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Thanks for choosing the Gyroor warrior G2! 

Thanks for choosing the Gyroor warrior G2,  to enjoy many features of your Gyroor warrior G2, you must read and follow these instructions. Enjoy your ride!

Riding Safety

  1. The G2 is a recreational product. Before mastering riding skills, you need to practice. Neither GyroorTechnology (CHINA) Co., Ltd nor Shenzhen Chitado Technology Co. , Ltd is responsible for any injuries or damage caused by a rider’s inexperience or failure to follow the instructions in this document.
  2.  Please understand that you can reduce the risk by following all the instructions and warnings in this manual, but you cannot eliminate all the risks. Remember that whenever you ride the G2 you risk injury or death from loss of control, collisions, and falls. When entering into public spaces always comply with the local laws and regulations. As with other vehides, faster speeds require longer braking distance. Sudden braking on smooth surfaces could lead to wheel slip, loss of balance, or falls. Be cautious and always keep a safe distance between you and other people or vehicles when riding. Be alert and slow down when entering unfamiliar areas.
  3.  Always wear a helmet when riding. Use an approved bicycle or skateboard helmet that fits properly with the chin strap in place, and provides protection for the back of your head.
  4.  Do not attempt your first ride in any area where you might encounter children, pedestrians, pets, vehicles, bl cycles, or other obstacles and potential hazards.
  5.  Respect pedestrians by always yielding the right of way. Pass on the left whenever possible. When approaching a pedestrian from the front, stay to the right and slow down. Avoid startling pedestrians. When approaching from behind, announce yourself and slow down to walking speed when passing. Please obey local traffic laws and regulations if situation is different.
  6.  In places without laws and regulations governing self-balancing electric vehicles, comply with the safety guidelines outlined in this manual. Neither GyroorTechnology (CHINA) Co., Ltd nor Shenzhen ChitadoTechnology Co. , Ltd is responsible for any property damage, personal injury/death, accidents, or legal disputes caused by violations of the safety instructions.
  7.  Do not allow anyone to ride your G2 on his/her own unless they have carefully read this manual, watched the safety video. The safety of new riders is your responsibility. Assist new riders until they are comfortable with the basic operation of the G2, make sure each new rider wears a helmet and other protective gear.
  8.  Before each ride check for loose fasteners, damaged components, and low tire pressure. If the G2 makes abnormal sounds or signals an alarm, immediately stop riding. Diagnose your G2 via the Gyroor scooter app and call your dealer/distributor for service.
  9.  Be alert! Scan both far ahead and in front of your G2 – your eyes are your best tool for safely avoiding obstacles and low traction surfaces (including, but not limited to, wet ground, loose sand, loose gravel, and ice).
  10.  To reduce risk of injury, you must read and follow all ·”CAUTION and warning notices In this document. Do not ride at an unsafe speed. Under no circumstance should you ride on roads with motor vehicles. The manufacturer recommends riders should be 6+ years old. Always follow these safety instructions:
    1.  People who should not ride the G2 include:
      1.  Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
      2.  Anyone who suffers from disease that puts them at risk if they engage in strenuous physical activity.
      3.  Anyone who has problems with balance or with motor skills that would interfere with their ability to maintain balance.
      4.  Anyone whose height or weight Is outside the stated limits (see Specifications).
      5.  Pregnant women.
    2.  Riders under the age of 16 years old should ride under adult supervision.
    3.  Comply with local laws and regulations when riding this product. Do not ride where prohibited by local laws.
    4. To ride safely, you must be able to dearly see what is in front of you and you must be clearly visible to others.
    5. Do not ride in the snow, in the rain, or on roads which are wet, muddy, icy, or that are slippery for any reason. Do not ride over obstacles (sand, loose gravel, or sticks). Doing so could result in a loss of balance or traction
    6. could cause a fall.
    7.  Do not accelerate or decelerate suddenly. Do not accelerate when the G2 tilts back or sounds an alarm. Do not attempt to override the speed limiter.
  11. Do not an empt to charge your G2 If the charger, or the power outlet Is wet.
  12. As with any electronic device, use a surge protector when charging to help protect your G2 from damage due to power surges and voltage spikes. Only use the Gyroor supplied charger. Do not use a charger from any other product.
  13.  Use only Gyroor approved parts and accessories. Do not modify your G2. Modifications to your G2 could interfere with the operation of the G2, could result in serious injury and/or damage, and could avoid the Limited Warranty.
  14.  Do not sit on the steering bar. Doing so could result in serious injury and/or damage to your G2.

Packing List

GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 2

When unpacking your G2, please verify that the above items are included in the package. If you are missing any components, please contact your dealer/distributor or nearest service center (see Contacts in the user manual). After verifying that all components are present and in good condition, you can assemble your new G2. Please retain the box and packaging materials in case you need to ship your G2 in the future. Always power off your G2 and unplug the charge cable before assembling, mounting


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Do not connect the charger if the charge port or charge cable is wet Your G2 is fully charged when the LED on the charger changes from red (charging) to green (trickle charge). Close the rubber cap when not charging

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First Ride

There are safety risks when learning to ride the G2. You must read the Safety Instructions before your first ride. For your safety, your G2 ls not activated at this time and will beep occasionally after Power ON. Please download the app on app store or google play by search gyroor scooter.

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Learning to Ride

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  1.  Go to a large open area and ask a friend to assist you on your first ride. WARNING: Always step off from the back of the G2. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 7
  2.  Lightly place one foot on the foot mat, while keeping your other foot on the ground holding your weight Do not press the steering bar with your leg. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 8
  3.  Slowly transfer your weight onto the G2 . The unit will beep, indicating it is now in Balance Mode. Slowly step on with your other foot. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 9
  4.  Stand with your weight evenly distributed on both feet and relax, looking straight ahead. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 10
  5.  Gently lean your body forward and backward to control your movement.  GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 11
  6. turn, gently lean left or right against the steering bar. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 12


You must read and understand the Warnings and Safe Riding instructions in this manual before attempting to ride the G2. Failure to follow these warnings could result in death or serious injury due to: loss of balance, traction, and/or control; collisions; and falls.

  •  Avoid contacting obstacles with the tire/wheel. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 13
  • When traversing small bumps or uneven terrain, maintain a moderate speed of 2-6 mph (3-10 km/h) and keep your knees bent. Do not go too slow or too fast; otherwise you may lose control and fall. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 14
  • Watch your head when passing through doorways. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 15
  • Avoid slopes steeper than 15°.Avoid slopes steeper than 10° when payload is greater than 176 lbs(BOkg). GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 16
  • Do not ride through puddles or other bodies of water. Do not get wet. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 17
  • Do not ride on public roads motor ways, highways, or streets. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 18
  • Do not accelerate when the G2 tilts back or sounds an alarm. Do not attempt to override the speed limiter. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 19
  • Do not accelerate or decelerate abruptly.Do not lean more than 5° or accelerate/decelerate faster than 2.5 mph/s {4 km/h/s). GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 20
  • The G2 is fOf one rider only. Do not ride double or carry any passengers. Do not carry a child. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 21
  • Lh Do not ride over holes, curbs, steps, or other obstacles. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 22
  • Do not rock back and forth or shift your weight abruptly. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 23
  • Do not attempt stunts of any kind. Always keep both feet on the foot mats. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 24
  • Maintain contact with the ground at all times. Do not jump or attempt stunts. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 25
  • Do not ride on low traction surfaces {including, but not limited to, wet ground, loose sand, loose gravel, and ice). GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 26
  •  your safety, do not lift the G2 by the fenders when the hover board turn on , you risk pinching or injuring your fingers/hands. GYROOR G2 Hoverboard 27


CLEANING and Storing Your G2
Use a soft, wet cloth to wipe the mainframe clean. Hard to remove dirt can be scrubbed with a toothbrush and toothpaste. then cleaned with a soft, wet cloth. Scratches on plastic parts can be polished with extra fine grit abrasive paper.
Do not wash your G2 with alcohol, gasoline, acetone, or other corrosive/volatile solvents. These substances may damage the appearance and internal structure of your G2. Do not wash your G2 with a power washer or high pressure hose.
Make sure the G2 is powered OFF, the charging cable is unplugged, and the rubber cap on the charge port is tightly sealed before cleaning; otherwise you may expose yoursetf to electric shock or damage the electronic components.
Store your G2 in a cool, dry place. Do not store it outd for extended periods of time. Exposure to sunlight and temperature extremes (both hot and cold) will accelerate the aging process of the plastic components and may reduce battery life.
Battery Pack Maintenance
Do not store or charge the battery at temperatures outside the stated limits (see Specifications). Do not discard or destroy the battery. For more battery information, refer to the sticker on the battery itself, located on the bottom of theG2. Refer to your local laws and regulations regarding battery recycling and/or disposal. v A well maintained battery can perform well even after many miles of riding. Charge the battery after each ride and avoid draining the battery completely. When used at room temperature (70″F (22″C]) the battery range and performance is at its best; whereas using it at temperatures below 32°F {0°C) can decrease range and performance. Typically, at -4°F {-20″() range can be half that of the same battery at 70°F {22°(). Battery range will recover when temperature rises. More details are available in the APP.

Typically, a fully charged battery should retain charge fOf 60-90 days in Standby Mode. Remember to charge the battery after each use. Completely draining the battery may cause permanent damage to the battery. Electronics inside the battery record the charge-discharge condition of the battery; damage caused by over-discharge or under-discharge will not be covered by the limited Warranty.
Do not attempt to disassemble the battery. Risk of fire. No user-serviceable parts.
Do not ride when the ambient temperature is outside the machine operation temperature{see Specifications) because low/high temperature will limit the maximum power/torque. Doing so could cause personal injury or property damage due to slips or falls.


  • Dimensions/Unit /27x12x10 in {690x250x280 mm)
  • Weight Payload Net 44-26S lbs (20-120 kg) Approx.301bs{13.Skg)
  • Rider/Recommended Age Required Height 6+yea,s old.See thewelght llmit Over4ft{121cm)ta11
  • Machine Parameters Typical Range TraversableTerraln Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Max.Storage Time IPRating Charge Time Approx. 10 mph (16km/h) Top speed varies to adapt di-erent riding manner and remai Top speed will reduce when remaining battery life drops. Approx.5.S-11 miles(8·16km) Pavement, packed din, slopes< 30″, obstacles< 0.4 in {1 cm),gaps < 1.2 in (3 cm) 14-104″F{·10-40″C) -4-122″F(-20- SO”C) Approx. 90 days(100%power) Approx. 30 days(30 %power) MalnframelP54 Approx.2hours
  • Battery Nominal Voltage Max. Charging Voltage Charging Temperature Nominal Capacity Battery Management System 36VDC 42 VDC 32-104″F {0-40″C) 144Wh Over-voltage, under-voltage, shon circuit, and over-heating protection. Auto-sleep and auto-wake
  • Motors Nominal Power Charging Temperature 350x2W 32-104″F {0-40″C)

Calibration and Alarms

  •  Calibration When in Balance Mode, if the G2 moves forward or backward on its own on flat ground, it needs to be calibrated if the problem persists, please contact after-sales service.
  •  To Calibrate the Warrior G2 Confirm that the hoverboard is in the off state and keep both side of the pedals parallel to the horizontal plane. Make sure the hoverboard is turned off, press and hold the power switch for S seconds and then release it. When you hear a sound, the system starts to calibrate; the red light (that is, the running indicator and the left turn indicator) flashes 3 times. Wait until the red light is on, the system calibration is complete, and you can cyde when you turn it off and on again.
  •  Self-balance App adjustment: conversion of self-balance and not self-balance on app. Manual adjustment: Place the car horizontally· make sure the G2 is turned on,press the power switch for about 6 seconds, until you hear the beep, then restart the hoverboard, the adjustment complete.
  •  Childmoda/Adultmode App adjustment: conversion of adult mode and child mode on app. Manual adjustment: Stand up the G2, press the power button to tum it on· release the button· then keep press. The button remains for about 6 seconds until the beep is heard and the balance hoverboard is restarted. Complete child mode switching
  •  Alarm
    •  Overheating Riding for an extended period of time could increase the internal temperature of your G2 in excess of 122°F(SOO CJ. If this happens, the glow lights will flash red, an alarm will sound and your G2 will not be able to charge. Simply step off the G2, power them off, and give them time to cool back down to a normal operating temperature
    •  Speeding riding will cause a lift alarm, please note the speed you set in the app.
    •  Other alarms

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