iConnect M08Y Active plus Smartwatch User Manual

The iConnect Active+ M08Y Smartwatch User Manual provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the M08Y Active plus Smartwatch. Learn how to charge, turn on and off the watch, download and pair with the iConnect Next app, and access various sport modes. Make the most of your M08Y Smartwatch with this comprehensive guide.

tekkiwear DT3 SmartWatch User Manual

Learn how to use the DT3 SmartWatch with this user manual. This wearable device features a heart rate sensor, multi-sport mode shortcuts, and connects to a mobile app via Bluetooth. Follow the step-by-step instructions for installation, connection, and watch charging. Adjust the strap for different wrist sizes and monitor your fitness and health with ease. Get the most out of your DT3 SmartWatch with this comprehensive guide.

tekkiwear Smartwatch GT4 User Manual

Learn how to maximize the potential of your Smartwatch GT4 with this user manual. Get step-by-step instructions on how to operate the device, charge it wirelessly, and connect it to your phone using the MActivePro app. Take note of battery safety precautions and understand that this product is not a medical device. Get started with your Tekkiwear Smartwatch GT4 today.

Упатство за користење паметен часовник DAS-4 SU02

Научете како да го поврзете и оптимизирате користењето на батеријата за паметниот часовник SU02, познат и како DAS 4 или T8pro. Ова упатство за корисникот дава упатства за уредите Samsung, Realme, Xiaomi и Huawei. Со квадратен TFT екран од 1.69 инчи, екран на допир и работа со копчиња, поврзување со Bluetooth 5.0 и батерија од 200 mAh, овој паметен часовник е идеален за да останете поврзани додека сте во движење.