2 in 1 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds & Bluetooth



  • FEATURES: 2 in 1 Bluetooth speaker headset
  • COLOR: Black
  • SIZE: 3.6 x 2.28 x 3.6 inches
  • BT VERSION: 5.1


It is 2 in 1 Bluetooth Speakers and Wireless Earbuds the Mini Bluetooth speakers effectively conceal a set of Bluetooth true wireless headphones. It’s a Bluetooth stereo speaker that also doubles as a charging case for wireless Bluetooth earphones. They use different Bluetooth modules that don’t interfere with each other when they’re in use! Hands-free calls with Bluetooth speaker with built-in microphone. Bluetooth 5.1 is used in the portable Bluetooth speaker and genuine tws wireless earphones, which is the most modern, stable, and precise transmission technology available. Speakers and earbuds with 5.1 Bluetooth can achieve the best noise reduction quality. It can connect any Bluetooth-enabled device to Bluetooth speakers or earphones with ease. They can both be used at the same time.

Stereo Surround Sound & Touch Control With a tiny design, the Bluetooth speakers offer the best bass and stereo effects. The Speaker appeals to all senses because to its dramatic design and high-quality dual-bass stereo surround sound that doesn’t fade at high levels. The Bluetooth wireless earbuds use a touch control system with a Master-Slave Switch and a single key to provide Multi-function, Simple Operation, and Convenience. It has Wireless Bluetooth Speakers and Earbuds that are Portable. The outdoor Bluetooth speakers are small and light enough to be held in one hand. The Bluetooth speaker’s lanyard can be easily attached to a bag or bicycle handle. for use at home, in the office, when camping, hiking, and cycling


Remove both headphones from the charging case, and they will automatically turn on and connect within 60 seconds. If you hear “Connected, Paring” in English from the left headphones, it’s a success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the best way to tell if your wireless earphones are charged?
    When your earbuds are plugged in and charging, the charging case will blink red. The LED will stop flashing and become solid red once fully charged.
  • How do you make both wireless earbuds function simultaneously?
     You must pair both Bluetooth headsets simultaneously; otherwise, only one will pair. 1- push both buttons until a blue flashing light appears (don’t stop pressing when alternating blue/red lights appear). 2. Open Bluetooth on your phone and search for tws-k2, then select one of them to pair.
  • Is it possible to use the earbuds separately or do they have to be used together?
    You can use them separately; the casing is the key. When you remove them from the case, they both turn on and connect to each other before searching for a device. If you merely remove one earphone from the case, it checks for the other one before looking for a device.
  • When not in use, can I store wireless earbuds in a charging case?
    The battery will gradually decline over time, which is OK; however, charging it every time it drops below 20% charge will greatly extend the battery life of your wireless earbuds.
  • Can I charge my earbuds while the case is charging?
    Yes, you can charge both your earbuds and your case simultaneously. Simply put your earbuds inside the case and connect your charging wire to the case.
  • Why are my Bluetooth earbuds only working on one side?
    Depending on your audio settings, headphones may only play in one ear. Check your audio properties to make sure the mono option is disabled. Also, make sure that the voice levels on both earphones are equal.
  • Why aren’t my wireless earbuds working together?
    To manually sync the left and right earbuds, double-press both of them at the same time. NOTE: Try it again if it doesn’t work the first time. The left earbud’s LED will blink Red/Blue when the earphones are synced, indicating that it is in pairing mode. In the charging case, replace the earbuds.
  • Why aren’t my earbuds working?
    It’s unlikely that your Bluetooth headphones are defective. It only needs to be reset. In fact, a quick factory reset can cure a variety of problems with a Bluetooth headset, including: If your Bluetooth headset won’t connect to your smartphone or laptop.
  • Why won’t my Bluetooth connect?
    If your Android Bluetooth isn’t working, you might just need to restart it; especially if it’s been on for a long time. As a result, all you have to do is turn off and on the Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth symbol will appear; tap it to turn it off. To turn it on, tap it once more.
  • With only one earpiece, how do you listen to music?
    For Android users, click to Settings, Accessibility, and then scroll down to Hearing and Mono Audio. Mono Audio can also be made into a widget for Android users to make it easy to turn on and off.

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