EMERSON 52M GO Switch Proximity Sensor

Wiring Configurations

GO™ Switches operate on the principle of magnetic attraction, reacting to ferrous metal or magnetic targets as they come within the switch’s sensing range.

Although switches vary in design according to their intended applications, all GO™ Switches use permanent magnets which, when actuated by the presence of a ferrous or magnetic target, change the state of electrical contacts.

Sensing distance is the maximum distance between the switch and target when the switch first operates; the trip point. The differential, also known as deadband or hysteresis, is the distance that the target must move from the sensing area in order to allow the switch to reset.

Electrical Ratings:
DC = [email protected]
AC = [email protected]

0.3mm Approx

Target material:
Ferrous metal
Optional Target Magnets

For optimum performance, provide sufficient mass of target, and choose the appropriate GO™ Switch model to match the application requirements for operating frequency, type of load, etc.
Greater target mass and target movement fully into and out of sensing range will increase contactpressure. This is helpful in low current controls applications
GO Switch 52M can be mounted in a flush or NonFlush configuration Target MUST cover at least 75% of sensing face

Max torque on threads:
35 in-lbs

Once the switch is set, and the target travels to the same position every time (within .002”), the GO™ Switch will maintain calibration for life. Set it and forget it!

All GO™ Switches are “pure” contact switches, meaning they have no voltage drop when closed, nor do they have any leakage current when open.

If a voltage drop is detected (greater then 10%) then the contacts have reached end of life and the switch needs to be replaced

EU Declaration of Conformity

The products described herein, conform to the provisions of the following Union Directives, including the latest amendments:
Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU) EMD Directive (2014/30/EU)

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