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NexSens X2-SDL Submersible Data Logger

NexSens X2-SDL Submersible Data Logger


The X2-SDL includes three sensor ports that provide industry standard protocols including SDI-12, RS-232, and RS-485. The center port offers direct communication (serial to PC) to the CONNECT software and power input. The X2-SDL can be powered autonomously by (16) D-cell alkaline batteries housed in a waterproof battery compartment. Smartphones and tablets connect via WiFi. CONNECT is a software utility that enables users to interface directly with any NexSens X2-Series data logger using a UW6-USB-485P cable. It supports a growing number of diagnostic and configuration tools to facilitate system setup and troubleshooting

What’s Included?

  • (1) X2-SDL data logger
  • (1) Pre-installed antenna
  • (1) Removable battery lid
  • (2) Elastomer bumpers
  • (3) Sensor port plugs, spare orings
  • (1) Power port plug, spare oring
  • (1) Oring grease
  • (16) Duracell D-cell alkaline batteries
  • (1) 3/16” Hex driver
  • (1) Quick start guide


Completely configure new X2 systems with sensors and a direct connection to the CONNECT software in a nearby work area. Operate the system for several hours and ensure correct sensor readings. Use this test run to become familiar with the features and functions.

  1. Visit the following link on the NexSens Knowledge Base to download the CONNECT software and establisha connection with the X2-SDL
  2. Use the following link to ensure the proper scripts are enabled for each sensor.
  3. Power down the X2-SDL and remove the USB cable connection.
    • . Remove one blank sensor plug from an 8-pin port (i.e., PO, P1, or P2) for each sensor.
    • . Connect all sensors to the desired ports.
    • Note: Ensure that all SDI-12 and RS-485 sensors have unique addresses.
  4. Remove the white battery lid using the included 3/16″ hex driver, as shown below.NexSens X2-SDL Submersible Data Logger 1
  5. Install the (16) D-cell alkaline batteries.
    •  Warning: Ensure to follow the polarity labels located inside each battery tube. Polarity for all (4) batteries within each individual tube should be in the same orientation.NexSens X2-SDL Submersible Data Logger 2
  6. Reinstall the white battery lid.
    •  The device will beep once when the metal plate on the bottom of the lid makes contact with the batteries.
    •  Fully thread on the battery lid until it is flush with the top of the SDL tube. Wait up to 5-10 minutes for sensor detection
    •  Reconnect the USB cable to the X2-SDL and open CONNECT.
  7. Once in CONNECT, visit the following article to confirm the X2-SDL sensor configuration and directly download the first few data points.
    •  If the desired sensor configuration is not shown, wait an extra 5-10 minutes and read the sensor configuration a second time.
  8.  Confirm the proper sensor scripts are enabled and all SDI-12 or RS-485 sensors have unique addresses.
  9.  Confirm all user-configured wiring of sensors.


For additional information, please reference the X2-SDL & CONNECT software resource libraries on the

Documents / Resources

NexSens X2-SDL Submersible Data Logger [pdf] Installation Guide
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