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LENNOX Elite Series EL296V Two Stage Heating Variable Speed Blower

LENNOX Elite Series EL296V Two Stage Heating Variable Speed Blower

Note: This specification is for Lennox Industries EL296DFV and EL296UHV Gas Furnaces. Revise specification section number and title below to suit project requirements, specification practices and section content. Refer to CSI MasterFormat for other section numbers and titles.

This specification utilizes the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Manual of Practice, including MasterFormat™, SectionFormat™ and PageFormat™. Optional text and text requiring a decision is indicated by bolded brackets [ ]; delete text not required in final copy of specification. Specifier Notes typically precede specification text; delete notes in final copy of specification. Trade/brand names with appropriate symbols typically are used in Specifier Notes; symbols are not used in specification text. Metric conversion, where used, is soft metric conversion.

SECTION 23 54 00




A. Gas Furnaces
Specifier Note: Revise paragraph below to suit project requirements. Add section numbers and titles per CSI MasterFormat and specifier’s practice.


Specifier Note: Article below may be omitted when specifying manufacturer’s proprietary products and recommended installation. Retain Reference Article when specifying products and installation by an industry reference standard. If retained, list standard(s) referenced in this section. Indicate issuing authority name, acronym, standard designation and title. Establish policy for indicating edition date of standard referenced. Conditions of the Contract or Division 1 References Section may establish the edition date of standards. This article does not require compliance with standard, but is merely a listing of references used. Article below should list only those industry standards referenced in this section. Retain only those reference standards to be used within the text of this Section. Add and delete as required for specific project.


A. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified
B. Department of Energy (DOE), units rated to
C. ISO 9001 manufacturer quality system
D. California Energy Commission approved
E. Meets
1. California seasonal efficiency requirements
2. California Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Standards
Specifier Note: Article below should be restricted to statements describing design or performance requirements and functional (not dimensional) tolerances of a complete system. Limit descriptions to composite and operational properties required to link components of a system together and to interface with other systems.


A. Nominal gas heat input: 045=44,000 btuh , 070=66,000 btuh, 090=88,000 btuh, 110=110,000 btuh Specifier Note: EL296UHV has additional nominal gas heat input of 135=132,000 btuh    B. Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE): 96%
C. High Static: 0.50 in. w.g. (124 Pa)
1. Heating: 0.8
2. Cooling: 1.0
D. Nominal Add-on Cooling Capacity: 2- to 5- tons
E. Electrical Characteristics
1. 60 HZ
2. 120 V
3. Single Phase
4. 120V/24V Transformer
5. Fuel Requirements: [Natural Gas] [and][/][or] [LPG/Propane Gas]

Specifier Note: Article below includes submittal of relevant data to be furnished by Contractor before, during or after construction. Coordinate this article with Architect’s and Contractor’s duties and responsibilities in Conditions of the Contract and Division 1 Submittal Procedures Section.


A. General: Submit listed submittals in accordance with Conditions of the Contract and Division1 Submittal Procedures
B. Product Data: Submit product data, including manufacturer’s SPEC-DATA® product sheet, for specified products
C. Shop Drawings:
1. Submit shop drawings in accordance with Section [01 33 00 – Submittal Procedures]
2. Indicate:
a. Equipment, piping and connections, together with valves, strainers, control assemblies, thermostatic controls, auxiliaries and hardware and recommended ancillaries which are mounted, wired and piped ready for final connection to building system, its size and recommended bypass connections.
b. Piping, valves and fittings shipped loose showing final location in assembly
c. Control equipment shipped loose, showing final location in assembly
d. Field wiring diagrams
e. Dimensions, internal and external construction details, installation clearances, recommended method of installation, sizes and location of mounting bolt holes
f. Detailed composite wiring diagrams for control systems showing factory installed wiring and equipment on packaged equipment or required for controlling devices or ancillaries, accessories, controllers.

D. Quality Assurance:
1. Test Reports: Certified test reports showing compliance with specified performance characteristics and physical properties.                                                                                          2. Certificates: Product certificates signed by manufacturer certifying materials comply with specified performance characteristics and criteria and physical requirements
3. Manufacturer’s Instructions: Manufacturer’s installation instructions

Specifier Note: Coordinate paragraph below with Part 3 Field Quality Requirements Article herein. Retain or delete as applicable.
E. Manufacturer’s Field Reports: Manufacturer’s field reports specified herein
F. Closeout Submittals: Submit the following:
1. Warranty: Warranty documents specified herein
2. Operation and Maintenance Data: Operation and maintenance data for installed products in accordance with Division 1 Closeout Submittals (Maintenance Data and Operation Data) Section. Include methods for maintaining installed products and precautions against cleaning materials and methods detrimental to finishes and performance. Include names and addresses of spare part suppliers.
3. Provide brief description of unit, with details of function, operation, control and component service
4. Commissioning Report: Submit commissioning reports, report forms and schematics in accordance with Section [01 81 00 – Commissioning]


A. Qualifications:
1. Installer experienced in performing work of this section who has specialized in installation of work similar to that required for this project
2. Manufacturer Qualifications: Manufacturer capable of providing field service representation during construction and approving application method

B. Preinstallation Meetings: Conduct preinstallation meeting to verify project requirements, manufacturer’s installation instructions and manufacturer’s warranty requirements. Comply with Division 1 Project Management and Coordination (Project Meetings).


A. General: Comply with Division 1 Product Requirements
B. Ordering: Comply with manufacturer’s ordering instructions and lead time requirements to avoid construction delays
C. Packing, Shipping, Handling and Delivery:
1. Deliver materials in manufacturer’s original, unopened, undamaged containers with identification labels intact
2. Ship, handle and unload units according to manufacturer’s instructions
D. Storage and Protection:
1. Store materials protected from exposure to harmful weather conditions                                     2. Factory shipping covers to remain in place until installation

Specifier Note: Coordinate article below with Conditions of the Contract and Division 1 Closeout Submittals (Warranty).


A. Project Warranty: Refer to Conditions of the Contract for project warranty provisions
B. Manufacturer’s Warranty: Submit, for Owner’s acceptance, manufacturer’s standard warranty document executed by authorized company official. Manufacturer’s warranty is in addition to, and not a limitation of, other rights Owner may have under Contract Documents
Specifier Note: Coordinate paragraph below with manufacturer’s warranty requirements.
C. Warranty: Commencing on Date of Installation
Specifier Note: Refer to Lennox Equipment Limited Warranty certificate included with equipment for details.
1. Duralok Plus™ Aluminized Steel Heat Exchanger – Limited Lifetime warranty in residential applications (20-year transferable), 10-years in non-residential applications
2. All other covered components – Limited 5-year warranty in residential applications, 1-year in non-residential applications



Specifier Note: Retain article below for proprietary method specification. Add product attributes, performance characteristics, material standards, and descriptions as applicable. Use of such phrases as “or equal” or “or approved equal” or similar phrases may cause ambiguity in specifications. Such phrases require verification (procedural, legal and regulatory) and assignment of responsibility for determining “or equal” products.


A. Product: [Downflow] or [Upflow/Horizontal] Heat Furnaces
B. Manufacturer: Lennox Industries
1. 1. Contact: 2140 Lake Park Blvd.; Richardson, TX 75080; Telephone: (800) 453-6669; website: www.lennoxcommercial.com
C. Proprietary Products/Systems:
1. Cabinet:
a. Low-profile, narrow width cabinet allows easy installation
b. Heavy gauge cold rolled steel construction
c. Pre-painted finish
d. Flanges provided on supply air opening for ease of plenum connection or alignment with indoor coil
e. Foil faced insulation on sides and back of heating compartment                                               f. Gas piping inlets and electrical inlets in both sides
g. Door can be removed without any tools for complete service access
h. Sealed blower compartment
i. Safety interlock switch to automatically shut off power to unit when blower compartment access door removed
j. Inner blower compartment access panel seals air leakage
k. Coil match-up
Specifier Note: The following option is used in EL296UHV applications only:
l. Return air entry

2. Heating System:

a. Lennox Duralok Plus ® Heat Exchanger Assembly
1. Heavy gauge aluminized steel
2. Multi-pass crimped seam design clamshell
3. Secondary heat exchanger condenser coil constructed of aluminum fins fitted to stainless steel tubes
4. Coil is factory tested for leaks
5. Laboratory life-cycle tested
6. Condensate drain header box assembly located in front of coil

b. Lennox designed header box
1. Collects flue condensate for disposal through drains
2. Drains are located on each side of cabinet
3. Condensate drain trap is included for field installation

c. Lennox designed flue condensate trap assembly
1. Mounted outside the conditioned air stream on either side of cabinet in upflow and downflow applications
2. Mounted below the cabinet in horizontal applications (or remotely up to 5ft away from unit)
3. 90 degree street elbow furnished for ease of drain trap installation
4. Connections can be made with fields provided PVC pipe, PVC coupling, or vinyl tubing with hose clamp

d. Inshot Burners
1. Aluminized steel
2. Burner assembly to be removable from unit as single component

e. SureLight® Hot Surface Ignitor
1. Tough, reliable, long life, trouble-free performance
2. Silicon nitride ignitor
3. Ignition leads are constructed of nickel plated copper, enclosed in high temperature Teflon® insulation
4. Cemented to steatite block for leakage protection

f. Two-Stage Gas Control Valve                                                                                                    1. 24 V
2. Redundant combination
3. Compact Control to contain Manual shutoff, automatic electric valve (dual) and gas pressure regulation

g. Two-Speed Combustion Air Inducer
1. Permanent split capacitor (PSC), heavy duty blower prepurges heat exchanger and safety vents flue products
2. Dual pressure switch (low fire/high fire)
3. Direct access allows inducer assembly to be rotated 90 degrees to facilitate easy vent attachment in horizontal applications

h. Flame Rollout Switches (2)
1. Factory installed on burner box with manual reset for protection from abnormal operating conditions
i. Limit control

3. Venting
a. Direct Vent or Non-Direct Vent
Note: EL296UHV features Sealed Combustion System

4. Blower
a. Variable speed direct drive blower
b. Variable speed blower motor

5. Controls
a. Surelight® Control (icomfort® Compatible)
1. Communicates information to the optional icomfort Wi-Fi™ Thermostat or icomfort Touch® Communicating Thermostat

b. Thermostat Control
c. Safety Controls
d. Display LED

e. DIP Switch Settings
1. DIP switches settings are not used with icomfort Touch® Thermostat

f. Select Thermostat used – Single-Stage or Two-Stage
g. Heating and Cooling Speeds

h. Blower Speed Ramping (Cooling Mode) –
1. DIP switch settings allow one of four blower speed profiles during cooling operation

i. Dehumidification (Active or Humiditrol® Option)
j. Dual-Fuel Operation
k. Two Stage Compressor Operation

l. Lennox System Operations Monitor Connection
1. Monitors outdoor unit operation (communicating mode)

m. Blower On/Off Time (Heating/Cooling)

n. Continuous Blower Speed
1. There are four selectable options (via DIP switch settings) of 28%, 38% (default setting), 70% and 100%.

o. Accessory Terminal
1. Control is factory installed in the unit control box

p. 24 Volt Transformer
1. Furnished and factory installed in control box
2. 40VA transformer has circuit breaker wired in series

q. Field Wiring Make-up Box
1. For line voltage wiring
2. Factory installed internally on left side of furnace
3. Box may be installed internally or externally on either

b. [Optional Accessories:]

a. [Venting:]
1. [Termination kits]
2. [Concentric termination kit (direct vent)]
3. [Flush-Mount termination kit]
4. [Wall assembly termination kit (direct vent)]
5. [Wall Ring]
6. [Close Couple WTK(Canada only)(direct vent)]
7. [Close Couple (US only)(direct vent)]
8. [Roof Termination Flashing Kit]
9. [Left side vent kit only for EL296DFV applications]

b. [Cabinet:]
1. [Condensate Drain Heat Cable Kits]
2. [Heat Cable Tape:]
1. [66 ft. length, 1/2 in. wide fiberglass]
2. [60 ft. length, 2 in. wide aluminum foil]
3. [Crawl Space Vent Drain Kit]

1. [Allows venting through a crawl space]                                                                                   Specifier Note: The following option is only used for EL296DFV applications.

4. [Downflow Combustible Flooring Base]
1. [Required for heating only units installed on combustible floors]
2. [Not required in add-on cooling applications]
Specifier Note: The following two options are only used for EL296UHV applications.

5. [Horizontal Suspension Kit]
6. [Return Air Base]

c. [Controls:]

1. [icomfort Wi-Fi™ Thermostat (part of the icomfort™ Residential Communicating Control System)]
2. [icomfort Touch® Communicating Thermostat (part of the icomfort™ Residential Communicating Control System) ]
3. [ComfortSense® 7000 Touchscreen Thermostat]
4. [Night Service Kit]
5. [Universal Service Kit – Switches]
6. [Thermostat]

d. [Filter:]

Specifier Note: The following option is only used for EL296DFV applications.
1. [Downflow Filter Cabinet]

1. [Filter cabinet mounts directly on top of furnace]
2. [“B and “C” width cabinets have two filters]
3. [Filter rails are furnished]
4. [Front access for servicing]
5. [Cleanable filter(s) are furnished]
Specifier Note: The following two options are only used for EL296UHV applications.

2. [Air Filter and Rack Kit for Horizontal Return Air (End) Applications]
3. [Air Filter and Rack Kit for Upflow Side Return Air Applications]


A. Substitutions: No substitutions permitted.




Specifier Note: Article below is an addition to the CSI SectionFormat and a supplement to MANU-SPEC. Revise article below to suit project requirements and specifier’s practice.
A. Compliance: Comply with manufacturer’s written data, including product technical bulletins, product catalog installation instructions, product carton installation instructions and [Lennox Industries] SPEC-DATA® sheets.


A. Site Verification of Conditions: Verify substrate conditions, which have been previously installed under other sections, are acceptable for product installation in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.


A. Install [Gas Furnace] in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and regulations of authorities having jurisdiction.


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LENNOX Elite Series EL296V Two Stage Heating Variable Speed Blower Specifications Guide – Download

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