ELRO Corporation ELRO CORPORATION (formerly ELRO Commercial and Industrial Corporation) is an investments holdings company engaged primarily in the sugar industry through its Agri-Business Group, and retail distribution of imported fashion and footwear brands through its Consumer Business Group. Their official website is ELRO.com

A directory of user manuals and instructions for ELRO products can be found below. ELRO products are patented and trademarked under the brands ELRO Corporation

Contact Info:

Company Number: 2589795
Status: Active
Incorporation Date: 3 January 2001 (over 21 years ago)
Jurisdiction: New York (US)
Branch: Branch of ELRO CORPORATION (Delaware (US))
Registered Address:

  • 10048
  • NY
  • United States

Previous Names:


Directors / Officers:

Registry Page: https://appext20.dos.ny.gov/corp_pub

ELRO CI5000 Indoor WiFi IP Security Camera User Manual

Learn how to set up and use the CI5000 Indoor WiFi IP Security Camera with this user manual. Discover its features, including full HD resolution, pan/tilt capability, microphone, infrared LEDs, and more. Download the ELRO Home Safe App for easy camera control and create a comprehensive security system. Follow the step-by-step instructions to register, log in, and add the camera effortlessly. Ensure peace of mind by keeping an eye on your indoor spaces.

ELRO FZ5010R Wireless Linkable Smoke Detector Instruction Manual

Discover the FZ5010R Wireless Linkable Smoke Detector user manual. Learn about installation, activation, and interconnectability of this optical sensor-based smoke alarm. Ensure the safety of residential buildings and rooms with this 10-year battery-powered ELRO FZ5010R_MN_V4 model. Replace after 10 years.

ELRO FC280211 Carbon Monoxide Detector User Manual

The FC280211 Carbon Monoxide Detector provides advanced protection against carbon monoxide exposure. Featuring an LCD digital display and electrochemical sensor, this reliable alarm includes 2x 1.5V batteries, silence mode, and low-battery indicator. Ensure proper installation and placement near sleeping areas for optimal safety.

ELRO FCO240011 CO2 Monitor Instruction Manual

The FCO240011 CO2 Monitor user manual provides accurate measurements of CO2 concentrations, air temperature, and humidity. It features voice alerts, LED status indicators, and auto-adjustment brightness display. Install the device following the guidelines and take necessary actions to ensure personal health and safety. Find instructions for operating the CO2 monitor and changing settings.

ELRO FS8010 Smoke Alarm Instruction Manual

This user manual provides instructions for the ELRO FS8010 Smoke Alarm, a compact device designed to detect fires and provide warnings for residential applications. With a 10-year lifespan and EN 14604:2005 + AC:2008 certification, this smoke alarm boasts an optical sensor, 85dB(A) alarm, and low battery alert. Follow the provided instructions for proper installation and maintenance.