Security settings – Huawei Mate 10

Security settings

Setting your SIM card PIN
Enable the SIM lock to prevent others from using your SIM card. You will need to enter your SIM card
PIN each time you turn on your device or insert your SIM card into another device.

If StatementMake sure you have received a SIM card PIN from your carrier before enabling the SIM lock.

1. Open Setting option Settings.
2. Touch Security & privacy > Additional settings and select card lock to access the SIM lock settings.
3. Switch on Lock SIM card. Enter your SIM card PIN and touch OK.

If StatementTo change your SIM card PIN, touch Change SIM PIN and follow onscreen instructions.

  РYou will need to enter the PUK code if you exceed the maximum number of incorrect PIN attempts. The SIM card will be permanently locked if you enter the PUK code incorrectly too many times.
– For details about these limits, contact your carrier.

Encrypting files stored on the microSD card
Encrypt files on your microSD card to make them inaccessible on other devices.

– While encrypting or decrypting files, do not remove the microSD card as this could prevent the operation from completing or cause data loss.
– Ensure that you decrypt your microSD card before restoring your device to factory settings.
– Not all devices support microSD cards.
1. Open Setting optionSettings.
2. Touch Security & privacy > Additional settings. Select Encrypt SD card and follow the onscreen instructions to set a password. To decrypt your microSD card, touch Decrypt SD card and follow the onscreen instructions.

Setting microSD card password
Encrypt your microSD card to prevent unauthorized access to your data. You will be prompted to
enter a password when the microSD card is inserted into another device.

Not all microSD cards can be encrypted. An error message may be displayed when you attempt to encrypt or unlock unsupported cards. Remember to back up important data before encrypting your microSD card.
– Encrypted microSD cards will not be recognized by devices that do not support microSD card encryption.
– If you forget the microSD card password, you will have to clear all the data on the card.
– Not all devices support microSD cards.

1. Open Setting option Settings.
2. Touch Security & privacy > Additional settings > Set SD card password and follow onscreen instructions to set a password.

Once you have set your password, you can change or remove the password:
– Touch Change SD card password to change the password.
– Touch Clear SD card password to remove the microSD card password and disable encryption.

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Huawei Mate 10 Manual [PDF]

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