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As campus networks modernize, propriety technologies and complicated L2/L3 architectures start to show their age. Maintaining an agile environment with IoT devices and mobile users are made even more difficult by the lack of scale and mismanagement of configurations. To address these challenges, organizations have adopted EVPN-VXLAN—a common and open standard—but often find its added operational complexity to be a burden on IT teams to maintain configuration consistency across deployments. With the introduction of AI-driven Campus Fabric Management via the Juniper Mist cloud, Juniper has solved the operation burden by enabling EVPN-VXLAN campus fabrics to be easily managed and deployed. Now, administrators can choose a topology and sit back while the software does the rest.


Simplified ZTP onboarding via the Mist Cloud saves hours of configuration time in both greenfield and brownfield deployment, giving you the time & ability to architect your perfect EVPN-VXLAN fabric.

With AI-Driven Campus Fabric, deployment is planned & executed via the Juniper Mist cloud—giving you the added advantage of configuration consistency. Gone are the days of manually deploying your fabric via CLI.

Once you have deployed your desired campus fabric architecture, Marvis & Mist AI help to monitor, manage, and remediate any issues that may arise. Wired Assurance gives you invaluable insights into your LAN to help you assure an epic user experience.

AI-driven Campus Fabric Components


  • Cloud ZTP
    When unboxing your cloud-enabled switch, onboarding it to the Mist cloud is as easy as scanning a QR code & claiming it.
  • Marvis Conversational Assistant
    Marvis is your AI-driven problem solver and improves your mean time to resolution with expanded knowledge graphs. Marvis Conversational Assistant simplifies AIOps & takes Mist AI to the next level.
  • Mist AI
    Mist AI is the AI engine born and built in the Juniper Mist cloud. Mist AI gets better with time and helps to assure epic experiences for your users.
  • Juniper Mist Cloud
    Built with a microservices-based architecture, the Juniper Mist cloud now gives administrators the ability to configure their campus fabrics based on 3 architectures (EVPN multihoming, core-distribution campus fabric, campus fabric IP Clos)
  • Marvis Actions
    Marvis Actions provide you with a ‘morning cup of coffee view containing status updates and problem resolutions in regard to your network. Marvis Actions adds an extra layer of coverage to help your network stay up while keeping your trouble tickets down.
  • Wired Assurance
    Wired Assurance simplifies the deployment and management of campus fabrics while also providing valuable insights and SLEs about your wired network.

AI-driven Campus Fabric Architecture

Bringing simplicity and automation to campus deployments


  1. Choose the topology and determine device roles
  2. Define physical connections
  3. Define networks of interest
  4. Apply the intent


  • Initial support of EVPN multihoming in Juniper Mist Cloud, additional architectures will be supported in the future.
  • Not initially supported by Juniper Mist Cloud Fabric Management.

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