Onn Soundbar

36″ 5.1 Soundbar

What’s in the Box?

Check to make sure you have everything below.

What’s in the Box
  1. Main unit
  2. Subwoofer
  3. Satellite Speaker x 2
  4. RCA to RCA Cable x 2
  5. Remote Control
  6. Power Cord x 2
  7. AUX Cable x 1
  8. HDMI Cable x 1
  9. Optical Cable x 1
  10. QSG x 1
  11. User manual x 1

Get to Know Your 36” 5.1 SOUNDBAR

Get to Know Your 36'' 5.1 SOUNDBAR
  1. LED Indicator
    • Red when the unit is in STANDBY mode.
    • Lights up yellow in AUX mode.
    • Lights up green in OPTICAL mode.
    • Lights up blue in BLUETOOTH mode.
    • Lights white in HDMI(ARC)mode.
    • Lights up orange in HDMI IN mode
  2. Remote Control Sensor
  3. HDMI IN Port
  4. HDMI ARC Port
  5. OPTICAL Port
  6. AUX IN Port
  7. AC IN Port
  8. Button Switches the
    unit between ONand
    STANDBY modes
  9. SOURCE Button
    Selects the input source
  10. VOL- Button
    Decreases the volume
  11. VOL+ Button
    lncreases the volume
Rear View of Subwoofer

Remote Control Overview

Remote Control Overview
Remote Control Overview

Using the HDMI IN or HDMI ARC connection

Use a HDMI cable (included) to connect the TV’s HDMI OUT Port to the soundbar’s HDMI IN Port.

Using the HDMI IN

HDMI cable (included) length is 1.7m
Please note the soundbar has HDMI CEC function

Use a HDMI to HDMI cable (included) to connect the TV’s HDMI (ARC)
port to the soundbar’s HDMI(ARC) port.

HDMI(ARC) port

HDMI cable (included) length is 1.7m

Using the AUX or Optical Connection

Use a 3.5mm to RCA stereo audio cable (not included) to connect the TV’s audio output Port to the soundbar’s AUX IN port.

Use a 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo audio cable (included) to connect the TV’s headphone Port to the soundbar’s AUX IN port.

Using the AUX

Use an optical cable (included) to connect the TV’s OPTICAL OUT Port to the soundbar’s OPTICAL Port.

Use an optical cable

Bluetooth Connection and 5.1 System Connection

Establish Bluetooth connection
When unit powers on, press source button on soundbar or press the Bluetooth key on the remote change to Bluetooth(Bluetooth ID: Onn 36″ 5.1 Soundbar ) mode to enter Bluetooth pairing mode, the blue LED indicator will fast flash, the LED indicator remain solid bright when Bluetooth connected.

Pairing the subwoofer
Pair manually: Long press mute on the remote for 7s, then long press pairing button on subwoofer for 3s, soundbar’s current LED indicator and subwoofer’s mixed-color(mixed by red and blue) LED will quick blink until be paired each other.
After connected, led indicator will remain solid bright.
PS: Subwoofer is paired with soundbar before ex-factory, when power on, they will be
connected each other automatically.

Pairing the subwoofer

Using The Bluetooth Connection

  • Turn on the power, press ( ) on the unit or remote control to switch the unit to ON mode with a prompt tone.
  • Keep the distance of the soundbar and your mobile phone, PC, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled device within 1 mete, The closer, the better.
  • Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your device and that your device is discoverable.
  • Select the Bluetooth mode on the soundbar. -Using the remote control, press the Bluetooth button. The indicator light on the soundbar will be flashing blue. -Alternatively, press the source button on the soundbar until the indicator light is flashing blue.
  • Select the Bluetooth search function on your device. Your device should discover the soundbar which is called “Onn 36″ 5.1 soundbar”.
  • Select pairing mode: -Using the remote control, press and hold the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds until blue indicator light is flashing slowly. -Alternatively, press and hold the source button on the soundbar for 3 seconds until the blue indicator light is flashing slowly.
  • Select the Bluetooth search function on your device. Your device should discover the soundbar which is called “Onn 36” 5.1 soundbar “.
  • Select “Onn 36″ 5.1 soundbar”. your device is paired with the soundbar when the blue indicator light stops flashing and becomes solid.
Bluetooth Connection

Connection to the Power Outlet

Connect the AC IN port to the power outlet by power cable.

Connect the AC IN port to

Ensure all audio connections of the unit are connected before connecting to the mains power owlet.

Product Wall Mounting the first step

  1. Drill 2 parallel holes ( 98mm each according to well type) in the wall. The distance between the holes should be58ornm.
  • Installation must be carried out by qualified personnel only. Incorrect assembly can result severe personal injury and property damage (If you intend to Install this product yourself, you must check for installations such as electrical wiring and plumbing that may be bunde inside the wall). It is the installer’s responsibility to verify that the wall will safely support the total load of the Soundbar.
  • Additional tools (not included) are required for the installation.
  • Do not overtighten screws.
  • Keep this instruction manual for future reference.
  • Use an electronic stud finder to check the wall type before drilling and mounting.

Product Wall Mounting the secons step

Wall mounting 2

Product Wall Mounting the Third Step

3. Insert 1 screw TA 9.40mm (not included) into each anchor. Be sure to leaves 6mm gal, between the wall and the screw’s head. Lift the unit over the heads of the screws and slot into place

Product Wall Mounting the Third Step

Battery Replacement for the Remote Control the First Step

Lift up the back cover to open the battery compartment of the remote control.

Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement for the Remote Control the Second Step

Insert two AAA two batteries. Make sure the (.) and (-) ends alba batteries match the (a) and (-) ends Indicated in the battery compartment.

 Remote Control the Second Step

Battery Replacement for the Remote Control the Third Step

Close the battery compartment cover.

Remote Control the Third Step

Remote Control Operation Range

The remote control sensor on the front unit is sensitive to the remote control’s commands up to a maximum of 15′ away and within a maximum of a 60 arc.

Remote Control Operation Range
Battery Safety
Battery Safety



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  1. I connected my new Onn 36″ 5.1 soundbar to my Win10 Dell Gaming PC (Inspiron 5676) via bluetooth expecting that I could configure for 5.1. PC is HDMI-connected to TV (ARC) for monitor. Room configuration on Win sound settings only provides Mono or Stereo options for bluetooth soundbar. What am I doing wrong in my setup?


  3. my onn soundbar is not working with the subwoofer how can i fix if? i have try all this,Pairing the subwoofer
    Pair manually: Long press mute on the remote for 7s, then long press pairing button on subwoofer for 3s, soundbar’s current LED indicator and subwoofer’s mixed-color(mixed by red and blue) LED will quick blink until be paired each other.
    After connected, led indicator will remain solid bright.
    PS: Subwoofer is paired with soundbar before ex-factory, when power on, they will be
    connected each other automaticall

    1. I have the same problem my inn soundbar doesn’t connect to the subwoofer and i.tried all this process but instead of saying sub link mine says unlink after a while

  4. My sound bar will not turn up pass 3 when i am watching tv but it works fine when i use the bluetooth can anyone help me out

  5. My sub for my 36” onn sound bar wont work the small speakers play but not the sub cant find anything on how to fix it

  6. I purchased an ONN 36” 5.1 soundbar with subwoofer and 2 small speakers. When plugged in the top input to subwoofer from speaker has a crackle noise. Have tried switching both speakers as well as both cords so I know it’s the subwoofer top input plug. Any ideas on how to fix?

  7. I have the 2.0 mini sound bar. Hooked up with the optical. Have a green light but no sound. Help

  8. Did you try to change the setting on the TV itself? You need to find the surround sound instead of the TV’s speaker.

  9. I just got the 36 in onn. Soundbar 2.1. When I move the cursor through my TV while on YouTube or even Netflix, it says ‘Talk’ each time a new selection is highlighted, this is very annoying, how do you turn it off?

    1. I’m having the same problem. I have been searching for days and can’t find anything about it. I’m about to return it and get a refund

  10. Is there way to turn the soundbar power on automatically when I turn the tv power on ? I am currently using optical , thank you

  11. Sound bar works-woofer works but side speakers don’t. Redid bluetooth between soundbar and woofer. They first worked with initial hookup-but not now.

  12. If you are having no sound and are using the provided optical cable, you need to make sure the small, metal pin is not INSIDE of the plug. If this is the case, there will not be a clear connection and no sound will come through. You may need to use a small object (such as tweezers) to GENTLY bend the pin back toward you so it goes on the outside of the optical plug as you insert it. Only a small amount of pressure is needed to do this.

  13. Waste of money….Not worth the purchase – won’t connect via HDMI-ARC or Optical cable.

  14. My onn 36″ 5.1 Sound bar is connected via optical cable to my wall mount TV. My TV is connected via WIFI and not Satelite. My sound bar will work with some channels and not other. For instance, it will not work with Prime Video but will work on the CW channel. How do I make it work on all channels?

  15. my onn soundbar squeaked sounds like a microphone that’s to close to a speaker how can o fix this I already bought new wires still doing it?

      1. I am having the same issue, not sure what you mean by your response. My system is set up to only my Surround sound, not any other speakers. Mine squeaks like its feedback. Through the Small speakers, not the woofer.

  16. I bought the 5,2,1 sound bar and woofer $300.00 would like to find the Co. web site to download the Demo they use at the [email protected] stores it might be stored on a usb stick on their demo set up that makes the sound 3d or go behind & around you as the demo plays. Anybody know where I can get this file? Dish Network doesn’t broadcast movies in Atomas as of yet.

  17. I can’t get my soundbar to connect to my subwoofer. I’ve been trying everything I read online and nothing is working help plz?!?!?!?!

  18. I purchased the 36″ 5.1 surround system. I set it up, the subwoofer & 2 small speakers are working but the surround bar is not. No sound or nothing is coming from it. It has speakers so I imagine sound should come from it. I did what the instructions indicated. Don’t know what I did wrong. I used the HDMI ARC connection.

  19. I have the 36″ 5.1. it automatically goes to standby after like 4 minutes when i leave the room or something. Is there a way to adjust that to a longer time period before it goes to standby?

  20. my system does not work with any connection I try anyone having th[s problem?

  21. Bought Oon 5.1 soundbar w/ surround speakers. Using HDMI I connected my PS5 to soundbar, then soundbar to TV. When I’m using headphones the soundbar goes into standby mode and I can’t see the TV and have to turn it back on. Is there a way to disable the automatic standby?

  22. My model 100015717 while listening to music turned off the speakers and the subwoofer I could not get them to work from. New

    Mi modelo 100015717 mientras escuchaba música se apago los altavoces y el subwoofer no he podido hacerlos funcionar de. Nuevo

  23. The woofer was heard the first day I bought it and not the next day, I have been doing what the pairing manual tells me manually and nothing. I am going to have to return it to you.

    El woofer se me oyó el primer día que lo compré y al otro no ,he estado haciendo lo que me dice el manual de emparejamiento manualmente y nada.voy a tener que devolverle

  24. Does anyone know how to change the bass an treble without a onn remote?

  25. Can’t get the subwoofer to connect, tried the manual pairing and resetting. What do I do?

  26. Is there a way to change the EQ settings, Base +/-, Trebel +/- without the remote? I purchased one used from eBay and USPS damaged the box and lost cables and the remote… and won’t honor insurance for their own mistake.

  27. 36 in 5.1 soundbar. All of a sudden only getting amber light when power on. No green light. Was working fine yesterday. Batteries are OK.

  28. My soundbar and subwoofer is not pairing I’ve done the hard pairing and still no connection what am I doing wrong I have it under arc hdmi and nothing

  29. we recently hooked up a 36″ 2.1 Onn soundbar Model 10015716 and cannot adjust the volume. It’s either on (too loud most of the time) or on mute. This is when using the volume + and volume – buttons on both the remote and the soundbar itself. Called customer service and they have no idea what’s what. How can I adjust the sound?

  30. Bought an onn 5.1 36in sound bar with wireless subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers. Had to pair the subwoofer manualy and it worked at first. Some how the subwoofer got unpaired from the 36in 5.1 soundbar. I have tried everything to repair the subwoofer to the36in 5.1 soundbar and nothing works. It says the soundbar and subwoofer will pair automatically when both are turned on this is no true.Does any body know how to solve this problem?The 5.1 surround sound isn’t worth a crap without the subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers working along with the 36in 5.1 soundbar.

  31. Same issue I’m having can’t get soundbar and sub to pair keeps saying unlinked I tried everything.Anyone find a solution please Im bout to take it back I just bought it a month ago

  32. My subwoofer stop working/ connection lost how do I restore the connection FYI, The manuals don’t work

  33. I have the same problem.How long is the warranty because I need my money back.Only had it 3 months.

  34. I have unplugged my surround sound to move while I was painting. Now I can’t get my sub woofer to reconnect to my sound bar what do I do have done every thing the manual has told to do?

  35. I have the 5.1 surround system and my subwoofer keeps unlinking with my sound bar. My last one did this in 2 weeks time, this one only took 1 week and it won’t link back to the sound bar…i feel like my money was wasted..these things are trash..can anyone help with this problem? I’ve already tried relinking them and nothing works it just reads unlink when i try to link them back together ..

  36. So I am having a problem with my soundbar and my sub not linking and it’s only been about 2 weeks I’ve tried everything on the Manuel and nothing is working what do I need to do to fix it

  37. Ami the sounbar does not connect to the subwoofer, how can I ask them to connect
    Ami la sounbar no se me conecta al subwoofer cómo le puedo Aser para que se conecten

  38. My subwoofer flashing orange have to keep resetting it. I still have sound before I reset it, after I reset it the little speakers work

  39. I have the bar and sowboofer and I have the problem that it does not connect with the sowboofer and obviously I cannot hear the small speakers that it brings only the bar can be heard, someone who can help me since I have followed all the steps and I get sub link
    Tengo la barra y sowboofer y tengo el problema de q no se conecta con el sowboofer y obvio q no se escucha ni las bocinas pequeñas q trae solo se escucha la barra alguien q me pueda ayudar ya q he seguido todos los pasos y me sale sub link

  40. I have tried manually pairing my subwoofer to the soundbar but will not work. Ps: it worked for less than a month before this issue.

  41. I’m having the same issue. Tried everything to pair it back but nothing just says unlink whatever channel I’m on. Tried calling tech support and was told to take it back to Walmart. That they no longer help with this model number. Complete felt ripped off

  42. I also bought the onn surround sound system sub soundbar and 2 smaller speakers worked great when first hooked up but after a month it stopped working. tried to pair them but nothing works. Walmart will not return it since it’s been past 15-30 days. So what am I supposed to do. I don’t wanna be out of 200$ please help if anyone figures it out.thanks

  43. I can’t get our subwoofer and sound bar to pair up. I have tried a dozen times maybe 2 dozen. I have done exactly what the manual says!! This thing is a POS so don’t buy it.

  44. I installed my36″ 2.1 sound bar with external subwoofer. All paired and functional. The system runs for 10 to 15 min. and automatically shuts down while connected to blue tooth. Can you help me ?

  45. Does anyone know how to change the bass an treble without having the remote an also can you get just the remote?

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