IMOU IPC-F22A Bullet Network Camera

IMOU IPC-F22A Bullet Network Camera Product

Packing List

IMOU IPC-F22A Bullet Network Camera fig3

  • Camera x1
  • Positioning Map x 1
  • Waterproof Connector x 1IMOU IPC-F22A Bullet Network Camera fig4
  • Screw Package x 1
  • QSG x1

Camera Introduction

IMOU IPC-F22A Bullet Network Camera fig5

The pattern of the LED indicator is included in the following table.

LED Indicator Status / Device Status

  • Off Powered off/LED turned off
  • The red light on Booting
    • Device malfunction
  • Greenlight on  Operating properly
  • Red light flashing Network connection failed
  • Green and red lights flashing alternately Firmware updating


Scene 1

IMOU IPC-F22A Bullet Network Camera fig6

Scene 2

IMOU IPC-F22A Bullet Network Camera fig7

About the Guide

  • This quick start guide is for reference only. Minor differences might be found in the user interface.
  • All the design and software here are subject to change without prior written notice.
  • All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned are the properties of their respective owners.
  • Please visit our website or contact your local service engineer for more information.
  • If there is any uncertainty or controversy, please refer to our final explanation.

Operating with I mou Life App

  • Step 1 Scan the following QR code or search “you Life” in Google Play or App Store to download and install the app.
    Note: If you have installed the app, update ii to the latest version.IMOU IPC-F22A Bullet Network Camera fig1
  • Step2 Run more Life App and then register an account for the first use.
  • Step 3 Power up the camera, and when the booting is finished, the green light is on.
  • Step4 Add a camera to you Life App On the Device interface, tap + on the upper-right corner, scan the QR code on the bottom of the camera or enter the serial number, and do the operations as the screen instruction.
    Note: If you have more than one camera, do step 4 to add them one by one.

Installing Camera

Note: Make sure that the mounting surface is strong enough to hold at least three times of the device weight. IMOU IPC-F22A Bullet Network Camera fig5

  • Step1 Drill screw holes on the mounting surface as the positioning map shows, and then put in the expansion bolts.
  • Step2 Attach the pedestal to the mounting surface with the self-tapping screws.
  • Step3 Power up the camera, and then adjust the lens to the ideal angle.


  • Q: The camera cannot work normally or start? Make sure that the network cable is connected well, and the NVR or switch supports the PoE power supply.
  • Q: Where are the recorded videos saved?
    • Scene 1 Recorded videos are saved in NVR.
    • Scene 2 When the low cloud is enabled, recorded videos are saved in the low cloud.
  • Q: The IR effect is not good? The infrared light is reflected the lens, so the effect is not good. Adjust the lens angle to avoid occlusions around the lens.

Documents / Resources

IMOU IPC-F22A Bullet Network Camera [pdf] User Guide
IPC-F22A Bullet Network Camera, IPC-F22A, Bullet Network Camera

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