Mifo O5 Standard Edition True Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Product specification

Product number  –  Mifo O5 Standard Edition
Drive unit  –  Moving coil
Bluetooth version  –  Realtek 8763BFR / 5.0
Audio decoding  –  SBC, AAC
Charging performance of the charging compartment  –  5V/2600mAh
Endurance  –  Headphone 7 hours/charging compartment 100 hours
The number of times the charging compartment recharges the headset  –  About 15 times
Charging time  – 2 hours for earphones / 5 hours for charging compartment

Mifo O5 Standard Edition True Wireless Bluetooth Headset


  • Bluetooth pairing
    1. Take out the left and right ears at the same time, both ears will be automatically turned on, and there will be a prompt sound “Hi Mifo” after successful interconnection.
    The red and blue lights of the right earphone flash alternately, and the left ear light is off.
    2. Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, search for the Bluetooth name “mifo_O5”, and click Connect to complete the connection. Disconnected with cell phone
    After connecting, press the power button on the right ear to connect back to the phone.
    3. Single ear pairing: long press the power button on the left ear for 3 seconds, search for “mifo_O5_L” and click to connect; Press and hold the power button on your right ear for 3 seconds, search for “mifo_O5” and click connect.
    4. The right ear is being used alone: Put the right ear back into the charging box and take out both ears to use.
    5. The left ear is being used alone: you need to reset the headset first, and then pair it again to restore the use of both ears.
  • Reset method
    1. Please delete all pairing records of the phone first
    2. In the shutdown state, long-press the left/right power button for 10 seconds each, the lights will flash from red and blue lights, and finally blue and purple lights
    Flashes twice to re-pair.
  • Instructions
    1. Switch on and off: Long press the left/right ear power button for 4 seconds
    2. Adjust the volume level: click the left ear 1 time (down)/right ear volume button 1 time (up) (one ear only has one side power can)
    3. Switch tracks: tap the left ear for 2 seconds (top)/right ear volume button for 2 seconds (bottom) (one ear has only one side function)
    4. Play/pause, answer/hang-up: click the left/right ear power button once
    5. Voice assistant, refused to answer the call: Tap the left/right ear power button twice

Mifo O5 User Manual – Download [optimized]
Mifo O5 User Manual – Download

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  1. No matter what I do, how many times I reset, only the right one will connect to the phone. They both seem to connect to one another. But only one is receiving anything from the phone. This is growing both tiresome and super fucking annoying. Please help 🙂

      1. I’m having the same problem – no music playing in left bud. Says it on but no sound.

  2. Hey all. I was having connection problems as well but doing the reset helped. Turn the Bluetooth connections off of your devices and power down the earbuds. Then hold the power button down for 10 secondsThe lights will flash blue red for a bit then turn pink (really!). After that put them back the case for 5 minutes then re-pair. Other than that clean the earbuds with alcohol. Even remove the little screen if you have to. My right one didn’t work at all but it turns out it was just gunked up with ear wax. I cleaned it and now it’s banging. Good luck

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