Google Home Mini Manual

H0A Media Streaming Device User Manual Google Inc

Quick Start Guide

Plug it in
Connect your power adapter to your Google Home Mini
Plug it in

Get the App
Download the Google Home from Google Play-store or the app Store.
Get the app

User Guide
If you have any question we are here 24/7.

For online help and support visit
To reach an expert, visit

Touch Control
Touch Control

Just Start with, “OK Google”
OK Google

Living Room
“Tell me about my day”
“Set a reminder to pay the bills at 6PM”
“Play hip hop on YouTube Music”
“ls it going to rain today?”
“How long will it take to get to work?”

“Give me a recipe for banana bread”
“How many sticks of butter in a cup?”
“Add flour to my shopping list”
“Set a banana bread timer for1 hour”
“How do you say “this tastes delicious’ in Korean?”

“Dim the lights”
“Set a bedtime alarm for 11PM”
“Play The Crown on Netflix'”
“Pause the TV”
“When was Winston Churchill born?”

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Google Home Mini Manual[PDF]

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    1. you need to use your smart phone and get the goolge home app to set-up your wifi on the device

  1. Have tried to connect my LG Smart TV to my Nest Mini.
    Tells me to do it on the app on my smart phone but it does not give any clue other than that.
    How, in detail, does one connect Nest Mini to the TV?

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