Neomounts NOTEBOOK-D100 Laptop Mount


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How to Mount the Stand

The steps are the following:


  • Mount the desk clamp to the rod and install the clamp to the desk



  • Attach the plate to the laptop mount



  • Place the protective strips



  • Adjust the torque



  • Run the cable through the cable cover and adjust the mount to your desired position



  1. Run the cable through the cable cover and adjust the mount to your desired position to ensure safety, please read this manual carefully before installation and follow the instructions. Store this manual in a secure place for future reference.
  2. The manufacturer shall not be legally responsible for any equipment damage or personal injury caused by incorrect installation or operation other than that covered in this manual.
  3. The mount is designed for easy installation and removal. The manufacturer shall not be liable for damage to equipment or personal injuries arising out of human factors or acts of nature, such as earthquakes or typhoons.
  4. It is recommended that the mount be installed by quailed personnel only.
  5. At least two persons are needed to install or remove the product to avoid the hazard of falling objects.
  6. Please carefully inspect the area where the mount is to be installed:
    1. Avoid places that are subject to high temperatures, humidity, or contact with water.
    2. Do not install the product near air conditioning vents or areas with excess dust and fumes.
    3. Only install on vertical walls and avoid slanted Surfaces
    4. Do not install in places subject to any shock or vibration.
    5. Do not install in places subject to direct exposure to bright light, as it may cause eye fatigue when viewing the display panel.
  7. Maintain sufficient space around the display to ensure adequate ventilation.
  8. To ensure a safe installation, first check the structure of the wall, ceiling, or floor and select a secure mounting location.
  9. The wall, ceiling, or floor should be strong enough to sustain a weight of at least four times of the display and mount combined. The mounting location must be able to withstand earthquakes or other strong shocks.
  10. Do not modify any accessories or use broken parts. Contact your dealer with any questions.
  11. Tighten all screws (do not exert excessive force to avoid breaking the screw or damaging its thread).
  12. Drill holes and bolts will be left in the wall, ceiling, or floor once the display and bracket are removed. Stains may occur after extended use.
  13. Since the manufacturer has no way to control the wall, ceiling, or floor type and installation of the mount, the warranty of the product shall only cover the body of the mount. The warranty period of the product is 5 years.
  14. Please consult the English language manual for any dispute on conditions


Does every monitor mount function with every monitor?

The short answer is that most monitors can, in most cases, be mounted on a monitor arm. On the back of the monitor, there are the usual VESA hole patterns of 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm for attaching to a monitor arm.

How do I know which monitor mount to buy?

Simply look at the back to see if your computer monitor conforms to VESA requirements. You should see the typical four-hole screw pattern at the back of your display if it complies. Larger monitors will have 200 x 100 mm screw holes, whereas the most typical screw hole design is either 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm.

Do monitor mounts merit the cost?

A high-quality monitor arm is a tool for improved office ergonomics, according to the main insight. Even without an ergonomic intervention, using it results in better posture through the neck and lower body; nevertheless, configuring the device to the right height, distance, and angle definitely helps.

What kinds of monitor mounts are there?

Monitor mounting solutions can be attached to your desk using a clamp attachment, grommet mount, or rail system, or they can have a stand that rests on top of your work surface. Instead of a stand, mounts of this size are more frequently seen fastened directly to the desk.

Are screws included with monitor mounts?

The screws are missing from the monitor, but they ought to be included in the mounting bracket that is compatible with the 100mm VESA mounting points. if you don’t have any screws on hand.

Is the size of the monitor mounts uniform?

A standard for mounting flat screens, LCD displays, monitors, and televisions on TV or monitor stands is the VESA standard.

Can the Monitor Mount hurt my desk?

When mounting the monitor, check the weight distribution. Again, you run the danger of harm if the desktop isn’t solid enough.

Why utilize a monitor mount?

By adjusting the monitor’s height, depth, and, in most cases, tilt, a monitor arm will let you place it in the most comfortable position.

What is the monitor arm’s advantage?

It is usually secured with a clamp to the back of your desk. As you can see, using a monitor arm has the advantage of allowing you to move your computer monitor screen around, changing how close it is to your eyes, keyboard (hands), and other parts of your body.

Without studs, can a monitor be mounted?

When studs are not accessible, expanding anchors or conical anchors are one of the easiest ways to install a television.

What number of mounting styles is there?

There are three recognized ways to make a mount: dry mounting, wet mounting, and ready mounting.

How much room is required by a monitor mount?

To use the normal Jarvis Monitor Arm’s full range of motion, we advise providing 3–4 inches of room behind the desk. To pull the monitors close together over the desktop, the Dual Jarvis Monitor Arm requires at least 7 inches of clearance.

How can I stop the tilting of my monitor arm?

Turning clockwise in the direction of the “+” symbol will help you tighten the tension if your monitors are dropping too low.

Do excellent monitor wall mounts exist?

Instead of sitting next to the screen, mounting the monitor on the wall allows you to look up, which helps to relax the neck and back vertebrae. Additionally, it aids in bettering sitting posture for improved general wellness.

What advantages does utilizing monitor arms offer?

By adjusting the monitor’s height, depth, and, in most cases, tilt, a monitor arm will let you place it in the most comfortable position.

Download this PDF Link: Neomounts NOTEBOOK-D100 Laptop Mount Instructions Manual

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