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Extensive STI Test

The cerascreen  Extensive STI Test is a send-in sampling kit for the determination of pathogens of sexually transmitted infections (STI). The test is used to detect pathogens in your native urine that can lead to sexually transmitted diseases. The sample is analyzed in vitro in our specialized cerascreen® partner diagnostics laboratory.

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Information and tips

  • Read the Instructions for use carefully before you begin and follow the listed steps.


  • Store this kit out of reach of children.
  • This test is not suitable for children.
  • This kit is intended for single personal use.
  • If you are pregnant or are breastfeeding, use the kit only after consultation with your medical professional or pharmacist.


  • The sample should only be taken between Sunday and Tuesday (latest) and sent off on the same day. Please take into account any public holidays.
  • We can only analyze your sample if you activate your test with the test-ID on your test-ID card! More details on this can be found in step 2 + 3.
  • Do not consume large amounts of liquid (more than 1 liter) the evening before sampling.
  • The initial urine stream is required for the evaluation of your sample. This is a urine sample obtained from the urine stream at the beginning of urination. Approx. 60 ml is collected from the urine stream in the urine collection cup provided. The remaining urine is discarded.
  • Important note for women: Do not collect a urine sample during your period. Otherwise, no valid evaluation is possible.
  • In compliance with infectious disease regulations, certain sexually transmitted diseases must be reported. Syphilis is required to be reported anonymously.
  • If you experience intense, acute pain, please contact your (family) doctor’s surgery.

If you have any questions visit our help website: help.cerascreen.com

Directions for use

  1. Check that all conditions are fulfilled for sample taking. Please read the section “Information and tips” carefully.
  2. If you are a new customer, please create an account at my.ce-rascreen.com or with my cerascreen® app. See our FAQs on help.cerascreen.com for further instructions.
  3. To receive your result report, log in via my cerascreen® app (Android, iOS) or on my.cerascreen.com. Insert your six-digit ID number according to your test-ID card under “activate test” and follow the instructions.
  4. Place all test kit items on a clean surface and check that none of the components are missing.
  5. Open the urine tube and place it on a flat surface. Make sure that it cannot fall over. Lay the transfer pipette next to it.
  6. Take the urine collection cup and collect an initial urine sample in it (see “IMPORTANT”).
  7. Use the transfer pipette to transfer your urine into the smaller urine tube. Fill the tube completely.
  8. Close the urine tube by screwing on the cap.
  9. Remove the two stickers from the test ID card. Stick one sticker on the filled test tube and the other sticker on the transport tube.
  10. Slide the filled collection tube into the larger transport tube without removing the absorbent felt. Seal the transport tube well.
  11. Place the transport tube containing the urine collection tube into the return envelope. Close the envelope carefully and send it immediately by post free of charge.
  12. Check that you have activated the test and dispose of the used components in the clear plastic bag in the household waste.cerascreen -99090832 -STI XL -Test -2


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  • Germany
  • SKU: 99090832 CRS3-STI-XL_INT_000 Valid from April 2021
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Documents / Resources

cerascreen STI Test [pdf] Instruction Manual
STI Test


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