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IoBroker AM15 Built-in Battery MotorIoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor pro

ParametersIoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 16

ApplicationsIoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 1


Power ON/OFF functionIoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 2
IoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 3

ProgrammingIoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 4

Change directionIoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 5

Limit position settingIoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 6

First limit position settingIoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 7

Other limit position settingIoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 8

Limit position fine-tuningIoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 10

Delete the limit positionIoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 11

Dot move and continuous move conversionIoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 12

Add the new transmitterIoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 13

Delete single-channel memoryIoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 13

Delete all the memoriesIoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 14
IoBroker-AM15-Built-in-Battery-Motor 15

Trouble Shooting

I items                      Problem Matter                                                        Shooting




Moto r d0H no t run , or run slowl y


a O v er l oad pro 1ec 11on

b.Non-proper ,nslallalion

a E•change with proper motor

b Check;1f proper installed


M ot o r doesnot run or run 1lowty

a Motor reaches Iha I mil b Ou t o f ba ll ery a Normal 111uatt0n b.Rech arg • the b ane,y

Documents / Resources

IoBroker AM15 Built-in Battery Motor [pdf] User Manual
AM15, Built-in Battery Motor, AM15 Built-in Battery Motor

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