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A directory of user manuals and instructions for Maxell products can be found below. Maxell products are patented and trademarked under the brand Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

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maxell MSLEDS-10M Smart LED Strip Multicolor Lights User Manual

Learn how to properly install and operate the Maxell MSLEDS-10M Smart LED Strip Multicolor Lights with this comprehensive user manual. This 10m strip is designed with RGB+CCT technology and can be controlled via Wi-Fi. Get all the details on features, parameters, wiring diagrams, installation instructions, and product functions. Perfect for anyone looking to add multicolor lights to their home or office.

maxell MSLEDS-3M Smart LED Strip Multicolor Lights User Manual

Discover the features and installation instructions for the Maxell MSLEDS-3M Smart LED Strip Multicolor Lights. This product offers Wi-Fi connect, a timer switch, and full range of RGB available. Control the 3m strip remotely after connecting to the internet. Read the user manual for more information.