INALTO IOSO605T-R 60cm 5 Function Oven

INALTO-IOSO605T-R 60cm-5-Function-Oven-product


  1. Mode Selector: Use this knob control to select the type of mode.
  2. Programmable Timer:
    Use these controls to set a timer, cook time, end time and adjust the clock. Please see pages 14–15 in the manual for more details on these.
  3. Temperature: Use this control to select a temperature (in Celsius).


  • Light: This turns on the oven lamp.
  • Grill: This activates the top grill element. Great for grilling cheese. Fan Grill: This uses the fan and the grill element at the same time.  It is ideal for getting some surface colour while roasting.
  • Fan Bake: This uses the top and bottom elements with the fan. The fan distributes heat evenly around making it suitable for roasts and cakes.
  • Defrost: Use this to defrost, perfect for frozen meals.


The following table is a quick guide to cooking some common types of food. All times specified are for the cooking time, so please pre-heat the oven beforehand (5 minutes for Grill, 15 minutes for all other functions). Please note, that cooking times are approximate and may vary according to personal taste and different recipes.

Vegetables 30–45 minutes in an oven pre-heated to 220°C is best for veggies such as carrots, onions, potatoes, pumpkin
Chicken & Turkey This will depend on how big your bird is, but 180°C will ensure that the meat is cooked without drying out the skin. As a rule, allow 45 minutes per kg, plus an additional 20 minutes.
Pork, Beef & Lamb Higher temperatures are better for red meat, although be sure to check on how your guests like their beef done!
Fish Fish fillets can generally be cooked for 10–15 minutes at 200°C, but be sure you check it’s done before you plate it up.

If cooking or defrosting frozen food, please always follow the instructions on the packet.

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INALTO IOSO605T-R 60cm 5 Function Oven [pdf] User Guide
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