 8-inch Roadmaster subs. I have no idea what the ohm rating is and I can find them online. Which amp would be best?

Hi, that will depend on the wattage of your sub. This receiver can only handle 80 watts 40 per channel. Please check the manufacturer’s website as we are NOT the producer of the speaker that you have and we don’t want to provide any false and inaccurate technical information.

Can you add a DVD player to this unit?

If your DVD player is an internal drive or connected to your pc via USB then yes it will work fine. This is due to the fact that it is using the same device/driver it uses for all your audio. If this is the case then the answer is “Yes” it will work.

When playing files from an SD card or USB, does it repeat the tracks, or stop playback when all songs have been played?

We’ve used it in a barn, playing Bluetooth in it. Works great. never used cards or USB input.

I have a set of Altec Lansing ACS400 speakers with no sub. I want to use this to power my sub and connect to the speakers. Will this work?

Yes it will work….it has 4 connectors for speakers or subs on the back…just remember it’s a mid-level amp…(it won’t blast your speakers to the moon). But it plays great at normal volume.

Can you hook up a turntable to this unit?

The output from a turn table is typically too low for optimal results—unless the turn table has a built-in pre-amplifier (some do). Also, the output of most turntable cartridges generally needs to be equalized, which is usually provided by the phono input to a pre-amp or an integrated amplifier (built-in pre-amp). Without equalization, the output will sound a bit off. There are phono pre-amps on the market that would provide the correct interface between a turntable and this power amp.

Is the input of this amp a “line” level input? That is: the TV has a “line level output”. is this adequate to drive the amp?

Line level input from any source will work fine with this amp. With speaker level input it will produce additional pre-amplification. Here are some of the features if you do not have them.

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