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Fn key combinations

FN + U: Keyboard backlight brightness down
FN + 0:  INS
FN+X: E-mail
FN+TAB: Backlight mode switch
FN+ right Ctrl:  Monochromatic switch of backlight mode
FN+P:  Prtscr
 FN +[: Scroll Lock
FN+]: Pause Break
FN+; Home
 FN +I:  Keyboard backlight brightness up
FN + ‘ Page Up
FN+, Stop
FN +.  END
FN+/ Page Down
   FN + 1-0: Correspond to Fl-F 12
 FN   Del


FN+1: Backlight off
FN+Z: Custom lighting
FN + PN: Key customization
FN + Q:  Clear Macro function
FN + ESC:   Long press for 3s to restore factory settings
FN+ left shift: Bluetooth device I
FN+ left Ctrl: Bluetooth device 2
 FN+ left Alt:  Bluetooth device 3
FN+W: (Long press for 2s) Switch of W, A, S and D direction keys
FN+ right shift: Backlight speed up/down loop
FN+F:   Previous
FN + G: Play/pause
FN+H: Next
FN+J:  Volume down
FN+K: Mute
FN+L:  Volume up
FN +C: My computer
 FN + M: Multimedia on
FN+V: Browser
 FN+N:  Favorites
FN+B:  Calculator
FN+T: Multitask control window (available on Apple computers via USB)
FN+E:  Apple computer display brightness down (available on Apple computers via USB)
FN +R: Apple computer display brightness up (available on Apple computers via USB)
FN+Y:  List of apps (available on Apple computers via USB)

Custom lighting

  1. Press FN +Z for 3s to enter the recording mode, with all backlights off
  2. Customize the color according to the preference
  3. Press FN+Z to enter the recording mode and save

Record Macro

  1.  Press FN + PN to enter Macro recording mode
  2. Select the Key to be set to macro (such as pressing A as the first Key to set A as Macro Key)
  3. Record the data of Macro Key (such as pressing ZXC separately for the 2nd-4th keys) O Press FN+PN to enter the recording mode and save it (after pressing A key, send ZCX in numerical order)

Basic parameters

Product model: K1 (Al ) Light color: Full color RGB Interface mode: Bluetooth/ Service time: 10h straight USB dual mode Keyboard switch: Blue /red/ Product size: 29.1*10.1*3.9CM brown/black (optional) Number of keys: 61 Product weight: 470g Length of wire: 1.5m in total Package content: Keyboard/ USB cable/user guide
System compatibility: Windows/Mas/ 10S/Andriod


Ghost A1 Mechanical Keyboard - fig1

Steps for Bluetooth connection

  1. Turn on the bottom switch of the 0 keyboard (i.e. Bluetooth mode).
    Ghost A1 Mechanical Keyboard - fig2
  2. After the Bluetooth Mode is on, long press FN+ (any key combination of left shift/ left Ctrl/ left Alt) — for 5s, and CAPS and Win key lights flicker continuously, that is, the keyboard enters the state of code sending.
    Ghost A1 Mechanical Keyboard - fig3
  3. Turn on your Bluetooth device to search for GHOST Keyboard, click it for connection, and the CAPS and Win key lights are off, i.e. the Bluetooth device is successfully connected.

Ghost A1 Mechanical Keyboard - app1

Steps for wired connection

  1. Turn off the bottom switch of the keyboards (i.e. wired mode).
    Ghost A1 Mechanical Keyboard - fig4
  2. Connect mechanical keyboard with PC via TYPE-C USB cable

Ghost A1 Mechanical Keyboard - fig5

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Documents / Resources

Ghost A1 Mechanical Keyboard [pdf] User Guide
A1, K1, Mechanical Keyboard

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