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Koninklijke Philips N.V. girma Philips, manufar mu ita ce inganta lafiyar mutane da jin daɗin rayuwa ta hanyar kirkire-kirkire mai ma'ana. Jami'insu webshafin shine

Za'a iya samun jagorar littattafan mai amfani da umarnin samfuran Philips a ƙasa. Samfuran Philips suna da haƙƙin mallaka da alamar kasuwanci a ƙarƙashin alamar. KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS N.V

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adireshin: Philips North America Corporation 222 Jacobs Street
Cambridge MA, 02141 Amurka


PHILIPS HX3921-40 Sonicare Power Flosser 7000 System Oral Irrigator System User Manual

Learn how to use the HX3921-40 Sonicare Power Flosser 7000 System Oral Irrigator System with Quad Stream technology for efficient, thorough cleaning between your teeth. Discover the ExpertClean 7300 nozzle and the Whisper Quiet Design for a discreet cleaning experience. Adjust the cleaning modes using the LED light display for a personalized clean.

PHILIPS RI7461 Electric Coffee Maker Drip Daily User Manual

Discover the RI7461 Electric Coffee Maker Drip Daily by Philips. This user manual provides product information, features, and usage instructions. Keep the jar on the heating plate for optimal preparation. Connect the appliance to a grounded wall socket. Ensure the safety of children. Remove impurities before use. Find recycling information on the manufacturer's website. Register your product at for support. Enjoy the benefits of this eco-friendly coffee maker.

RI3103-76 Electric Pressure Cooker Daily Philips Walita User Manual

Discover the efficient and convenient RI3103-76 Electric Pressure Cooker by Philips Walita. Cook food quickly with various accessories and easy-to-use features. Follow the user manual for cleaning, preparation, and cooking instructions. Simplify meal preparation with this reliable kitchen appliance.