Fidget Toys Pop It Game Board


For Junior Poppers

Pop It! provides great sensory interaction and keeps kids engaged and little hands busy – because little hands enjoy popping the bubbles (and let’s face it, big hands do too).

A Game for POP Stars AGES 6+ 0MIN- 5+
Be the player to force your opponent to POP the last bubble.

How to Play

  1. Rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first.
  2. Players will take turns to choose one row and POP as many bubbles as they want (in that row only).
  3. The next player will choose any one row that has any unpopped bubbles and POP as many as they want in that row only.
  4. Players will continue taking turns until one player is forced to POP the last bubble. That player loses that round, but don’t worry! Flip the board and start over. The first player to win three rounds is the winner.


Final Move – In the end, Player 2 has forced Player l to POP the last bubble. Player 2 wins the round

More Ways to Play!
In the a d v a n c e d version, g a m e p l a y is the same except the players can o n l y POP bubbles in a r o w that are directly next to each other without any popped bubbles in between. For example: Fidget-Toys-Pop-It-Game-Board-fig3

Documents / Resources

Fidget Toys Pop It Game Board [pdf] Instructions
Pop It, Game Board, Pop It Game Board

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