POWER PATCH Pro Jolt Technology Jump Starter with Air Compressor User Manual
POWER PATCH Pro Jolt Technology Jump Starter with Air Compressor

Read the user manual carefully and use the PowerPatch Pro Jolt Technology Jump Starter With Air Compressor based on the manual’s instructions for safe, convenient use of this device.


This product is capable of starting most 12V gasoline engines up to 6.0L V8 engine (diesel up to 3.0L), this includes 4 and 6 cylinder engines as well as in lines. It can also be an additional power pack for your electronic devices. It has 1 car battery clamp socket (12V), 3 USB outputs (2 – 5V/ 2.1A and 1 – 5V/1.0A), 1 DC 4.0 output (12V, 16V, 19V) and a flashlight. With the LED display, you can read the status clearly and easily.


  • utput voltage: 12V
  • Peak capacity: 10400mAh/38.48Wh
  • Input charging ports: DC3.5 18V/1A
  • Output ports: USB1- 5V/1A USB*2-5V/2.1A Auto jump starter- 12V Electronic-12/16/19V- 3.5A
  • Charge mode: CC/CV 18V 1A
  • Start Current: 500A(<2S)
  • Peak Current: 1000A
  • Cycle life: 1000 cycles @ 80 depth of discharge
  • Application temperature range: -20◦C to +70◦C. Cell performance may degrade at low temperature.
  • Charging time – Wall Charger: 2- 4 hours
  • Jump Stater N.W: 0.42KG
  • Jump Stater Size: 16(L)*7.5(W)*3.5(H)cm
  • Package with EVA bag N.W.: 1.63KG
  • EVA Bag Size: 26(L)*22(W)*10(H)cm
  • Package with color box G.W.: 1.65KG
  • Color box size: 27(L)*23(W)*10.5(H)cm
  • Carton size: 56(L)*29(W)*48(H)cm


  1. Do not damage, drop or crush this item. Do not attempt to use this item or battery charger if it has been dropped, punctured, run over or damaged in any way.
  2. Do not charge this item in wet conditions (rain, snow, damp). Do not use this product in explosive environments (dust, gaseous fumes, or flammable materials).
  3. Do not burn or incinerate this product. It may explode, causing personal injury or damage. Toxic fumes and other potentially harmful materials are created when the battery is burned.
  4. Do not disassemble this product. It may result in risk of fire, electric shock or exposure to battery chemicals.
  5. Do not insert foreign objects into ANY input or output ports. This item may short circuit. Any metal that comes in contact with the jumper cable port may short circuit. Short circuiting this product will damage the battery and may cause personal injury or fire.
    This is a Lithium ion battery. In the unlikely event that this product leaks battery chemicals, do not allow contact with skin, eyes or mouth as it may cause personal injury or burns. If skin is exposed to battery chemicals, wash with soap and water and rinse with vinegar. If your eyes come in contact with battery chemicals, immediately flush with water and then see a medical professional.
  6. When recharging this item, make sure the area is well ventilated. Do not smoke or allow open flames near a charging battery.
  7. Never jump start a frozen battery.
  8. Never reversely connect the red & black clamps when the original car battery has been removed, or the car might be compromised.
  9. Keep the product away from and out of reach of children.
  10. Store this unit in a cool dry location. Do not expose the product to temperatures over 70◦C or below -20◦C.



  1. Flashlight
  2. Battery terminal socket for the car start
  3. LED display
  4. 5V-1A Output
  5. Multi-Function Button
  6. 5V/2.1A Output
  7. 18V/1A Input
  8. Power ON/OFF




  1. Reverse polarity connection: Solid Red LED with 2 quick short beeps.
  2. Short-circuit protection: Solid Red LED with long beep (Beeping at a
  3. 3Hz Frequency).
  4. Over-heat protection: Solid red LED with long beep (Beeping at a 2Hz Frequency).
  5. Over-charging protection: Solid red LED with 2 quick short beeps.
  6. Green/Red LED flashing: Searching for status of connection.
  7. Green Led: Correct connection after one beep.

Please ensure the indicator light is green before attempting to start the vehicle. If it is not green and/or you hear a beeping sound, please refer  to below possible issues:

Flashing  Green Red Detecting safe connection
Solid Green Ready to boost
Solid Red   (& Beep) Failed connection. Possible causes: Reverse polarity, short circuit, overheat or low charge on jump starter.

Tips & Tricks

If the indicator light flashes red and green, you can long press the button for 3 seconds until your hear a beep and the light on the other side turns green.


Jump Starting Vehicles

Before attempting to jump start your vehicle, please read your vehicle’s owner manual to ensure there are no specific steps needed. DO NOT crank the engine for more than 4 continuous seconds while the unit is connected to the battery. If the engine fails to crank or start, there may be a problem other than a discharged battery

  • 1st step:
    Make sure 30% power
  • 2nd step:
    Insert the battery clamp to jump starter
  • 3rd step:
    Connect red clamp with “+” of car battery, black clamp with “-”
  • 4th step:
    Start the vehicle
  • 5th step:
    Remove the battery clamp from the jump starter and car battery


Charging Electronic Devices

Cell Phone and Tablet Charging

  • Step 1:
    Use the included “Cell Phone” connector.
    Tablet Charging
  • Step 2:
    Insert the USB charging line into 5V=2.1A/1A output of the jump starter
    Tablet Charging
  • Step 3:
    Insert the other end of the USB into the cell phone port
    Tablet Charging
  • Step 4:
    Switch to “ON”, then short press , to begin charging.
    Tablet Charging

For PSP as well as Digital Cameras and DVD’s, see Cell Phone and Tablet Charging steps.



  • Step 1:
    Use the included AC Adapter
  • Step 2:
    Insert Icon into 15V/1A input of the jump starter.
  • Step 3:
    PlugIcon  into household 220V/110V socket.

Flashlight Operation:

To turn on the flashlight, press and hold Icon for 3 seconds. Icon Press again to shift to SOS, flashing. Press Icon again to turn off the flashlight.


Problem Cause Solution
No response when pressing the push button. Low voltage protection activated. Charge the unit with AC Adapter or car charger to deactivate the protection.
Jump start shuts down automatically when charging multiple electronics devices simultaneously. Over current protection of jump start is activated. Charge the electronic devices separately using other USB outlets, but keep the total output current within 3.5A


User Manual



  • This is not a toy. Please keep out of reach of children
  • Please store in a safe location when not in use
  • Do NOT leave the compressor unattended when in use
  • Make sure to stay safe and away from traffic if you have to inflate tires at roadside
  • This compressor is intended for short-run use. Maximum running time should not exceed 15 minutes and a 15-minute cool-down period is recommended before running the compressor again
  • We recommend tire pressure to be checked as a part of your vehicle routine maintenance with a fully calibrated gauge by a car service center
  • Please note: Correct tire pressure provides greater safety, longer tire life and better fuel economy. Tire pressure readings should be taken on cold tires. Please check your vehicle handbook for appropriate tire pressure recommendations
  • Do not use the compressor in explosive atmospheres, in the presence of flammable liquids, gases or dust
  • Do not expose the compressor to rain or wet conditions
  • Do not abuse the power cord. Never use the cord for lifting items, (pulling or unplugging the inflator). Keep the power cord away from heat, oil, sharp edges or moving parts. Damaged or entangled cords could increase the risk of an electric shock
  • In case of electrical or mechanical malfunction, immediately switch off the compressor and unplug it
  • This product cannot be serviced by the user

CAUTION: Over-inflation may cause items to burst which could cause injury. Do NOT attempt to overinflate.


  • Power Input: DC 15V
  • Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Maximum Current: 4A
  • Unloaded Current: <2.5A
  • Inflating Speed: Less than 10 minutes to inflate tire from 0 to 30 PSI
  • Working Temperatures: -10°~ +60°
  • Pressure Gauge Display: Analogue – select reading in PSI, BAR& KPA
  • Lighting: 1 x LED for illumination
  • Dimensions: 4.3” x 2” x 3.5” Inches
  • Accessories: Two adaptors for inflatables and bicycles tires included




PLEASE NOTE: This air compressor only works with the PowerPatch Pro Jolt Technology Jump Starter. DO NOT use it with any other power supplies. Once you finish using the air compressor, switch off the unit before unplugging the cable from the jump starter.

  1. Connect power cord to designated socket on jump starter.
  2. Remove the dust cap from tire valve and keep in a secure location while not in use.
  3. Carefully remove the air hose from the side of the compressor and screw the valve connector in place. Make sure the valve is correctly connected, and not overly tightened
  4. Press the “ON” switch and the compressor will automatically start to inflate the tire
  5. Periodically pause the air compressor to allow a steady tire pressure reading to be taken
  6. Once the correct tire pressure has been reached, switch the unit to “OFF”, disconnect it from the tire valve, and place the dust cap back on.

Using the Adaptors

  1. Choose the compatible adaptor and screw it into the valve connector
  2. Press the “ON” switch and the compressor will automatically start to inflate the tire
  3. Periodically pause the compressor to allow a steady tire pressure reading to be taken
    Using the Adaptors

Recycle IconDo not dispose with general household waste. Only discard electrical/electronic items separately in a manner which caters to the recovery and recycling of the materials contained within this item. Your cooperation is vital to ensure proper disposal and the protection of the environment.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Your PowerPatch product is backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. PowerPatch will repair or replace your device at any time should it fail due to a defect in material or workmanship, subject to the certain limitations.

This limited warranty does not cover any damage that results from unauthorized or improper use, service, or repair. Further, it does not cover damage caused by accident, impact, negligence, or normal wear and tear. Should you discover your PowerPatch product is not functioning properly, please send your device to our repair center for evaluation. If your product cannot be repaired or serviced, we will reserve the right to change it for a similar or newer model.

Please note that a flat rate of $35.00 will be charged to cover a service evaluation fee and return shipping of your device. All warranty claims must be accompanied by a copy of your proof of purchase from an authorized retailer. Please send your device, proof of purchase, and a check or money order in the amount of $35.00 made out to PowerPatch to:


PowerPatch Service Center
3069 Taft Street
Hollywood, FL 33021


[email protected]


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