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GK01 is an all-in-one 360°Smart Following Shooting Gimbal ideal for vlog shooting ,selfie , video communication. Smart face tracking, facial recognition, real-time comparison and follow shot , show your own scene and never miss the moment in LIVE ‘ and life. Support All-platform , you can shine on every stage you like.


Face tracking & Intelligent shooting
Adopts auto facial tracking technology with face compare algorithm. 360° rotate around, and automatically recognize the person . Intelligent capture primary user face in multi object shooting and realize priority follow shot.

Facial recognition & Primary user mode
Support entry primary user face data, will priority auto follow shot the primary user, the phone will rotates to follow and keep the user centered in the frame when shooting video or taking pictures.

All-Platform support
No application limit, only need to keep ‘ 3D Live ’ in background running, then user can use any other camera app, Live app or video communication software freely.

Battery Powered & Dual USB slot
Built with 1 pcs rechargeable 18650 battery. Dual USB slot design makes the charging more convenient, one slot use on the Gimbal charging and another can use for the phone or LED fill light charging.

Portable & Easy set-up
Weight only 0.32kg, light and easy to take in. The bottom with a 1/4 ” general -purpose tripod interface, can be easily set on most camera stand.


Getting Start


The GK01 is equipped with a Mini USB charging port, which can be connected to the power adapter using the power cable included in the accessory. The gimbal with 2 USB slots, one for the mobile phone and the other can be used to charge the LED fil l light.
If the GK01 is powered on, the phone and the external LED fil l light will start charging.

Mounting and Balancing the Mobile Phone

Stretch both sides of the phone holder outward, place the phone in the center groove, and adjust the tightness of the frames until the phone is balanced when released.

Mounting and Balancing the Mobile Phone



Methods 1

Scan the QR code, download the app by following the phone prompt (If cannot user the phone to scan QR code please download the app in website: WWW.FINDCAMAPP.COM/ZPX

Methods 2

Android user please search ‘3D Live’ in application market then download.
IOS user please search ‘3D Live’ in App store to download.


Model GK01
Dimensions 165*120*83mm(L*WH)
Weight 320g
Compatible Phones
Maximum Load 200±60g
Thickness ≤9.5mm
Width 65-90mm
Type 18650 Li-ion
Capacity 1500mAh
Energy 5.55Wh
Voltage 3.7V
Consumption 0.01-1.5W
Mechanical Range Pan: 0°-355°
Max Control lable Speed Adjustable
APP 3D Live
System Support Android 5.0 and later on
IOS 12.0 and later on

Product and Package Size

Documents / Resources

global sources GK01 3D Live All-in-One 360° Smart Following Shooting Gimbal [pdf] User Guide
GK01, 3D Live, All-in-One 360 Smart Following Shooting Gimbal

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