The S866 LCD Instruments V1.0 Operating Manual is a comprehensive guide for users to effectively operate and troubleshoot the S866 LCD instrument. The manual provides detailed instructions on how to use the instrument to achieve various vehicle control and display functions. The manual includes a list of functions and displays, such as real-time riding speed, brake sign, and riding mileage. It also explains how to turn on and turn off the instrument, turn on the headlights, help shift, and promote functions. The manual also provides information on menu item settings, including backlight brightness, mileage unit, voltage level, and speed limit setting. Additionally, the manual includes a section on frequently asked questions, such as how to unlock the speed on an e-bike, how to program the S866, and how to disable the speed limiter. Users will find this manual to be a valuable resource for understanding the features and functionality of the S866 LCD instrument.


S866 LCD Instruments V1.0

Air Heater D3/D5

S866 LCD Instruments V1.0

Chinese Operating Manual for S866 LCD Instruments V1.0

Distinguished users, before you use the S866 LCD instrument, please read this operation manual in detail.The manual will guide you to use the instrument correctly to realize various vehicle control and vehicle display functions.

Function and Display

LCD Manual Vehicle Control and Vehicle Display

  1. Operation button UP key : Operation button UP key
  2. Power button : Operation button SW key
  3. Operation button SW key button :  Operating button key
  4. km/h : Real-time riding speed (metric)
  5. mph : Real-time riding speed (British system)
  6. Break Sign button : Brake sign
  7. Troubleshooting Icon : Troubleshooting (not used)
  8. Electricity Indicator button : 5Section Electricity Indicator
  9. km : Riding mileage (metric system)

Functional operation

Turn on and turn off
Long press Power button Keyboard, boot; long press Power button Key, shut down.When the vehicle stops driving and does not operate the instrument for 10 minutes, the instrument will automatically shut down and turn off the power supply of the electric vehicle.
Display Interface 1

LCD Display Interface

Long press Power button Keyboard,boot, enter the display interface one.



Turn on the headlights

LCD headlights

Long press Power button Keyboard, turn on backlights and car lights; press again Power button Keyboard, turn off backlights and car lights.



Help shift

S866 LCD Instruments V1.0

Short press Operation button UP key or Operation button SW key button Key, switch 1-5 files.The lowest power level in
1 gear and the lowest power level in 5 gear
High power.The initial gear is automatically restored every time the machine is turned on.0 gear powerless function.


km/h to promote functions

S866 LCD Instruments V1.0

Hold down Operation button SW key button Key, Gear Area Display S866 LCD Instruments V1.0 Vehicles travel at speeds not exceeding 6Km/h.release Key, function revocation.



Multifunctional Area Display

S866 LCD Instruments V1.0

Short press Power button Key, looping switch to view ODO-TRIPVOL- IME-ODO information.




3 Fault code display

Menu Item Settings

P01-P20 Menu Display Interface and Significance Explanation

S866 LCD Instruments V1.0

S866 LCD Instruments V1.0

P01: Backlight brightness: the darkest level 1, the brightest level 3
P02: mileage unit: 0: KM; 1: MILE
P03: Voltage level: 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V
P04: Dormancy time: 0, not dormancy; Other numbers are
dormancy times, range: 1-60; Unit minutes.
P05: PAS number selection: 0,3 file mode;1,5 gear mode:
P06: Wheel setting: unit, inch.
wheel diameter value: 5.0 ~ 50 Precision: 0.1 inch This parameter is related to the meter display speed and needs to be entered correctly;
P07: Speed gauge magnetic steel number: range: 1-100.
This parameter is related to the meter display speed and needs to be entered correctly. If it is an ordinary hub motor, the number of magnetic steel is input directly. If it is a high-speed motor, it is also necessary to calculate the deceleration ratio, and the input data = the number of magnetic steel × deceleration ratio. For example: number of motor magnets 20, deceleration ratio 4.3: input data is: 86 = 20 × 4.3
P08: Speed limit setting: Agreement No. 2 range 0-100km /H, 100 means no speed limit. The input data here represents the maximum operating speed of the vehicle: for example, input 25, indicating that the maximum operating speed of the vehicle will not exceed 25km/h.The drive speed is maintained at the set value, Error: ± 1km/h; (The speed limit for power and turning is equal).

Note: The value here is based on kilometers. When the unit setting is converted from kilometers to miles, the speed value of the display interface automatically converts to the correct mile value, but the speed limit value data set at this menu under the mile interface is not converted. Is inconsistent with the actual speed limit of the mile speed.
P09: zero start, non-zero start setting: 0: zero start; 1: Non-zero start.
P10: The drive mode is setting: 0: Power Drive(how much power is output is determined by the power file bit, and the switch is invalid at this time).

  1. Electric drive(by turning the handle drive, the power file bit is invalid at this time).
  2. Power Driven and Electric Driven Coexistence

P11: Help sensitivity setting: range: 1-24
P12: Help start intensity setting: range: 1-5
P13: Power Magnetic Steel Disk Type Setting: 5, 8, 12

Magnetic Steel Types
P14: Controller limit value setting range: 1-20A
P15: Controller undervoltage
P16: ODO zero setting: length press key 5 seconds ODO zero
P17 :Automatic cruise optional: 0: No enabling cruising, 1: enabling cruising; (valid for protocol 2 only)
P18: Display speed ratio adjustment: range: 50 % ~ 150%,
P19:Zero PAS selection: 0: 0 file, 1: does not include 0 file
P20 :0:2 Protocol 1:5 S Protocol 2: Standby 3: Standby

Menu option parameter modification operation

After the instrument is turned on, press long at the same time Operation button UP key key+ Operation button SW key buttonKey into P01 menu interface, press short Power button Keys can be switched to the next menu; in the current menu, ClickOperation button UP key  Key sum Operation button SW key button Keys can modify the current menu parameters; after modification, press short Power button Keys can be switched to the next menu.After menu parameters have been modified, press again at the same time Operation button UP key key+ Operation button SW key button Key, Exit menu interface, return to normal display interface. Among them, the P16 menu parameter value is the current cumulative total mileage, the value can not be modified, but can be cleared.Long press Operation button UP key Keyboard 5 seconds, total mileage cleared.

Instrument body shape size and wiring indication

S866 LCD Instruments V1.0

S866 LCD Instruments V1.0 Operating Manual – Download [optimized]
S866 LCD Instruments V1.0 Operating Manual – Download


Product Name

S866 LCD Instruments V1.0

Manual Version


Functions and Displays

Real-time riding speed (km/h and mph), brake sign, riding mileage (km), electricity indicator, troubleshooting (not used)

Functional Operations

Turn on and off, turn on headlights, help shift, promote functions, multifunctional area display

Menu Item Settings

Backlight brightness, mileage unit, voltage level, dormancy time, PAS number selection, wheel setting, speed gauge magnetic steel number, speed limit setting, zero start/non-zero start setting, drive mode setting, help sensitivity setting, help start intensity setting, power magnetic steel disk type setting, controller limit value setting, controller undervoltage, ODO zero setting, automatic cruise optional, display speed ratio adjustment, zero PAS selection, protocol setting


How to turn on/off the instrument, how to unlock the speed on an e-bike, do e-bikes have a speed limiter, how does a speed limiter work, how to program the S866, how to reset the S866, what is the controller on an e-bike, how to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter, how to disable the speed limiter, will a performance chip remove the speed limiter, how to make the electric scooter battery last longer


The instrument cannot be turned on.

Please check whether the instrument is in the boot state, and then turn off the power supply and try again.

How do you unlock the speed on a ebike?

Removing the Rear Wheel Magnet.
Using a Tuning Toolkit.
Getting a More Powerful Motor.
Changing the Tires.
Improving the Aerodynamics.
Adjusting the Settings.
Installing a More Powerful Battery.
Ride Like a Professional.

Do Ebikes have a speed limiter?

According to federal regulation and electric bike must: Have fully operational pedals. Be equipped with 750 watts or less. The maximum speed that can be attained, with assistance from the motor, is 20mph.

How does a speed limiter work?

A speed limiter is a safety device that’s fitted to a car, to prevent the vehicle from exceeding certain pre-set speed limits. Although it sounds like cruise control, speed limiters allow you to accelerate and decelerate as normal, but act as a speed warning system when you drive above the limit that has been set.

How do I program my S866?

i’m going to enter the menu by pressing the two buttons plus and minus. And i get to p 0 1 which is the first parameter. This is the backlight level for the display.

How do you unlock speed?

At 25 kilometers per hour and to remove the limit you have to go into the settings by pressing plus and minus both for about two three seconds then i’m going to go to p 0 8 setting.

How do I reset my S866?

By pressing both plus and minus. And then you are going to go to p09. And put this setting on zero by pressing minus or plus. This will reset.

What is the controller on an ebike?

An E-bike controller is a component that connects all electrical parts on the bike together. It connects the things like the battery, motor, throttle, display, pedal-assist, and various sensors. It is a small computer that acts as the heart of the e-bike. It can manage the overall functioning of the bike.

How do you remove the speed limiter on a electric scooter?

Remove all of them gently, by pressing the plug pins. Unscrew the speed limiter and remove the metal that connects the wires to the scooter. If you can’t get this out, add a tape so that the cables can’t restrict speed any further.

How do I disable the speed limiter?

Select on that and then. When you press cancel it means you’re done and the tune will start to upload you’ll hear the fan kick on and then when you’re all done it’ll say the press select to enter.

How do I enter the menu to modify parameters?

A: After the instrument is turned on, press long at the same time key+key into the P01 menu interface. Press short keys to switch to the next menu. In the current menu, click key + keys can modify the current menu parameters.

How do I help shift?

Short press the UP or SW key to switch between 1-5 gears.

How do I turn on the headlights?

Long press the keyboard to turn on the backlights and car lights. Press again to turn off the backlights and car lights.

How do I turn on the S866 LCD instrument?

Long press the keyboard to turn on the instrument. Long press the key to shut down.

Will a performance chip remove the speed limiter?

Chip Performance can disable the speed limiter of your company car. For example, vehicles for which we regularly perform this are Volkswagen Crafters and Mercedes Sprinters. These are set at 90 km/h. Chip Performance can increase or remove the limiter.

How can I make my electric scooter battery last longer?

Know your electric scooter’s battery capacity and true range. …
Don’t drain your battery. …
Charge your electric scooter regularly. …
Avoid overcharging your electric scooter battery. …
Keep the battery charged even when not in use. …
Use the correct charger for your battery.

S866 LCD Manual_ V1.0 Operating Guide & Troubleshooting.pptx


S866 LCD Instruments V1.0


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  1. Ghislain Dupre says:

    Hello I have an electric bike called smlro s11 48v 800w 26 inch s866 and I can not adjust it properly because there is a little clever who has touched my programs and now I can no longer I n can’t put them back in place

    Bonjour j’ai un vélo électrique qui s’appelle smlro s11 48v 800w 26 pouce s866 et j’arrive pas à le régler comme il faut car il y a un petit malin qui a touché à mes programmes et maintenant je ne peux plus je n’arrive pas à les remettre en place

  2. Steve says:

    My s866 console is showing E30 which i presume is error 30 any body know what that is and how to clear it,dash board will not work when this is on.

  3. Domenico says:

    Hi I would like to know why my display does not show me the speed?

    Salve vorrei sapere perché il mio display non mi indica la velocità ?

  4. Domenico says:

    Excuse me but the display in addition to the large plug also has one with two rows what does this do? And where does it connect?

    Scusatemi ma il display oltre allo spinotto grande ha anche uno con due file questo cosa fa ? E dove si collega?

    1. jan says:

      The small plug supplies full battery voltage when the light is turned on.
      Mała wtyczka podaje pełne napięcie baterii, po włączeniu oświetlenia.

  5. Marco Cavalli says:

    I have an S866 display on a self-built electric bike but from one moment to the next it started asking me for a password to access. Can I delete it and turn it on simply with the on-off button? in addition I also have an error E07 that I do not know how to remove the bike does not work. Is there no way to do a total reset to return the display and its operation to the factory settings, without errors or password? Can you help me?

    ho un display S866 su una bici elettrica auto costruita ma da un momento all’altro mi ha iniziato a chiedere una password per accedere , posso eliminarla e accendere semplicemente con il tasto on-off ? in più ho anche un errore E07 che non so come togliere infatti la bici non funzione .Non c è modo di fare un reset totale per riportare il display e relativo azionamento alle impostazioni di fabbrica , senza errori ne password ? Riuscite ad aiutarmi ?

  6. Fabio says:

    I have an Ado A20, in the display the battery indicator is always full even when the battery is low. Do you have to replace the display or is there a way to solve? Thanks in advance to those who help me!

    Ho una Ado A20, nel display l’indicatore della batteria rimane sempre pieno anche quando la batteria è scarica. Bisogna per forza sostituire il display o c’è un modo per risolvere? Grazie in anticipo a chi mi aiuta!

    1. Lagunarajan Thangarajah says:

      Make sure the battery voltage is set correctly
      P03 – battery voltage setting

  7. Krzysztof kowalski says:

    I have the s866 display shows error e 10 and the icon no communication, I heard that when you buy the display unit separately and the driver separately, you need to pair them because they do not see each other
    Mam wyświetlacz s866 pokazuje błąd e 10 i ikonka brak komunikacji słyszałem że jak jak sie kupuje wyświrtlacz osobno i sterownik osobno to trzeba ich sparować bo sie niewidzą

  8. kowalski krzysztof says:

    I have a dyspley bought separately and a controller from another seller and it displays the E10 error and the dyspley displays the no communication icon is it true that the dyspley needs to be paired with the controller, therefore there is no communication.
    mam dyspley kupiony osobno i kontroler od innego sprzedawcy i wyświetla błąd E10 i na dyspley wyświetla ikona brak komunikacji czy to prawda że dyspley trzeba sparowac z kontrolerem dlatego niema komunikacji.

  9. Antonio says:

    Or an electric bike with displei s866 asks me for the passkey to enter the menu you might know what the passwords can be to enter the menu thanks
    O una bici elettrica con displei s866 mi chiede la passapere per entrare nel menu si potrebbe sapere quale possono essere le password per entrare nel menu grazie

  10. Nico says:

    I have an electric bike E-Bike with s866 display, but it does not show me the secret menu (theoretically it should show it to me after pressing + and -), instead it shows me the blank screen but with the possibility to modify a parameter (4 values ​​from 0 to 9 ) but it is not specified. I would like to understand what I have to do
    Ho una bici elettrica E-Bike con display s866, ma non mi mostra il menù segreto (teoricamente dovrebbe mostrarmelo dopo aver premuto + e -), invece mi mostra lo schermo vuoto ma con possibilità di modificare un parametro (4 valori da 0 a 9) ma non è specificato. Vorrei capire cosa devo fare

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