User Manuals, Instructions and Guides for Bat-Caddy products.

BAT-CADDY X3 Series Electric Golf Trolley User Manual

Learn how to operate your Bat-Caddy X3 Series, X4 Series, X3R, X4R or X8R electric golf trolley with these comprehensive user manuals. Includes assembly instructions, packing list, parts glossary and operational instructions. Perfect for golf enthusiasts looking for a reliable and efficient way to transport their golf clubs on the course.

Bat-Caddy Electric Golf Caddy User Manual

Learn how to assemble and operate your Bat-Caddy Electric Golf Caddy with this comprehensive user manual. Available for X4 Classic, X4 Sport, X4R, and X4 Pro models, this guide includes packing lists, operational instructions, and parts glossary. Ensure proper set-up with step-by-step assembly instructions and helpful tips. Perfect for golf enthusiasts looking to optimize their game with the help of reliable electric caddies.

Bat-Caddy X8 Series Electric Golf Caddy User Manual

The User Manual for Bat-Caddy's X8 Series, including the X8 Pro and X8R electric golf caddies, provides detailed assembly instructions and operational procedures. The manual includes a parts glossary and list of standard accessories, with additional options available for purchase. FCC and Industry Canada compliant, the caddies feature dual motors, manual speed control, and various locking mechanisms for safe operation on the course.