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mercury TSL01 Digital Sound Level Decibel Meter

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Digital Sound Level Decibel Meter

User Manual
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This device is designed to measure the sound level in the environment and Complies with EN61326-1:2013 standard. It is suitable for monitoring background noise to ensure health and safety standards and safety requirements are met.

mercury TSL01 Digital Sound Level Decibel Meter

LCD Screen Display:

mercury TSL01 Digital Sound Level Decibel Meter - LCD Screen Display

  1. Under; Indicates current sound level is below selected range.
  2. Selected sound level range; Press level button to choose 3080dB, 50-100dB, 60-110dB, 80-130dB or 30-130dB.
  3. Low battery indicator; Please replace the batteries before use.
  4. Max value hold display; Toggle on/off by pressing max button, when the function is on it will display only the highest recorded value since the function was activated.
  5. Fast time weighting; Sampling at 125ms interval.
  6. Slow time weighting; Sampling at 1sec interval.
  7. Sound measurement reading.
  8. Over; Indicates current sound level is above selected range.
  9. Live barograph display.
  10. Sensitivity setting display; Change by pressing A/C button. A is more sensitive to general noise, C is more sensitive to low-frequency noise.
  11. Measurement unit dB.

This unit is not suitable for use above 2000m sea level. Humidity in the testing environment should be less than 80%RH temperature 0-40°C.
– Switch on the unit.
– Select desired range ideally UNDER and OVER should not be displayed.
– Select sensitivity weight, for general noise use A, for low-frequency noise use C.
– For measuring short burst noise set the time weight to fast, for normal background noise use slow.
– For monitoring peak noise level, press the Max button, only the highest on record will be displayed.

All units are calibrated from the factory however we recommend the device is recalibrated at least once a year. To calibrate, insert the mic into the acoustic calibrator. Set the Sensitivity weight to A, time weight to fast and range to 60-110dB. After the calibrator is on, use a fine flat bladed screwdriver to adjust the potentiometer on top of the battery compartment
until 94dB is displayed.

  • Instruction manual
  • Heavy-duty protective case
  • 4 x AA batteries
  •  x Foam windshield


Range – 30-130dBA, 35-135dBC
Accuracy – +/-1.5dB (under reference condition)
Frequency Range – 31.5Hz – 8.5kHz
Level Range – 30-80, 50-100, 60-110, 80-130, 30-130dB
Linearity Range – 50dB/100dB
Frequency Weight – A/C
Resolution – 0.1dB, 4 digits display
Time Weight – Fast/Slow 0.5s/1s sampling rate
Microphone – ½” Electret Condenser Mic
Power – 4 x AA Battery or 6V dc PSU
Battery Life – 30 hours (using alkaline AA batteries)
Operation condition – 0-40°C, 70-80%RH
Storage condition – -10-60°, 10-80%RH
Weight – 308g (including batteries)
Dimension – 256 x 70 x 35mm

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This product is classed as Electrical or Electronic equipment and should not be disposed of with other household or commercial waste at the end of its useful life. The goods must be disposed of according to your local council guidelines.

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mercury TSL01 Digital Sound Level Decibel Meter User Manual – Optimized PDF
mercury TSL01 Digital Sound Level Decibel Meter User Manual – Original PDF

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