User Manuals, Instructions and Guides for ldt-infocenter products.

ldt-infocenter LS-DEC-KS-F Light-Signal Decoder Instruction Manual

Learn how to operate LDT's LS-DEC-KS-F Light-Signal Decoder with this user manual. Perfect for direct digital control of Ks-Signals and LED light signals with common anodes or cathodes. Enjoy realistic operation with implemented dimming function and short dark phase. Keep away from children under 14 years old. Warranty included.

ldt-infocenter DB-4-G Digital Signal Booster Instruction Manual

Learn how to properly operate the LDT-Infocenter DB-4-G Digital Signal Booster with this comprehensive instruction manual. Compatible with various digital command stations, the DB-4-G amplifies Märklin-Motorola, mfx®, M4 and DCC formats, and provides a maximum digital current of 2.5 or 4.5 Ampere. Keep in mind that electronic semiconductors are sensitive to electrostatic discharges, so read the instructions carefully and handle with care. Warranty included.

ldt-infocenter 000123 12 Pin IBP Connection Cable Instruction Manual

Learn how to properly connect the Kabel Booster 1m cable (Part No. 000123) for the 5-poles Boosterbus from Littfinski DatenTechnik. This 1m twisted and interference protected cable is suitable for connecting various digital command stations and boosters. Keep your model railway running smoothly with this high-quality product.

ldt-infocenter S-DEC-4-MM-G Digital Professional 4 Fold Turnout Decoder Instruction Manual

Learn how to operate the 4-fold turnout decoder S-DEC-4-MM-G from the Digital-Professional-Series with this user manual from Littfinski DatenTechnik (LDT). Compatible with Märklin-Motorola-Format and able to control up to 4 twin-coil magnets and 8 single-coil magnets. Safety instructions included.