MANASLU Professional Camera Tripod for Camera



  1. Introduces of the Tripod. (Illustration 1)
  2. The Panning, pitching and 90 degree shooting operation (Illustration 2)
    • Rotating the horizontal locking knob counter-clockwise to loos en for smooth consistent panning, rotating oppositely to tight it.
    • Rotating the handle bar counter-clockwise to loosen for smooth consistent tilting, rotating oppositely to tight the tilt knob.
    • Rotating the vertical flip knob counter-clockwise to adjust the angle of the loading plate, flip up to 90 degree. Rotating oppositely to tight it.
  3. Raising and Lowering the Center Column. (Illustration 3) To raise or lower the center column, turn the center locking knob counter-clockwise and set the column to the desired position. While holding the column in position, turn the column locking knob clockwise to secure the column in place. Don’t over tighten the center column lock, as this could damage the threads.
  4. Extend and Fold the Leg. (Illustration 4 & 5) Each leg section can be adjusted to the desired length by opening the Flip Lock Lever so the leg is free to slide in or out. Once the desired length is achieved, snap the Flip Lock Lever closed so that the leg section is securely locked. Repeat this step for each leg and each section until the Tripod is set to the desired height.


  • Do not exceed the tripod’s maximum load capacity.  MANASLU-Professional-Camera-Tripod-for-Camera-fig6
  • Ensure the center column is locked. MANASLU-Professional-Camera-Tripod-for-Camera-fig7
  • Do not operate this tripod when the temperature is below -20oC or above 70oC. It is not commended to operate in saltwater. MANASLU-Professional-Camera-Tripod-for-Camera-fig8
  • Do not put this tripod in sunlight or lean it against the glass of car for a long time.  MANASLU-Professional-Camera-Tripod-for-Camera-fig9
  • Do not leave this tripod unattended in public place; please be careful when use it in danger-ous place.  MANASLU-Professional-Camera-Tripod-for-Camera-fig10
  • Remove the camera from the ballhead duuring setup or transport. MANASLU-Professional-Camera-Tripod-for-Camera-fig11
  • It is not necessary to equip lubricant. Please use standard lubricant or grease when neces-sary. MANASLU-Professional-Camera-Tripod-for-Camera-fig12
  • For your safety, keep it out of power supply. MANASLU-Professional-Camera-Tripod-for-Camera-fig13

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Professional Camera Tripod for Camera

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