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KINGMAX X1 SecSycript Card Hardware Wallet - figure 1

  1. Multiple Smart Button (Power on/off, function switch, and confirmed)
  2. Charge pins
  3. 1.43” 30K pixel ePaper
  4. LED light
    R: Charging
    G: External power
    B: Card power on


  1. Turn on
    Long press “Multiple Smart Button” (power on / off) till the blue light turns on.
  2. Auto-off
    The card will automatically power off within one minute of standby.
  3. Turn off
    Long press “Multiple Smart Button” for three seconds till the blue light turns off.


  1. Security feature
    Embedded CC EAL 6+ certified security element
  2. Bluetooth version
    Compatible with BLE 5.0 and encrypted communication, the transmission distance is set to one meter
  3. Cryptocurrency
    • Support BTC, ETH, BNB, OMNI USDT, XRP, DOGE, LTC, and ERC20 tokens (more cryptocurrencies are increasing)
    • Support other Ethereum ERC tokens and Binance Smart Chain tokens in the builtin app browser
  4. Improvement Proposals
    Support BIP32, BIP39, and BIP44 (Hierarchical Deterministic wallet)
  5. Account
    Support up to 20 accounts per currency (The total number of accounts is limited to 100)
  6. Display
    1.43″ 30K pixel ePaper
  7. Battery
    Capacity 30mAh
    [Remind] Charge once every two weeks to keep better battery performance.
  8. Dedicated mobile app
    Please download and install the SecSycript Card app on mobile phones or devices before using the card.
  9. Charger case
    USB Type A connector, DC: 5V+/-0.25V *(This case is only for power charging.)
  10. Working temperature

KINGMAX X1 SecSycript Card Hardware Wallet - qr


  1. Charge the card before using it. Fully charged lasts for 2-3 weeks.
  2. Connect the USB connector of the charger to a device that supports USB Type A, DC: 5V +/-0.25V.
  3. With the charging pin of the card facing up and inserting it into the position ① of the charger case.
  4. The charging LED light (red) turns off when the card is fully charged.
    KINGMAX X1 SecSycript Card Hardware Wallet - figure 2

Bluetooth pairing and bundling

  • Power on your card while pairing it with a mobile phone(or mobile device) for the first time. And make sure the “ SecSycript Card app ” has been installed on mobile devices.
  • If there are more than two cards, you may distinguish the cards according to the MAC address displayed on the card.KINGMAX X1 SecSycript Card Hardware Wallet - figure 3
  • When the card has connected to the app, input the one-time pairing code that is displayed on the card, then pairing and bundling have been completed.
    All data transfer between the app and your card is encrypted.
  • Due to the security consideration, the Bluetooth pairing code will be stored in the card and only the bonded app can get it. If want to add a second or more additional devices: ①Turn on the power of the hardware wallet and turn on the location service of the mobile phone ②follow the “ Bluetooth pairing and bundling ” step. ③After  pairing is completed, turn off the mobile location service. [Remind] Please write down the one-time BLE pairing code (6 digits) on the mnemonic card for Bluetooth pairing.  The pairing code will be the unique one and no longer be displayed even pairing the card to the second device.

Create hardware wallet

Create a new account and mnemonic words

  1. When creating a new wallet for the first time, the card will generate 12 mnemonic words randomly and automatically. Press the “ Multiple Smart buttons” to produce and show the next mnemonic word sequentially. [Remind] Please write down the 12 mnemonic words on the attached mnemonic card one by one. If the SecSycript card lost can’t find,  the 12 mnemonic words are the only way to get back the private key and assets. It is very important to write down 12 mnemonic words correctly and keep them well.
  2. After the wallet is created, the next step is setting a security password. At that moment, the screen on the card will display numbers from “0 to 9” and each number corresponds with a specific shape. (1) Please choose and set 6 digits password (the password is better to remember easily for you). (2) Find the corresponding shape of the password from the card screen, then enter the corresponding shapes of these 6 digits one by one on the security password setting page.

KINGMAX X1 SecSycript Card Hardware Wallet - figure 4

[Example] If you want to set the 6 digits as is123456, please enter KINGMAX X1 SecSycript Card Hardware Wallet - icon 1(it means 123456) in sequence on the security password setting page.

[Remind] Please write down the 6-digit security password in sequence on the mnemonic card. Do not write down the correspondence shapes of the numbers, because those are randomly changed when each time set to prevent the password from being peeped and ensure security.

Recover hardware wallet

in case of card or mobile phone lost

  1. Before the hardware wallet recovering process, charge power and find out your own mnemonic card with first-time generating 12 mnemonic words.
  2. Follow the instructions of the mobile APP and input the 12 mnemonic words generated by the card in order. All the English letters and orders of mnemonic words must be completely correct to restore the wallet.
  3. After the wallet is restored, there will be a page for setting a security password. Please follow the setting steps for creating a new hardware wallet. After setting, the new hardware wallet will synchronize the assets of the account on the blockchain automatically.

Send cryptocurrency

  1. Select the currency and the account address which you want to send from the main screen, then press the send button.
  2. Fill in the receiving account address, amount, and process fee on the page.
    • Receiving account address: ① Fill in the receiving address manually. Or ②click to select an address from the address list, then the receiving address field will be automatically filled in. Or ③ click to open the camera to scan the QR code of others.
    • Amount: ①Fill in the amount manually. Or ②click the MAX text, it will automatically fill in the full amount of your account balance. (*No need to fill in the currency  unit.)
    • Processing fee: There are three options ” Saving, Normal, and Priority”.
    The saving is the lowest fee and the waiting time may be long ger; the priority is the highest fee and the waiting time may be short-term. (*For ETH currency, after pressing the  send button, the appropriate fee will be automatically calculated, or you can modify and fill in the fee by yourself.)
  3. After inputting cryptocurrency sending information, press the send button. enter the security password. (*the corresponding shapes of 6 digits) for verifying.
  4. When the password is correct and acceptable, the “Transaction Hash” will appear on the screen of the Mobile APP. (Figure 1.) Meanwhile, the “four-code Transaction Hash with shape” will appear on the hardware wallet screen (Figure 2).
    KINGMAX X1 SecSycript Card Hardware Wallet - figure 5
  5. Check the corresponding shapeKINGMAX X1 SecSycript Card Hardware Wallet - icon 3 (it means E993)and
    input the corresponding shapes to the mobile app sequentially. Once those operations are correct, both the hardware wallet and app will show successful sending messages.
    • Please make sure hardware wallet power is on and the mobile phone or device is connecting to the internet.
    • The processing fee will be paid to the blockchain miners. KINGMAX will not charge any additional fees.

Receive cryptocurrency

  1. Select receiving currency and account address from the main screen and click the “Receive” button.
  2. Receive cryptocurrency through the content displayed on your mobile phone: ①Click on the copy address icon next to the address string and send it through email or social media. ②Show the QR  code of your account address on your mobile phone (or device) for scanning.
  3. You can also receive cryptocurrency by showing the QR code on the cart screen. The following steps: (1) Turn on the hardware wallet power and the blue light is on. (2)  Press the Multiple Smart buttons to select the currency. (3) Confirm that the currency is correct, and the QR code of the account address will be displayed automatically on the screen for the sender to scan. (*The QR code is the first one of the accounts’ addresses by default and it can also be set and changed from the mobile phone.)

Steps of changing default account address :

  1. Turn on the power of the card and the main screen of the mobile phone
  2. Select currency and account to be set from the main screen
  3. Press the “ Receive ” button
  4. Click the card logo to complete the change QR code of the ACCount address on the card.

Transaction list

Once the transaction is broadcast and confirmed by the blockchain nodes, it will be listed in the transaction list. Please select a currency from the main screen, and then select the account you want to review, you can see the transaction list of this account. If there is no transaction, it will be empty.

  • Click each transaction to expand the transaction details, including transaction ID, amount, fee, number of confirmations, copy address and add an address, etc.
  • Click on the transaction ID to open the browser and connect to the transaction content page for more information.

Dapp browser

Select the ETH/BNB currency from the main screen, then select the account you want to use, and press the ” Browser ” button to open the ” Dapp browser ” page. With this fully functional Web3 browser, you can enter any Dapp website you want to use in the URL input field. On each website, you can select the “connect wallet” function, and select the MetaMask wallet (the card is compatible with the MetaMask connection interface), you can sign anything by the card. Any function (authorization, sending, confirmation,  etc) in the Dapp can be sent to the blockchain after the card is signed so that the card and the Dapp can be seamlessly integrated.


  1. Query pairing code :
    Click the “Show BLE Pairing Code” button to view it, when paring the hardware wallet to more other devices. (*Up to seven devices can e paired.)
  2. Set a security password :
    When creating or recovering a hardware wallet, Setup a security password (6-digit number) and writing it down is the “ must do ” steps. The security password will be asked to  input when sending out cryptocurrency.
  3. Change security password:
    The security password can be changed by clicking the “Setup Security  Code” button. Please write down the new-changing security password on the mnemonic card.
  4. Maintain address list:
    Click on the “Edit Address List” button to show the addresses in the list that are added from the transaction details. ClickKINGMAX X1 SecSycript Card Hardware Wallet - icon 5 the pencil icon to edit the name or the address. ClickKINGMAX X1 SecSycript Card Hardware Wallet - icon 6 the trashcan icon to erase the add ress. Click the copy icon to copy the address into the clipboard. ClickKINGMAX X1 SecSycript Card Hardware Wallet - icon 8 send icon to offer a sending action to the address.
  5. Personalized hardware wallet :
    ˙Named the card – Click on the “Named your card” button to customize the card title and name your own card. ˙Personalized shutdown screen – Click on “Setting Custom  Image” and select the pictures from a mobile phone. Press the OK button then the picture will be sent to the card as the shutdown picture on the card.
  6. Backup to the new card :
    Click on the “Setting Backup Card” button, you will be asked to enter the security password of the old card. After the security password is verified, please follow the instructions on the page to ①turn on the power of the new card, ②press search on the page, ③select the new card,  and ④pairing and bonded with the new card by following instruction IV to complete the operation. After pairing, the wallet account in the old card will be automatically backed up to the new card.
  7. Reset  wallet: Click on “Reset
    Wallet” button and a warning message will pop up to ask you to confirm resetting your wallet. Press the “ OK ” button to reset your wallet. [Remind] All the currency, account,  BLE pairing code, security password and all settings in the card will disappear.
    After the wallet is reset, the assets in the original wallet will be cleared, and the wallet needs to be restored through the mnemonic words. Please operate it properly.


12 months from the date of purchase. (Please keep the purchase invoice)

KINGMAX Semiconductor Inc. KINGMAX X1 SecSycript Card Hardware Wallet - icon 96004-00000550

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KINGMAX X1 SecSycript Card Hardware Wallet [pdf] User Manual
X1 SecSycript Card Hardware Wallet, X1, SecSycript Card Hardware Wallet


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