AccuflexPro 016

PhysioLogic AccuflexPro 016-638 Thermometer


• For use orally
• Accurate within 0.1°C
• Gentle-flex tip for added comfort &safety
• Displays in Celsius
• Memory recall / display of last reading
• Beep signals peak temperature
• Waterproof / washable for easy cleaning
• Auto shut-off for extended battery life
• Includes storage case

Thank you for purchasing the Physio Logic` &sales’ Pro Thermometer. Please read the following instructions to achieve the most accurate temperatures and safe operation. Wrth proper care and use your thermometer will provide you with years of reliable readings.

your thermometer features a comfortable, soft flexible tip, which conforms to the mouth during temperature readings. It is enhanced with beeper and memory. The following instructions will cover your thermometers features in further detail.

What is a “normal” body temperature reading? Although the generally accepted “normal” temperature is 37.0°, temperatures can vary from 36.1°C to 37.2°C and still may be considered “normal. Variations in temperature can be attributed to activities such as exercise, smoking, eating and drinking. Even time of day may influence your temperature. For example, your temperature is lower in the morning than in the afternoon. Other variations may be due to the location of the temperature reading. While the oral temperature follows the guidelines described above, a rectal temperature is generational 0.6°C higher. Conversely, an axillary (under the arm) temperature cell be 0.6°C lower.

Features of your Monies’ Pro digital thermometer


Cleaning instructions
Before and after each use, dean the thermometer with a soft doth and 70% isopropyl alcohol diluted with water, or wash with COLD soapy water. An intact unit can be submersed in water or alcohol. However, do not soak in either for an extended period of time.

  1. The unit must never be sterilized by boiling, gas or steam.
  2. The use of any other solution or cleaning method beyond the above mentioned may result in reliability problems with the thermometer and void its warranty.

How to take your temperature

  1. Clean and disinfect the thermometer according to the instructions provided.
  2. Decide whether the measurement will be oral, rectal or underarm.
    Note: Measurement time may yary based on the seleded oft.
  3. Press the ON/OFF button (the unit will beep) to activate the thermometer.
How to take your temperatu

It will first show all displays, indicating that all parts of the display are functioning properly The thermometer will then briefly display 36.5 °C, then a flashing °C along with the letter “L” tithe ambient temperature is below 32 °C, or the letter “H” if the ambient temperature 6 above 43 C. The flashing Celsius sign indicates that the thermometer is ready to use.

thermometer is ready

To recall memory of the last reading, simply hold the ON/OFF button for approximately 2 seconds when taming the thermometer on. It hill briefly show all displays, then the last temperature reading. Release the ON/OFF button to continue as described above and take a reading.

Taking an oral temperature
Approximate measurement time: 5.6 seconds.
Note: Drinking hot or cold fluids, exercising, smoking or performing other activities may raise or lower your temperature. If is important to relax for approximately 5 minutes with your mouth closed prior to faking a reading.

  1. Using the diagram on the right, place the probe tip under the tongue as near as possible to the heat pocket, dose the mouth and avoid moving the unit about
  2. Wet a few seconds and then press the ON / OFF button (the unit will beep). The thermometer first show all displays, then 36.5 °C, then a flashing °C whim means it is now taking readings.
  3. When the peak temperature has been reached, the °C will stop flashing. The thermometer will sound four quick beeps and display the temperature. Temperature display will take a second or two to stabilize and show final reading. Remove after temperature reading’s stabilized. Note: Temperature reading may increase — even after the 4 beeps — the thermometer is moved into a warmer heat pocket. If this happens allow a two seconds for the thermometer tore-stabilize and show final reading.
  4. To turn the unit off, press the ON /OFF button. The unit will automatically shut off after approximately six minutes.

Note: The mouth must remain dosed during the measurement /or the most accurate reading. Opening the mouth mold result in an extended measurement time and may affect the reading.

General care

  1. The thermometer should only be used under the supervision of an adult.
  2. Do not walk, run or talk during temperature tatting.
  3. Glean the thermometer before and after each use.
  4. Store the unit in the protective case when not in use.
  5. Do not bile the probe.
  6. Do not store the unit where it hill be exposed to direct sunlight, dust or humidity. Avoid extreme temperatures.
  7. Dropping or subjeding your thermometer to strong shotiks should be avoided.
  8. Do not attempt to disassemble the unit, except to replace the battery.

Changing the battery
The battery in your digital thermometer needs to be replaced when the “BATTERY” symbol appears in the middle right of the display. Replace the battery with a 1.55V, AG3 alkaline or SR41 silver oxide type or equivalent.

To replace the battery,

  1. Slide the battery cap away from the unit.
  2. Using a non-metal pointed tool, carefully 1+0 remove the battery and insert the new )s-.) battery with the positive (.) side facing the display side of the unit.
  3. Carefully slide the battery cap back into place, making sure that the cap 40 fits snugly to protect the battery compartment from moisture.
replace the battery

Note: Please properly dispose of the battery away from small children and heat.



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